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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Preeti snatching photoframe from Preeti dayan and stabbing her. Preeti falls down. She then wakes up again and says she cannot kil her as she got much more black powers. Radhika slits her wrist. Preeti says she is just Preeti’s shadow and she cannot find real Preeti soon. She escapes laughing. Radhika picks photoframe and thinks how to find Preeti dayan and save her family. Preeti dayan continues black magic in her hideout and thinks Radhika will not reach her.

Radhika prays Mata rani to show her a way to save hr family. She holds lamp and closes her eyes, realizes where Preeti must be. She walks into Preeti’s room holding lamp and finds a big cave inside it. She reaches havan place and tells Preeti she knows she is here and prays

mata rani holding lamp. Preeti’s black magic barrier vanishes and Preeti is seen in front of her. Radhika says her black magic won’t work now.

Preeti runs from there. Radhika follows her. Preeti reaches hall and laughs that she cannot kill her as she has her nagmani. She injures Radhika with nagmani powers. Radhika pushes her hand and mani falls in temple. Preeti runs to pick nagmani, but gets shock when she steps on temple step. Radhika picks mani and says Preeti howmuch ever evil spirit is powerful, it cannot withstand in front god’s powers. She punishes Preeti with nagmani. Preeti falls down and pleads to forgive her. Radhika asks her to plead god for forgiveness instead. Preeti prays god and her spirit vanishes.

Radhika then frees Om, mom, and Mehek and holding Krish’s pic says she killed all his murderers and fulfilled her promise made to him, but he did not fulfill his promise of being with her whole life. Mom apologizes Radhika and requests her to stay with them. Even Om pleads that they lost Krish and cannot lose her. She says she has to repent for her sins and walks out of house.

Serial’s whole story beginning to till now is shown. Radhika says she could not unite with Krish even in this life and prays god that she wants to repent for her sin and meditate.

Radhika’s next life begins as Gauri, hard working girl who studies and does part time job to support her mother. She describes about Shivin Raichand, a rich brat, and Aman Badola, Shivan’s best friend who is his dad’s rival’s son. They both fall for Gauri. A new serial begins with name Kahani Hamari..

Precap: Serial’s leap with a new name KAHANI HAMARI..starts.

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    Itni adhuri khanni dikha ke kya fayda hamari khanni dikha ke, as i believe it will also not be completed in this birth even..

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