Adhuri Kahani Hamari 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode with Mehek telling icchadhari nagin and garud math’s story to Avni. Avni says it is just a fairy tale. Mehek tells Anamika and prince’s story and even namishyavan. Avni then goes and connects her camera to laptop. She gets her father’s call and she moves away. Preeti walks in corridor thinking there is something more to her past than Radhika told adn she needs to find out. She sees video in which Radhika’s leg burns when she steps on garud math’s steps and Krish carries her. Avni also comes back and is shocked to see that. She says Mehek told her about icchadhari nagins and did not know Radhika is icchadhari nagin, she may harm Krish and they should inform everyone. Preeti says they should gather evidence to show it to family.


skin turns into snake skin. Radhika thinks it is time of the day where she has to take her original form and turns into snake. Avni and Preeti record that and discuss that Radhika is very dangerous and may harm anyone. Mom hears their conversation and says Preeti is a lier and is untrustable. Avni says they have proof.

Krish gets his cousin Purusaarth’s call who says he is coming today and in fact is on his way home. Krish says if he had informed him, he would have come to pick him up. Radhika asks whom he is talking to. He says his girlfriend and she is very beautiful. Radhika sadly says it is good as he may not be spending his life with a nagin.

Purusaarth while driving stops seeing a few people around a snake bitten boy. He sees snake charmer playing been and asks people to take boy to hospital than let him die here. Snake comes, sucks poison and leaves. Boy gets up. Pursaarth says it is snake charmer’s cheap trick for money. Snake charmer says he is insulting shivji by insulting his knowledge. Boy’s mother offers him money, but he rejects it and says he wanted a boy and mother’s happiness and got it.

Krish stops Radhika and gives her rose. They are about to kiss when Radhika stops him and says she is tensed regarding the issues happening at home recently. He consoles her and asks not to worry, everything will be fine.

Precap: Preeti and Avni show mom Radhika’s truth. Mom says she will not let her son stay with nagin and will break their relationship.

Update Credit to: MA

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