Ep 2

Phase 1

My life is like a kite without thread no parents no sister no friends nothing I. M staying in Mumbai tat to alone..15 years back i mean when I. M four years child one day

Time 6 my mom comes to my room she saw I. M still sleeping she comes near to me with coffee she pour coffee on my hand before I scream she scream shekhar ah hu come here fast..
Sh: wat sumi

Su: ji see here wat ur child has done i came here to give coffee but she throw on me without seeing my father beat me in tat sleep mode I took many beat…/// after tat incident it’s quite common for me.but one day I and my sister playing while playing she falls down my mother told my father to throw me out if I. M there i would kill my sister..or else she will leave dis house so I shifted to Mumbai I stay in pg after 18 i took new house from my father send money and with my scholarship one thing I get without missing is money…..from past 19 years they didn’t come to c me one day also…. I feel lonely my life wasted i seek of dieing..i m top most student in d college but in my life i m useless girl, saddu girl,who is unwanted by my parents without any love but dis won’t continue for long time my life changes when I c my rajkumara MR SANS who is working man who staying in my house front house I love him as I love myself but now what use he is no more because I kill him with my own revolver…s he is d first taste blood of my revolver….?? But soon it will taste 2nd blood tats in 2 days…tat my marrying future husband Mr LAKSH MAHESHWARI…..

Precap: ragini entry and raglak marriage


Addiction phase 2

4 years back

Today 1st year coll day

My parents told not to go coll they told to study in home because exam is coming near but I told my parents ma papa for exam still time is Their between I. M going coll to take model question paper from my friend i will come early u don’t worry I don’t go anywhere…
K beta come early don’t stand here and Thier pupil r not good nowadays if they see any mistake they talk more on bend ur head while going don’t look here and Their be careful..
Ra: k ma pa I bend my head don’t look here and Their u don’t worry now give permission to go
Parents : k go

Coll auditorium

She c her friend here and Their even she don’t have mobile to ask where is she so she though to c in library she search there..Their also she can’t find. .later she move to auditorium their she see huge boys standing here and Their so she bend her head and going upwards just then one boy running fastly to go upwards he dash her she falling down nick of time he hold her by her waist..she closed her eyes with fear..

Hey can’t u go properly if I didn’t catch u???? u would have fall down wat a girl ur..?? then he see her face she is still closing,, he see her face clearly he find something attraction air blows from West her hairs going up and down her eyes shows her innocence then he see her lips it’s dark pinkish it show s her fearness..he too admiring my beauty he forget it’s late to his dance prog he came to sense when his friends shake him and called SANSKAR it’s late v should hurry..then he leave my hand I just open my eyes ..then I see d boy face blurly and I turn dis side..he start seeing me by looking back but I ignored..just then my friend came v move to library but she told please hurry today d star of CHIRST COLL boy giving dance programme in our college is nice to see his dance do u know he is more handsome than my coll boys I wish him to see daily but..

Ra: stop chaya ( her friend name) if u want u go but don’t force me to c moreover I told my parents I will come early so I will go…then later they decide to go home but main gate locked and all students request to go auditorium..with dead heart I go many boys near me I feel like vomiting I bend my head to avoid it..then anchor told d next dance by san and group …all girls screaming San v love u…I feel irritated I decide not to raise my head I bend down..but when I hear my favourite song my head raises without any eye focus on centre hero directly..then I c his dance his steps it’s unpredictable then at end of dance I came to know he is d one who protect me when I falling down..if he is not Their I would injured I feel thank u..dis boy save my life tat day ..but I don’t know u change my life dis way till today I. M wearing ur mangalsutra tat u tie 4 years back..but still I remember my first meet when I saw my mangalsutra hanging on my u may married to someone or leaving alone I don’t know but I hope ur leading a luxury life and leaving happily…tats enough for me… ???SANSKAR ??

Fb ends

Precap: flashback story San join ragini coll..San try to talk with present ragini situation…///

Friends do u liking 2 story of ragini or wat or should I stop it…

It’s so difficult to write 2 story in one frame
1) 1st story pair is RAGLAK
2) 2ND story pair is RAGSAN

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