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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya icchadhari nagin waits for Manu to come out of garud math to kill her. Manu walks towards steps subconsciously. Maya reminisces Manu saving her once and thinks she cannot be so cruel and kill her savior. Takshika from behind forces her to bite Manu. Manu is about to step out when Maya trying to bite her bites steps and due to garud math’s protective barrier falls far away. Manu gets conscious and stops. She sees her father walking with some people towards badi amma’s room and follows him.

Manu asks Badi amma why are they all tensed. Father says he searched Devrakshika Devsena everywhere and did not find her. Manu says she will go and search her in jungle. Badi amma says she cannot go at this time. Manu says bua is her mother, friend, everything, she has to find her out. She runs into jungle to find Devsena.

Raja scolds Badi rani for letting Yuvraj Madhav consume poison. Choti rani says badi rani tried a lot, but Madhav did not listen to her, he does not know what mother’s heart it. Raja says he is raja and does not have emotions. Choti rani says badi rani is tired of taking care of rajya, so she will share half of her responsibilities. Raja asks if she knows where her husband and children are now, she should concentrate on her family first. He says he has decided to get Yuvraj married to chittorgarh’s rajkumari. Yuvraj passes by and hears that. He says he will not marry. Raja says he does not need his permission and is a rule of this rajya. Madhav says he rules this place, but not his heart and he will not marry. Raja says his decision is final.

Manu runs in jungle searching Devsena and her father and Badi amma funning behind her. Choti rani’s puppet sees that and goes to inform her.
Manu finds Devsena’s anklet and thinks bua must be somewhere around.

Choti rani tells Raja that Devrakshika used to protect Madhav and now she is missing, who will save Madhav now.

Takshika takes Maya to her hideout and cures her. She says if raj vansh has Devrakshika, they have Anamika. She will call back Anamika and get back nagmani.

Precap: Manu runs in jungle and nagin comes in front of her to attack her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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