Adhuri Kahani – 2 of 5 shots

Hello every one, thanks for reading shot 1 and here comes the shot 2.
The characters portayed here are purly fictious and apart from the character in ishqbaaz other are (priyam vada, seerish ) are just an imagination of me ……

After a week r
Anay, priamvada and seerish reach india.
They settle them self in a hotel….
Its morning…
Oberoi mansion
Dadi calls out every one for the temple……shivay passes by to kitchen, dadi calls shivay,
Dadi: billu are u coming right,
Shivay: u know i lost interest in this…
Pinky: this pooja is for u ..and what if u are not attending…vishaka bi aarahi hey….thum dono shaddi karne vale he aur uski shuruvath ki pehali pooja…..u need to come shivay.
Om dadi and Rudra looks at shivay….shivay hesitantly says ok…………
Everyone starts to the temple, pandit welcome them and pooja starts….shivayy and vishaka stand together for the maha arthi, panditji comes with the tali……shivay move forward to wards the tali….
Before vishaka could go further, a kid comes running and stands with shivay(actually before shivay) every one gets stunned seeing this…..
Shivay gets irritated by the kid activity and steps back. Every one look at the kid…
Pinky: beta , we organized the pooja so plz wait until we finish this…
Kid: turns to see pinky…no i will get it done first.
Every one gets surprised with the kid with blue sharp eyes almost dressed like shivay, dadi see him and billu.
Pinky : politely says no beta first we will finish…..
Kid : mere nam anay hai ..jaha anay hei wahan uski rai chalthi hai…..saying this anay gets the arthi done
Every one including shivay gets dump struk with the kids attitude…
By then priyamvada steps to the temple and calls out anay….
Anay: nanu ….
Pryiamvada finds in the front him and go stand near him, whole oberoi family looks at anay and his family……
Priyamvada sensed anay as done something and asks oberoi to continue…
Anay starts speaking ..where priyam vada controls him….arthi is finished and shivay and other oberois see anay fuming…dadi comes and gives him the Prasad laddo to anay
Anay: refuses and says u went against my word see what i am doing…and does his signature step similar to shivays…..
Dadi ishkara and rumya cuff their mouth and say whats happening, shivay was speechless seeing this…..
Anay turns back and calls shivay, shivay bents down ,anay takes his gun and shoots him,water blows out and shivay gets back…..anay says anay ko harna asan nahy hai…..saying this he runs down to the car….every one except vishaka reminces of anika throwing water…
Every one see this….shivay shouts what the wack…. priyam vada apologizes to him
Seerish who is climbing up recogonizes vishaka and sees the happening….he to apologizes. Priyam vada gets schocked knowing about shivay singh oberoi. But pretends to be normal. Vishaka introduces shivay as her mangether adding to the shock.

Vishaka and seerish have formal conversaion , where dadi sighs om and Rudra, dadi says she as doubt about this kid so ask them to check with him….they go see anay doing some thing with a sad face
Om and Rudra come to anay and say hi to him….anay doesn’t face them, Ishana comes down and say hi…he looks at om and starts pulling his hair….rudra says see than u, ur hair is being usefull…
Ishana ask what s is name…anay say i wont tell you….om ask y…anay say u were with him so i hate u all….om takes anay in his arms and say i am not with him…and gives hands ask friends? Anay ask sachi
Om: muchi…. and kisses him…
Anay says i am anay.
Rudra sighs him and om asks whats ur moms name…..every one are eager to know that….
Anay starts to say anika…but says only ani…by then shivay comes down ,seeing which any comes down and hides behind seerish.
Dadi ask every one to come to oberoi mansion for dinner, but priyam vada denies seeing shivay and vishaka……
Anay ,seerish and priyamvada leave the place….
Shivay turns to the car and shocked to see sand all over the wind screen… dadi feels some bond with anay.
Shift to oberoi mansion.
Dadi ,ishkara and rumya speak about the kid anay, every one agree with the resemblance that shivay and anay share… Rudra say s we could not find his parents name….
Om : nerver mind i will check out with seerish.
Seerish gets the call from anika, and they both speak about anay and his doings…anika gets tensed hearing this….they speak about vishaka s deal, and seerish starts to say about her marriage with shivay singh oberoi…but the call gets dropped…..

Next day
Dadi on the other hand probes the relation ship does seerish and anay share.. she manipulates seerish…seerish says he is the son in law of priyam vada . dadi ask them to say with them , as the deal is finalized…seerish with greater hesitation says ok to dadi.
Priyamvada is very caustious about revealing the happening to anika, as she might get insecure…
Anay and priyamvada come to oberoi mansion. Anay compliments om for his biiiiiiiig house…he says our house is only half of this……dadi gives him the dish which is of shivay favourite and anay too likes the dish….
Anay goes straight away to shivays room and step up in to the bed…..he starts dancing…pinky comes and shouts at him(not of much rude) for spoiling shivays bed….anay gets down and start crying ….priyamvada comes hearing this… and tries hard to pacify anay…and fails….
Every member of oberoi family tries and fails….janavi ask what will we do then………priyamvada says when anay starts crying only his mom can pacify him no one else can…..janavi too says when shivay was kid he wont get silence unless dadi comes….
Priamvada was about to call anika ,where shivay comes home. He sees anay crying frowns is forehead…and unintensionally he lifts anay and pats him….with in some time anay stops crying and starts playing holding with is brooch…..seerish who is following shivay gets shocked seeing this….vishaka too….
Priamvada( managing her tears some how) says its first time anay have listen to some one strange….dadi finds it….janavi and pinky leave…seerish and vishaka leave for the agreement….shivay stays there as anay holds shivay tightly…..
He sits with them…..
Dadi ask about anays mother. She says her name is anika.. every one gets struck with the name….and anay comes down of shivay runs to seerish,
Dadi who is about to ask about anays father stops seeing him running towards seerish…
Its been a week.
Anay gets used to oberoi family,priyamvada stays cautious about anay speaking to anika about oberois….
Seerish speaks to anika and shivay looks on he feels some strange connection….seerish wish shivay with his name…and anika hears it…..she probes seerish where he says about vishakas mangether and they are staying in his house….she ask for the name…he says shivay singh oberoi….
Anika drops the call……seerish tries to speak but gets silence from other side…
Anika sits with the shock hearing his name…….

Shivay confronts anika regarding selling of his deal papers…anika says she didnt do that but shivay does nt accept her…he calls out the police..police comes where oberoi industries gm come with the guy who did this….anika confronts shivay for his brain less behavoir and smiles…shivay all over the night wakes up with the grudge to revenge anika… dadi comes and blames shivay that he did wrong by confronting anika and he should apologize to her personnaly…he says he morning anika comes to office and see flowers all over the cabin. She sees a sorry note…..
She turns to see the door ..shivays stands with the bouquet and a sorry note in his hands..anika taunts him… but shivay says sorry…anika smile…..
The phone rings and she opens her eyes …takes the phone and says seerish…….
Its priyamvada on line…..anika ask about anay and priyam vada says he is safe…anika ask y did she hide about shivay….priyamvada says its just 1 week so i dont want to get insecured and more over shivay moved on from his past so u dont need to get afraid of anay…………anika aks priyam vada to come soon and ask her to keep anay away from shivay….
Call gets dropped . anika rushes to bappa and prays that 1 week should go with out a mess….
And priyamvada switches off the phone and turns to see dadi standing behind….she gets stunned and composes herself………dadi ask about anays farther…priyamvada says anika is the single mother and leaves…..
Dadi smiles hearing this and says so anika and seerish is not married….om comes and says we need to see anika…if she is not our anika then what will we do…….ishana and rumya to ask the same thing…dadi says i have an idea…. every one look at dadi…..

Its night
Shivay starts ppreparing for dinner…anay comes and sits in the bench near by …shivay see s him but doesn’t give importance….om ru come there and om take s anay in his arms …anay starts playing with his hair….
Pinky comes and say swe have decided the ur engagement tomo………shivay about to start something…but pinky say i wont hear you..lso do what i say….shivay gets irricked and speaks ….anay to mimicks the same thing..shivay ask anay to stay out of it …but anay doesn’t listen and throws the cut veggie over shivay….shivay about to hit anay….where anay gets down and runs shivay runs behind chasing anay ….dadi and priyamvada see this with the tears in their eye….janavi tej, shakthi ishkara and rumya see shivay smiling after a long while…
Shivay holds anay and takes him in his arms but anay bites him in his hands and runs towards om… takes him in his arms….
Anay mimics shivay attitude and mocks shivay….shivay looks on…..
Shivay opens his diary….
“ anay …a 4 year old kid , who drives me cray…the way he behaves makes me remember u anika…the same courage and attitude…his closeness rekindles our relation ship.. tomo is my engangement anika…in 5 years i tried a lot to find u. But everything went in vain……. i wish i would have not misbehaved with u, i wish we are leaving together …i wish we share a similar 4 year old kid as a symbol of our love……..”
Anay comes and shivay closes his diary…..anay says nanu is boring me shall i sleep with u….seerish is about to take anay but shivay says i will manage….seerish gives a wierd look over this anuaual bond…..dadi , omru and priamvada sees anay sleeps hugging shivay , shivay hands caresses his hair while he looking at his work…shivay smile looking at anay….

Shivay takes the ring in his fingers…anay runs in between them…anika comes running to oberoi mansion…

Hello every one thanks for the suppppppport which u have given to my first shot……thanks a loooot for commenting…its purly fiction .

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