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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Krish’s sister informing Radhika that Puru and Avni are going to London tonight via flight forever. Radhika says they will not go and this time nobody can stop her from completing her story.

Puru drives car towards airport and tells Anvi that finally they will escape from Radhika forever. Avni says they should be careful as nagin/Radhika is very powerful. During their conversation, a woman comes in front suddenly and Puru rams car on her. People surround car and shout to get out. Puru and Avni say woman is nagin and came to punish them. People forcefully get them out. Radhika comes there and woman who met with an accident smiles looking at her. Puru and Avni discuss that they should have listened to Preeti dayan, now they will die for sure.


dayan performs black magic and prays her mentor to give her black magic powers. She gets powers and smirks.

Puru and Avni tell people that nagin is coming towards them. People shout why are they cooking up stories. They both run from there into jungle. Radhika follows them and stands in front of them. They both plead to spare them. Radhika says every sinner will get punished for their sin, they will be punished so severely that nobody will think of harming innocent people. Aniv runs behind Radhika and says Puru forced her to help him, she is innocent and should be spared. Krish’s mom and sister come. Puru runs from there. Sister asks Radhika not to spare her. Avni pleads again to spare her. Sister says she can go and asks to hug her once. Avni hugs her. She takes Avni’s gaurd dev taweez. Radhika asks her to hug. Avni asks how can she hug her with garud dev’s taweez. She does not find taweez and asks where is it. Krish’s sister shows taweez and reminisces taking it out silently. She says Krish bhaiya told not to keep anyone’s debt, she betrayed her, so it is a lesson to her.

Radhika takes snake’s form and bites Avni. Avni dies and falls down. Radhika gains back human form. Puru hides in garud math. Krish’s mom and sister come there. Puru asks if nagin is dead and laughs that he is saved. Sister says he will be punished for his sins. Puru holds Krish’s mom’s feet and plead to save him. She asks garud rakshaks to take him to his destiny. The catch him and take him in front of Radhika. He pleads to let him go, sees a rod and tries to hit Radhika. Radhika destroys rod. Puru pleads again. Radhika says she promised Krish to take revenge from his murderers. Puru continues pleading to spare him. She holds his hand and he fdies instantly and falls down. He becomes zombie/dayan with Preeti’s black magic and stands up. Preeti comes in his body and he mimics Preeti and says game is not yet over, she will soon see dayan’s powers and will plead for life. Preeti laughs and so does Puru. Puru then falls down dead again. Radhika asks mom to go far away with sis as Preeti is very dangerous and will try to harm them. Her life’s only motto is to kill Preeti dayan.

Precap: Radhika thinks why she is not understand what is happening around. Power goes off. Krish’s mom goes to check power fuse and gets afraid seeing Preeti there.

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