An Addiction Called Love (OS- Part 2)


Part 2:

Guys if u have not read the first part of this story then please do read it.

Recap: Twinkle is a famous model. Uv is her fiancé. It is revealed that Kunj has been in an accident and therefore has become mentally unstable. Because of this, he is obsessed with Twinkle. He kidnaps Twinkle and reveals the truth about Uv. Twinkle becomes friends with Kunj. Kunj falls off a cliff to save Twinkle.

Twinkle breaks up with Uv and Uv is not seen again in fear of going to jail because of Kunj’s accident. Twinkle goes home in shock and pain of Kunj’s death. She remembers Kunj falling off the cliff. Suddenly she covers her ears and closes her eyes and screams.
Twinkle- NOOOOOOO!!!! KUNJ!!!!!!
She closes her eyes and sees the face of Kunj. She remembers saying I love u to him right before he fell.
Twinkle- No why is this happening? Why did I say that to him? Why? Kunj what did u do to me? What is this feeling? Is this love? Kunj I LOVE YOU!
She breaks down and falls to the floor and cries.

The Next Scene…

A little girl is playing in a park when she sees the body of person that is bleeding.
Girl- Papa Papa come look this Uncle has so many ouchies. He is bleeding.
The dad comes running. He puts his hand under the person’s nose.
Dad- Oh God he is still breathing I have to get him to a hospital quickly.
The dad takes the person to the hospital.
Doctor- Excuse me sir u stay here. This person has several head injuries. We have to take him the Operation Theatre.
Dad- Thank you doctor.

(Taneja Mansion…)

Twinkle stops crying and gathers courage.
Twinkle- I have to tell Kunj’s mom what happened. She has a right to know.
Twinkle drives to Kunj’s house.

(Sarna Mansion…)

Usha- Are Twinkle puttar u are here?
Twinkle cries- Aunty.
Usha- Twinkle please tell me what happened? My heart is beating really quickly. Please don’t stay silent and tell me what happened?
Twinkle- Aunty…Kunj….
Usha- Please tell me what happened to Kunj Twinkle SPEAK!
Twinkle- Aunty Kunj is dead!
Twinkle narrates the whole incident to Usha.
Usha- No this can’t be. My Kunj can’t leave his mother like this no!!!
Usha faints and Twinkle catches her.
Twinkle- Aunty!
She takes Usha to a room and calls the doctor.

(Meanwhile at the hospital….)

Doctor- Thank you sir for bringing in the patient on time. Only then were we able to save him.
Dad- Oh no problem it was my duty as a human.
The dad leaves. The doctor goes to the patient.
Doctor- How are you feeling right now young man? What is your name and how did this happen?
Patient- I am feeling better. Thank you doctor. My name is Kunj Sarna.
Doctor- How did this happen?
Kunj gets a flashback of all the event that had occurred. From meeting Twinkle to falling off the cliff.
Kunj thinks- Oh no what did I do? That accident had made me mentally unstable. I was crazy. But now I am ok. My mental health is better. I did wrong with Twinkle.
Doctor- Its ok Mr. Sarna don’t take too much stress. I read ur reports and realized u were not mentally healthy due to a major impact to ur brain. U can thank God that the accident u just had has fixed u.
Kunj- Thank you doctor.
Doctor- Kunj take rest and u may be released tomorrow.
Kunj- Thank you.

The next day Usha is still shaken by Kunj’s death. Twinkle stayed with her and took care of her.
Twinkle- Aunty u have to stay strong. Please have this juice.
Usha- No Twinkle nothing will go down my throat.
Usha holds Twinkle’s hands.
Usha- Twinkle please bring back my Kunj please I beg to u.
Twinkle- Are what are u doing. Please stop this aunty. I am here with u. It will be ok. Let me go make u something to eat.
Twinkle goes to the kitchen with tears in her eyes. Suddenly she feels the presence of someone very close to her. Wind starts blowing and Twinkle moves to the front door. She hesitantly opens the door and is shocked.
Twinkle- K…K…Kunj?
Kunj stands before her with a bandaged head and crutches.
Kunj- Hi Twinkle.
Twinkle- But…How…..
Kunj- I’ll explain can I come in first?
Kunj goes inside and goes to Usha’s room. Usha is extremely happy to see her son alive. Kunj narrates everything to Twinkle and Usha and explains that he is no longer crazy and is healthy.
Usha- I am so happy I got my son back today. No matter how much I thank God it’s not enough. Go puttar take rest in your room. Come.
She tries to get up but is too weak.
Twinkle- Aunty u take rest, I will take Kunj to his room.
Kunj looks at Twinkle.
Twinkle helps Kunj get up and holds his arm and takes him to his room. Kunj opens the door to his room. Twinkle is shocked to see his walls covered with Twinkle’s pictures.
Kunj- Oh I’m sorry…actually I wasn’t in my right mind.
He goes and starts taking the pictures off. Twinkle looks at him lovingly.
Kunj- Twinkle I want to apologize for everything I did. If it’s possible please forgive me.
Kunj removes some of the pictures and throws them in the garbage.
Twinkle watches him.
Twinkle- Kunj……
Kunj is still taking down pictures.
Twinkle- Do you still love me?
Kunj stops taking down the pictures and looks at her. He avoids eye contact with her.
Twinkle- Answer me Kunj. Do you still love me?
Kunj- Twinkle that wasn’t me. Please forget all that. I’m sorry for getting between u and Uv. I hope everything is better between u two.
Kunj turns around to avoid looking at Twinkle.
Twinkle- Kunj thank you.
Kunj- Y?
Twinkle- U have helped me to see the truth about Uv. I broke my marriage with him.
Kunj holds in a smile hearing this.
Kunj- Oh no need to thank me. I should thank you for taking care of my mom. Now I am here u can go.
Twinkle is hurt.
Twinkle thinks- I know Kunj u still love me. Ur eyes say it all. I will stay and make u confess ur feelings.
Twinkle- I’m not going anywhere.
Kunj- Par kyu?
Twinkle- Look at u Kunj? Halat toh dekho tumhari. How will u take care of aunty? I will stay until u get better.
Kunj- But…
Twinkle- No buts…….I’m staying and that’s final.
Kunj sighs as he can’t compete with Twinkle. For the next few days Twinkle stays and takes care of Usha and Kunj. Slowly Kunj’s head and arm recover but his leg is still in a cast. Usha is happy seeing Twinkle’s affection for Kunj. One day Twinkle is trying to make Kunj walk without crutches.
Twinkle- Come on one step. Kunj u can do it.
Kunj takes a step. Twinkle is overjoyed and her eyes tear up in happiness. Kunj takes another step but is about to fall. Twinkle quickly goes and holds him. Kunj puts his arm around her shoulder for support and Twinkle makes Kunj sit on the bed. Kunj looks at her lovingly. It is raining outside. Suddenly it thunders and the lights go off. Twinkle gets scared and hugs Kunj tightly. Kunj is surprised but eventually melts to her touch and hugs her back. Twinkle holds on to Kunj tightly and Kunj caresses her hair. Twinkle breaks the hug and looks at Kunj. Kunj tucks the hairs that falls on Twinkle’s face behind her ear. They both are engrossed deep in each other. Kunj cups Twinkle’s face with one hand and brings her forward. He kisses her forehead. Twinkle closes her eyes due to his touch. He then kisses her eyes. He goes down to her lips and finally they meet. Kunj kisses Twinkle delicate but passionately. They break the kiss and smile. Twinkle falls asleep in Kunj’s arms. The next morning Twinkle wakes up in Kunj’s arms and smiles. Kunj also wakes up ad looks at Twinkle. He smiles at her. Suddenly he realizes about last night. He pushes Twinkle slightly and sits up.
Kunj- I’m…I’m soo sorry Twinkle. I don’t what happened last night. I’m so sorry.
Twinkle- No Kunj u don’t need to be sorry.
Kunj- No Twinkle I always feel the guilt of hurting u in the past. I don’t want to hurt u again please leave.
Twinkle- Kunj please listen.
Kunj- Twinkle please go. Don’t show me ur face agin. Please.
Twinkle is taken aback by Kunj’s statement and leaves from Kunj’s house lifeless.
Days go by and Kunj gets better and recovers from all his injuries. Within all these days there hasn’t been a moment where he has not thought of Twinkle. One day he decides that he can’t stay without Twinkle and goes to her house. Twinkle opens the door.
Twinkle- Kunj u here?
Kunj- Can I come in?
Twinkle let’s him in. Kunj sees her eyes are red. He realizes how much he has hurt her. Twinkle avoids eye contact with him.
Twinkle- Kunj what are you doing here? U told me not to show u my face so I didn’t.
Kunj- That was my mistake Twinkle. I realized in these days that my days don’t go by without ur smile. It’s not a morning if I don’t see ur face.
Twinkle looks at him.
Twinkle- Y Kunj? Am I pretty?
Kunj- No.
Twinkle is hurt.
Twinkle- Do you want me in ur life?
Kunj- No.
Twinkle is on the verge of crying.
Twinkle- Would you cry if I died?
Kunj- No.
Twinkle had heard enough. She turns to leave.
Kunj- Twinkle.
Twinkle stops.
Kunj- U are not pretty, u are beautiful. I don’t want u in my life, I need u in my life. I wouldn’t cry if u died, I would die with you. I love you Twinkle.
Twinkle turns around and looks at Kunj. Kunj spreads his arms and Twinkle runs to him and hugs him.
Twinkle- I love you too Kunj!
Kunj smiles hearing this. They break their hug.
Twinkle- Do all love stories have to have so much pain?
Kunj- No not all.
Twinkle- Ours did.
Kunj- Twinkle our love story had to have pain because we both were addicted to an addiction called love…and the only cure was Twinj.
Twinkle- Twinj?
Kunj- Twinj….Twinkle+Kunj…..hamesha….
Twinj hug again.

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Credit to: A Secret

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