Adhuri Kahani Hamari 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Adhuri Kahani Hamari 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manu calls out Madhav and asks him if he observed Princess’ behavior during the pooja, and inquires if he believes her and says that she needs to talk to Priness’ parents and only he can help her get permission to talk to them. She says she needs to get to the bottom of this. Madhav tells her to stop and holds her hand and drags her to her room and pushes on the bed angrily, he says that when a person denies the voice of their heart, they tend to believe in fantasies. Madhav says that he knows she is not happy with his marriage that’s why she is accusing the Princess. He says he doesn’t know what’s in her heart, but this doesn’t mean she can implicate anyone. Manu stands up and says you are not understanding. Madhav refuses to understand and says she needs

to understand what her heart is saying. Manu asks him to stop. Madhav replies that he had stopped when he broke all ties with her, when he came to her for the last time thinking that she would melt seeing his tears, but you didn’t melt, because you don’t have a heart but a stone. Madhav says he would only talk to her when she would confess her love to him and leaves. Manu says to herself that how can the yuvraj do like this, he can’t see anything except his love. She says that he is unable to see what she is seeing. Manu is determined that she cannot endanger the royal family’s reputation and Madhav’s life, and for that she needs to solve this mystery.
Anamika says to Maya hat the birds were about to fly from the cage, but she caught them in time and imprisoned them again. Anamika says that she has Chittorgarh royals in her trance again. Anamika tells Maya not to worry anymore, as the Devrakshika won’t be able to find out anything. Maya disagrees and says she might not have found anything yet, but she suspects me and as far as she knows Devrakshika she won’t let go of this matter easily, she has a bad habit to interfere in other people’s matters. Anamika says she knows how to handle an uncontrollable horse. Maya asks what she is planning to do. Anamika replies she would do something that Devrakshika would never come in between you and Madhav ever again, Anamika assures her that Devrakshika Manasvini would never come in her way again, and in her absence Maya has to get engaged to Madhav. Maya praises her plan but raise two questions, one being how can Manasvini be absent from the palace, won’t it raise questions and suspicion. Anamika smiles and gestures someone to come in, Manasvini is shown walking in. Maya gets nervous and asks Anamika, what she did, now Devrakshika knows all about their plan. Anamika smiles wickedly and gestures to Manasvini and she changes to Takshika. Maya asks what this is all about. Takshika says this is an illusionary jaal, its strong enough that no one can break it, and nobody will suspect Devrakshika’s absence because she would be present as an illusion in the palace, as Takshika would take on Manasvini’s appearance. Anamika asks Maya about her second question. Maya asks how will she take Manasvini out of the palace and why would she go with you? Anamika replies some questions are better answered with time, just wait and watch. Takshika says there is only one problem left, gurujee’s body can’t be left around any longer. Maya says that you two take care of Gurujee as she has to return to the palace as it’s not right to leave the would be husband alone for long. They all smirk and she leaves.

Madhav is in his room, he says to himself that what Manu thinks that he doesn’t know her state of mind, she doesn’t understand that love is like perfume that no one can hide. He wonders what Manu thinks of herself, why can’t she admit that she is jealous of Princess. He says that he knows the way he can’t stay without talking to her, she also can’t live without talking to him, she must be suffering but this time he won’t talk to her. The door opens and Manu comes in carrying the food tray. She says that you are upset with me then why are you taking the anger out on food. Madhav says he is not hungry. Manu says that food is ashirwad of God, and refusing food is synonym to refusing God. Madhav repeats that he is not hungry, he doesn’t change his decisions again and again and asks her to take the food back. Manu says she is leaving the food here, he can eat whenever he feels like eating. She turns to leave and Madhav holds her hand. Manu feeds him, she takes the spoon to his mouth, and gets conscious and is about to keep it back, Madhav holds her hand and eats from her hand. Humari adhuri kahani plays in the Background.
Maya/Princess calls out to the Devrakshika, Madhav and Manu stand up their cozy moment broken. Maya says that you are a devrakshika, it has a certain standard, and such servant type work doesn’t suit you and snatches the food tray from Manu’s hand. Manu says you are a princess, so why did you take the food tray from my hand? Maya replies that she is a princess but Manu has forgotten that being a princess she is the future wife of Yuvraj also. It’s a wife’s dharam and right to take care of her husband. Maya taunts Manu that is she really wants to be a servant, she will talk to Badi rani and Badi rani won’t refuse her would be daughter in laws wishes. Manu is about to leave, Madhav holds her hand and stops her. Madhav says to Maya that Manu is not his maid nor a Devrakshika, she is his friend, his friend Manu. Maya looks on in jealous rage, her hands changes to snake skin under the tray, she keeps the food tray down angrily and leaves. Madhav says to Manu that he said to the princess that we are friends but we know what the truth is. Manu looks away, Madhav holds her chin and makes her face him, he asks her to say that she loves him too. Manu gets up to leave and Madhav holds her pallu from behind. He says that she can go if she wants to, but if she didn’t confess her love till morning then, he is about to say something when Manu turns back and places her hand on his mouth to stop him. Madhav says she has time till morning. Manu asks him to understand that every moment his life is in danger and here he is… madhav cuts her sentence short and says that he is not worried about his life but for his heart. Manu replies that his life is important to her and she can do anything to protect him. Madhav counters that he can do anything to make her confess, they both cry and Manu leaves.
Maya goes out and changes into snake woman avatar.. She is evidently angry remembering Madhav supporting Manu earlier.
Manu is walking in the corridor. She says to herself that without fire there can’t be smoke. If her heart is susceptive of Princess then something somewhere is not right. She needs to find out more about the princess’ parents, something is hiding in the darkness. She wonders if she should talk to them directly and decides to do so.
Takshika is dragging Gurujee body in a sack, Manu is about to knock on a door when she hears something crashing, she feels something awry and goes to check, Takshika hides and Manu misses seeing her. Manu notices the sack lying on the floor and tries to open it. Takshika looks on worried.

Precap – Anamika says to Manu that to trap a mouse we indulge it, same like that we need to do a special havan. Manu asks where we will do the havan? Anamika replies amidst the snake world Namishya Van. They are shown doing some pooja and Anamika putting a spell on Manu.

Update Credit to: blueflames

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