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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Takshika carrying guruji’s deadbody in gunny bag. She sees Manu passing by and hides. Manu sees gunny bag and tries to check it. Anamika calls her and she leaves from there. Anamika says she is worried about the attacks happening on raj vansh and wants to find culprit. Manu says even she wants to know. Anamika says she wants to do yagna at namishyavan/prohibited jungle between nag vansh. Manu says it is illegal and she will not agree for it. Anamika continues her emotional atyachar. Manu agrees finally and Anamika smirks.

Madhav walks towards Manu’s room. Maya sees him and gets tensed that he will know Manu is not in room. She runs behind him. He enters room and sees Manu sleeping. Maya acts as angry seeing in him Manu’s room. He says he just came to check if she is fine and leaves. Manu wakes up, closes door and asks Maya why did she enter her room without her permission. Maya acts as getting tensed. They both then laugh and Manu turns into Takshika.

Yuvraj Madhav sees Manu walking Anamika and tries to follow her, but Maya stops him and asks where is she going. He says he saw Manu with Anamika. Maya says it is his imagination as he loves Manu. He says he is not. She continues yelling and says she will get out of his and Manu’s way.

Anamika and Manu reach namishyavan. Anamika asks Manu to remove devrakshika’s jewelries before entering namishyavan as nag vansh may attack her. Manu says she cannot do this, but she does not disobey elders, so she will obey her. She removes jewelries and gives it to her.

Badi amma gets worried for Manu and tells Devsena something is wrong. Devsena asks her to relax as Manu is devrakshika now and must be busy taking care of raj vansh. Badi amma insists her to go to rajmahal once and see Manu right now.

Anamika takes Manu into namishyavan and thinks even animals are afraid of her. Manu asks why is enviroment so different here. Anamika says even animals are afraid of seeing devrakshika and jogan together.

Precap: Devsena and Madhav search Manu in jungle and find Guruji’s deadbody.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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