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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manu and Madhav searching Devsena in jungle. Madhav sees Manu tired and suggests her to rest. They both see a hut nearby and walk towards it. They both enjoy rain ater. Madhav looks at her and she gets shy.

Takshika tells Anamika all the incidents happened till now. Anamika tells she will not deliver her child until she takes revenge from raj vansh.

Devsena runs to escape from goons and clashes with chote raja. She looks at him and says you. It seems they both were in love during their younger days. Goons come and ask chote raja to let them take woman. Chote raja beats them to pulp shouting dare not to touch Devsena. Goons run from there. Chote Raja then dorns shawl on Devsena. He sees alcohol bottle on ground and drinks alcohol. Devsena cries seeing his condition.

Anamika and Takshika hear Manu and Madhav’s voice and send Maya to check. Maya checks and informs them. Anamika says she will send her rearrival message to Raj vansh via Madhav.

Madhav and Manu see injured man writhing in pain and ask who injured him. Man says chote raja hit him for kidnapping Devsena and took her with him. Manu says it is good chote raja took Devsena bua. Madhav says they should go back home as chote raja would have dropped bua home.

Badi amma and her son discuss that Manu and Devsena will come home safe soon. Soldier comes and informs badi amma that raja is seeking her.

Yuvraj sees Manu limping, makes her sit, removes thorn from her leg and ties his kerchief. Anamika with Takshika and Maya watches them. Takshika says if she permits, she will kill them both. Anamika says she will not kill yuvraj and will make him suffer though.

Bade raja tells Badi amma that Manu is pushing yuvraj on wrong path. Badi amma says her upbringing is not wrong and Manu cannot do wrong. Choti rani yells that Manu is making Yuvraj to do wrong and if something happens to yuvraj, her whole family will be destroyed.

Anamika raises her hand to curse Yuvraj, but stops seeing Yuvraj telling Manu that she was his best friend till now, but he loves her.

Precap: Yuvraj marries Manu by doing pheras around temple fire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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