Adhuri Kahani Hamari 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Preeti and Avni showing Radhika’s icchadhari nagin video footage and saks if she believes now that Radhika is icchadhari nagin and can harm family. Mom angrily says yes.

Krish tries to get romantic with Radhika and she shyingly runs from there. She goes in hall and touches mom’s feet. Mom blesses her angrily. Krish says he is going to office now. Mom asks him to be careful. Krish says until Radhika is with him, nothing will happen to him. He leaves while mom, Preeti and Avni look at Radhika. Radhika prays devi maa and says she does not know will family react when they will know that she is icchadhari nagin.

Purushaarth reaches home and rushes towards washroom. He clashes with Anvi who is holding footage chip and chip falls in water. She starts yelling if he cannot see. He asks if he cannot see. He picks chip from water and hands it over to her. She throws it and says it is waste now. Purusharth runs towards washroom. He comes out and meets his parents who do some jokerigi. He then meets Radhika and says Krish described her right, she is very beautiful. Radhika says even Krish described him right, he is adorable.

Purusharth informs about a snake charmer who cured boy from snake poison. Mom tells Preeti and Avni they should meet baba as he may help them tackle Radhika. She asks Purusharth where did he find baba. He says address. Radhika comes and asks what are they talking about. Mom says nothing important. Radhika says she will prepare food. Mom says no. Preeti says mom means she is tired, so she should go and rest. Radhika nods okay and goes to her room. Mom says she will not let Radhika be with Krish and will not let Radhika and Krish’s story complete.

Precap: Mom tells Avni and Preeti she will separate Radhika icchadhari nagin from Krish at any cost.

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