Ep 3

Phase 1

Marriage hall all r waiting for ragini..ragini comes

Shekar: go to ragini and hugs her ragini with huging hey papa u don’t deserve dis hug how can I forget ur deeds…he feel shock and broke d hug
Su: ragini beta how r is ur journey hope ur fine
Ra: ah mom ur caring for me after 19 years atleast now God given good heart…thank God….anyways I don’t have time I have to go in evening so better start rituals…

Wat evening wat u saying ragini said shekhar
Ra: ya I. M saying d fact I can’t stay here where thier is no feeling
Shekhar: no ragini after marriage u should stay at least 1 week because so many rituals r pending..
Ra: wat rituals my foot now first u finish dis marriage later I will decide wat to exact half an hour marriage should finish or else..
She: k now go and get ready. C went to room..

She stand near d mirror oh God dis is my house where I left long back..just then she hear door knock sound she opens one girl hug her tightly…di how r u i miss u so much..
Ra: oh my pagal siso I too miss u u know I came here to c u only..o God u become so tall..
Sis : oh my di I know u came here to c laksh know..but ur telling lie ah..see ur face become tomato…
Ra: no swara no I just came OK leave between u look great in dis attire I miss u so much u know..
Sw: I too di k now stop patho drama get ready and come soon k….
Rag: k mathaji just then she go ragini ready as usuall in Indian marriage style later she come downstairs…later marriage completed…shekhar give honeymoon ticket to both of them swara took happily..but ragini delayed later all force ragini to enjoy with his husband with heavy heart she took later all wish happy journey and told them to take care ( ragini in mind ya I will take care myself but him I don’t know,, his journey ends here)
For swara different honeymoon package they left other car with other direction——->>>

Precap: raglak face off; ragini forget to fill d bullets..laksh revelation..


Phase 2

Flashback ~~~~

San room

Night: he cant able to sleep her face her lips her eyes disturbing him Oh God wat dis who is she y I. M not getting sleep my heart feeling something I don’t know wat dis between wats her name y I. M getting her dream..he think for a while anyways I have to do something..

Morning: ma pa where r u said San
Ap: ah sans I. M here..
Sa: ma I want to change my college I. M not comfortable with dis coll
Ap: tats it then change other college
Sa: ma but papa will agree for it..
Dp: no I disagree y to change coll morever ur in 1st pu after 2nd pu u can change know..
Sa: no papa I can’t go coll I want new friends new area moreover dis coll near only my dance class??‍♀??‍♀ so moreover I want to secure good marks I don’t want to waste single min also pls papa agree for dis pls pa..
Ap::pls ji agree for it..
Dp: k
San: oh thx ma pa I love u..

Admission day

Between which stream she is wat should I tick she is ARTS OR SCIENCE..may be arts or may be science oh God..then he think for a while oh I forget how can I change my combination till 2nd pu..anyways my stream is science so I will tick tat one…..

Coll first day

San madly waiting for her but he doesn’t find anywhere oh God without knowing she belong to dis coll or other coll I blindly join dis coll tat to with so much difficulty..oh God pls show her face once pls…just then air blows he feels something he see left side she is coming from library..he see her without blinking wow she is angel..he follow her silently watchmen block him and ask id card he show pass without noticing.. he said I. M asking I’d not pass he released then he search of I’d he didn’t get it so he stand outside helplessly..
Sa: oh god i just forget my id tat to first day itself how can i know my angel classroom …between which section she is….??

After sometime he permitted to go inside he search of her classroom he didn’t get later he move to his classroom…

Excuse me ma’am

All scream San..d rocking star☆☆☆☆

Teacher: ya come in
Sa: he give admission ticket teacher wrote his name in attendance
Te: San nice to see u in our coll hope u shine always all d best and u may take ur seat between I. M ur class teacher Ms.Rosy
Sa: so sweet name ma’am thx for ur wishes if I have any doubt can I ask u
Rosy: ya sure I. M always thier to help u…
San: thank u so much ma’am then he said hello to all no space left one space left in girl side..
Rosy: San here one place is left u can sit thier..
Sa: k ma’am he sit there..d girl looking other side..
Te: starts d class San full concentration on her..where she went I didn’t found anywhere mostly she is in other class which I not able to c anyways in liesture time I want to search her..
He can’t able to write wat teacher dictating..even beside girl cover fully with her hands..he not able to c her note ?only thing he can c his hand✍? her face cover with hairs??‍♀ she bending her head other side..
Sa: thought to talk her but think not to disturb while writing..then bell rings…teacher goes 15 min break d girl stand up and think how to ask him..
Sa: here San don’t know they have 15min break..
All screaming hey hu..many friends introduce themselves to San hi San I. M dis tat etc then they told come v can go outside v hv break..
Sa: oh v break ah k come v can go..then he see girl standing oh sorry I don’t know it’s break time —if u don’t mind can u look my bag I come soon he too stand, and move front and look her face and feel shocked.~~~~~☆☆

Precap: San try to talk with ragini //

Friends 2nd story is real story, my friend share once I. M thinking and writing my own.. r u liking my story if s which one u?????? like …..??

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