Adhuri Kahani Hamari 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radhika with Om, mom and Mehek reaches home. Om sees no lights and presses switches, but no lights again. Mom says there is problem with main switch she will go and check. Radhika searches house and does not find anyone there. Mom goes and switches on main switch, but power does not come. She senses someone there and sees Preeti walking towards her.

Mehek says Om they should check why mom and Radhika did not return. Om says he will go and check. She says she will and leaves. Radhika with her super powers feels Preeti’s black magical powers and thinks what is she up to. She rushes to check Mehek and mom. Mehek slipps on stairs while walking. She goes near fuse and does not find mom. Preeti comes and hypnotizes her. Radhika asks Om where is Mehek and mom. He

says they both did not return. Radhika says somethng is wrong, she will go and check. Once she leaves, Preeti dayan comes. He shouts Radhika. Preeti shuts hismouth.

Radhika comes back searching Om and finds his wheelchair. She calls Om, Mehek, mom…She then goes to home temple and tells Preeti that she knows she is here and kidnapped all 3, if she can dare come in front of her. Preeti says she cannot even find her, how will she fight with her and kill her. Radhika says she took oath to kill her and if she is so confident, she should come in front of her. Preeti comes and gets back power. Radhika says her fight is with her and not her family. Preeti says they have to die. Radhika says if anything happens to her family, she will give her ruthless death. Preeti asks how will she find out where her family is. She shows her black magic and starts timer to reach family before sands slips off.

Radhika runs and searches family in whole house. She finds them in a photoframe. Preeti says she has to find them and also free them. Radhika says she came back to her dirty game. Preeti says she got her power after a long time. She asks her to leave everything and go forever. Radhika says until she finishes her challenge, she will not go. Preeti says as she wishes, let her family die. Om, mom and Mehek shout in pain. Radhika shouts to leave her family, else she will kill her. Preeti says even if she kills her, she will not spare family. Radhika thinks she should Preeti to end her black magic.

Precap: Radhika says whereever she goes, she will find and kill her. Preeti says without nagmani she is nothing and she cannot fight with half powers.

Update Credit to: MA

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