An Addiction Called Love (OS- Part 1)

Guess who’s back? Let’s see…..I’m planning on revealing my identity so if this OS gets at least 26 comments then in my next OS I will reveal myself….
Also the idea for the name of this os came from a dialogue from another ff. I forgot who it was so if u recognize this title please credit urself and a big thank u from me 🙂

An Addiction Called Love (OS- Part 1)

Announcer: And now, the star of the show, Miss Twinkle Taneja!
Twinkle walks down a runway wearing a beautiful red gown and silver hoop earrings. She gets to the end of the runway and poses. Then she walks back. It is a fashion show. The show ends. Twinkle goes backstage and her manager is busy reading her her schedule.
Manager- Madam u have a modeling shoot tomorrow at noon then there is a perfume ad then u have to go to dinner with XYZ Management then….
Guy- Are! She is only one person.
Twinkle turns around and her face lights up.
Twinkle- UV!
Uv gives her flowers.
Uv- Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady.
Twinkle- Thank You Mr. Would be husband.
Uv- Your welcome Mrs. Would be wife.
Manager- Maam ur schedule.
Twinkle- Email it to me. Now go enjoy the rest of the day off.
The manager leaves.
Uv- Wow Twinkle u are in a good mood today. U even let the manager have off…rare!
Twinkle- What to do…mein hoon itni achi.
She smiles.
Uv- Ok shall I take u out to dinner as a celebration for this successful fashion show?
He forwards his arm and Twinkle links her arm with his.
Twinkle- U shall.

The Next Scene…..

A room is shown with the walls covered with pictures of Twinkle. The back of a guy is shown. He is talking to Twinkle’s picture.
Guy- U know Twinkle, today I tried to go to ur fashion show but they wouldn’t let me. It’s ok I will go next time for sure. I promise baba. U know when I first saw u on the cover of the magazine it was love at first sight. When will u come to me Twinkle? Enough of this hide and seek. Just come already.
A lady enters the room.
Lady- Kunj puttar let’s have dinner.
The guy is Kunj and the lady is Usha.
Kunj- Ji ma let me just say bye to Twinkle.
Usha sheds a tear.
Usha thinks- Kunj what happened to u? Jabse voh accident hui u have become mentally unstable.
Kunj- Bye Twinkle I am going to have dinner. I’ll talk to u later ok? Don’t get mad.
He leaves.

One day Twinkle is driving her car when it breaks down. She looks for help and comes across a mansion.
Twinkle thinks- Maybe someone here will help me.
She goes to the gate of the mansion and looks at the name plate: Sarna Mansion. She goes and knocks on the door. Usha opens the door and is shocked to see Twinkle.
Twinkle- Hello aunty. Actually my car broke down in front of ur house so I was wondering if anyone could help me out?
Usha comes out of her shock.
Usha thinks- Kunj is excellent with cars….but should I tell him? No I won’t put this girl’s life in danger.
Usha- Sorry I can’t help.
Twinkle- Please.
Usha- Sorry.
She is about to close the door when Kunj sees Twinkle.
Kunj- Ma!
Usha gets scared and let’s go of the door. The door opens and Twinkle sees Kunj.
Kunj- Twinkle? I knew u would come.
Twinkle- Matlab? How do u know my name.
Kunj- Oh come on who doesn’t know the famous model Twinkle Taneja?
Twinkle- Oh I thought…..
Kunj- What? That I stalk u?
Twinkle- No no……..
Kunj laughs.
Kunj- I’m just joking yaar.
Twinkle- Actually can u help me? My car broke down.
Kunj- Yea I’m good with cars. Come let’s take a look.
They go to Twinkle’s car. Kunj fixes it.
Twinkle- Thank u so much!
Kunj- No problem. I can do anything for u.
Twinkle- Huh?
Kunj- Oh nothing. Hi I’m Kunj.
He forwards his hand and Twinkle shakes it.
Twinkle- I guess u already know me. Ok then I’ll leave. Thank u again.
Kunj- Ok bye. Maybe we will meet again.
Twinkle- Maybe.
She drives away and Kunj waves bye.

(Kunj’s Room…)

Kunj is talking to Twinkle’s picture.
Kunj- I knew Twinkle that u would come. But y did u leave so early? U really love hurting me right?
He laughs.
Kunj- But it’s ok we will meet again right?
He falls asleep holding Twinkle’s picture.

The next day it is Twinkle’s birthday. (Also a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jasmin. Ur the best!) She is having a big party at her mansion. The media and press is crowded outside her home. Kunj walks into her mansion holding flowers. Twinkle greets him.
Twinkle- Oh Kunj u came.
Kunj- U called so how could I not come? Happy Birthday Twinkle.
He gives her the flowers.Twinkle smiles and takes them.
Twinkle- Thank u Kunj! Come I’m cutting the cake.
Twinkle goes to cut the cake. Everyone sings Happy Birthday. Twinkle takes a piece of cake and feeds it to Kunj. Kunj also feeds Twinkle. Twinkle then puts cake on Kunj’s cheek.
Kunj- Hey!
Twinkle runs and Kunj runs after her. He finally gets hold of her wrist and pulls her towards him. Her hands rest on Kunj’s chest and Kunj’s hands on her waist.
Kunj- Wipe it off.
Twinkle- Ok let me get a tissue.
She tries to leave but Kunj holds her tighter.
Twinkle- If I don’t get a tissue how will I wipe it?
Kunj touches Twinkle’s lips.
Kunj- With these.
Twinkle blushes. Kunj forwards his cheek. Twinkle eats the cake off his cheek then gives a little kiss on his other cheek.
Kunj wakes up suddenly. He sees Usha standing in front of him.
Kunj- Kya hua maa?
Usha- No u were talking in ur sleep that’s y.
Kunj- Are maa if ur bahu keeps coming in my dreams then of course I’m going to talk.
Usha gets sad.
Kunj- Ok maa I have to the mall to get a new phone as mine broke.

(The Mall…)

Kunj is walking out of a store with his new phone when he suddenly crashes into a person. He looks up and sees Twinkle.
Twinkle- Oh I’m so sorry….hey Kunj right?
Kunj- Yea.
Twinkle- Oh thx again for fixing my car.
Uv is also with Twinkle.
Twinkle- Uv this is Kunj the person I told u about. He fixed my car. And Kunj this is Yuvraj…my fiancé (echoes).
Kunj makes a fist listening to Twinkle’s words. Yuvraj extends his hand.
Uv- Thanks man. nice to finally meet u.
Kunj reluctantly shakes his hand…a bit too tightly.
Uv- Wow man u r very strong I must say. Ok nice meeting u see u later.
Twinkle and Uv walk away leaving Kunj frustrated. Kunj goes back to his house.
Kunj- Twinkle this is a joke right? U r joking with me. He is not ur fiancé. That low level Uv is not right for u. He is a womanizer. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.


Before Kunj’s accident he used to be a multimillionaire owner of Sarna Incorporated. One night after a business meeting he saw Uv coming drunk out of a club with two girls.


Kunj (angered)- Twinkle, tu sirf meri. SIRF AUR SIRF MERI!
He punches a lamp and it falls and breaks.

(Taneja Mansion…)

Twinkle is in her room reading when suddenly someone comes and puts a cloth over her mouth. She falls unconscious. The person takes her and puts her in a car and drives off. Twinkle wakes up in a hut inside a forest. She starts panicking when she sees the figure of a man. She looks up to see Kunj.
Twinkle (scared)- Kunj?
Kunj- Twinkle don’t be scared I only want to talk.
Twinkle- Bachao somebody please help!!!!
Kunj- Twinkle shhhh!
He ties a cloth over her mouth.
Kunj- Twinkle I didn’t want to do this. I just wanted to warn u. Uv is not a good man. He is only with u for that one thing. Please don’t trust him. Only I love u.
Twinkle looks at him. She remembers what happened that night when her car broke down.


Twinkle- Aunty please help me.
Usha- Puttar u have to leave now. My son is madly in love with u. He wasn’t like this before. He even was the owner of our business but one accident changed his life. He isn’t mentally stable. He might hurt u please go.


Kunj- Twinkle u are only mine and no one else.
Kunj opens the cloth from Twinkle’s mouth. Her hands and feet are still tied.
Twinkle- Kunj y are u doing this? Please let me go to UV.
Twinkle gets scared by his sudden outburst.
Kunj- If u don’t believe me call him right now. Here.
Twinkle takes Kunj’s phone and calls Uv. Uv picks up but Twinkle doesn’t talk.
Uv (drunk)- Saale kon hain? Stop disturbing me.
A girls voice is hear in the background.
Uv- It’s no one important. Let’s go baby.
He hangs up and Twinkle is in tears.
Kunj- Twinkle please…I can’t see u cry.
Kunj goes and wipes her tears. (Sajna Ve plays in bg).
Days go by like this. Twinkle is still held captive by Kunj but she soon stops complaining because they become quite good friends. Twinkle starts seeing a soft side of Kunj…the side of him before his accident. Kunj takes extremely good care of Twinkle. One day Uv finds Twinkle. She drags her out of the hut and near a cliff.
Twinkle- Uv leave me!
Uv- What are u doing here and that too with another man?
Twinkle- Uv leave me we are done!
Uv- Oh done? Tell me what’s in Kunj that’s not in me. Tell me u blo*dy…..
Suddenly someone slaps Uv. It is Kunj. Uv and Kunj start fighting. While fighting Kunj slips off the cliff. Uv sees this and runs away. Twinkle quickly goes and catches Kunj’s hand.
Twinkle- KUNJ!
Twinkle also starts slipping because Kunj is too heavy for her. Kunj notices this.
Kunj- Twinkle please let go.
twinkle- No Kunj I won’t let go.
Kunj- Then at least say once u love me.
Twinkle- I love u Kunj (echoes).
Kunj smiles- Thank you.
He lets go of Twinkle’s hand and falls.
Twinkle- KUNJ NOOO!!!!!

To be continued……

Next part: A little girl sees the body of a man bleeding.
Girl- Papa looks this uncle is bleeding.
The dad comes.
Dad- He’s still alive we have to take him to a hospital.

Please comment if u like it so far. Also I’m very curious if there are any guys out there on TU. Any guy TEI fans please comment also.

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