“Addicted to love”……………Intro

es,i love nesam and ardhika..both of them i love very much…but for this story ,i think ardhika s best and apt.becoz our NESAM s a complete crazy pair( so only i love them very much)….ok this story s for ardhika right…..so i m going to talk abt them.

Yeah i choose ardhika, radhika…no words got a fortunate to describe her character….becoz she has every quality of a heroin like kind,mercy,beauty,friendly,a good family…as usuall…but!!!!
Every heroin has a character of over helping tendency,over mercyness to others…..over reaction..,they wont think too much…always get struck into the problem….here my heroin has every qualities…but everything in limited level
Yeah radhika doing medicine(3 rd yr MBBS in her hometown) as her wish,everybody has a family like wise here she also having family which includes;
Nachkeit khanna- radhus father
Ragini khanna- radhus maa
Samira khanna- radhus elder sister
Radhika khanna- last baby to their parents..but for us , she s…..heroin,
Nachkeit loves their daughter very much,ofcoure every parents r like him only,then what s the difference……becoz after ragini and nachkeit marriage….they awaited for their children like 4-6 yrs……so sam and radhu are very precious to them…..{[every body knows that ,girls r always attached with their dad} including me:-) ],so he s very particular about his daughters…..this may leads to over reaction sometimes but this s controlled by ragini….on the whole they are complete family.

her dad and mom r very successful in their field which includes lots of business like garments,estates,jewellery ..etc…nachkeit s the chairman of businessman association,because their family background s that much efficient…to hold the priority in society.nachkeit only win the award of best entrepreneure of every year.nobody can beat him.
Ragini maa hold the partnership in every business of nachkeit.because she s the backbone of the family.nachkeit and ragini’s marriage was arranged one but they love each other very much….
Sam(ofcourse,how can i forget),she s the elder sister of radhu,4 yrs older than radhu,she s really beautifull,lovely person,can merge with anyone…she finished fashion designing as her wish,she s owning a add film company(bird song)..coming under her dads business..she likes everybody,(for ur shock)- she s married!!!!!!

Yup,her husband s neil malhotra,a cardiologist,owning a hospital -named sunshine hospital.he s very succsessful doctor.he don’t have parents….neil s an orphan.but sam and neil marriage s love marriage,they love each other …..that every sec,they need each other very badly.their 1 st meeting was in neils hospital..as sams client had a sudden collapse in her company,she was shocked….so rushed into hospital,that case was handled by dr.neil,through this ,sam met neil….they fell in love…not suddenly.but they felt for each other,initially friendship through his hospital add….though it s a famous hospital..becoz he wants to be close with sam….finally crossing the all stuggles….he won sams heart,this sam know-she loves him but still giving so many problems to him( already he s a busy man) after all only she accepts neil….
But anyway guys neil deserve this from sam…..becoz he only had the habbit of making girls to roam around him using his charm…all girls(school, college and now hospital) are addicted to neil know,ofcourse who ll deny him,including sam also felt for him @ 1st meeting…..but she didn’t show it to him….this made him really crazy…
So finaly,neil won sam but many time failed to win nachkeit…he s very strict abt his daughters know….neil really fed up.after all sam loves neil…so nachkeit accepts neils proposal,he accepts neil also whole heartedly.sam and neil lives in a seperate appartment.which belongs to neil.

Everyday..morning nachkeit get ready for the office @ 9’o clock ,before him radhu went to college in her scooty,becoz she s doing medicine know.she has a big friends gang which includes suri,gana,gowtham,naachi,sathya,jayanthi,anu,suga.they r very close to her.after finishing college(daily around 6 pm),spends sometimes with her friends then will reach home.but she ll wait for her dad to spend time with him.she loves her studies ,college everything…so she really enjoyed everyday….but she s not a topper of college?(as i don’t like toppers?),she s very talented.sam ll meet her dad and mom in office only,but neil no chance very busy.
Every sunday evening…family dinner will be held as everyone’s wish,the family spends time together @ that day without fail,because all are busy in their work during week days know.
radhika can easily loved by others,so somtimes she got love letters,direct proposals..etc..a guy will come before her,talk abt her,praising her then proposing her ,but avoids those kind of stuffs,becoz she don’t want commit so quickly.she dreamed so much abt her future
Sry guys…i want to write more…but coldn’t mae it.i didn’t even read it..so kindly bear my mistakes…see u soon bye

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  1. awesome. …plz update soon am waiting eagerly

  2. hey what about arjun……no intro of him….not fair…but still it was nice….. sweet little busy family

  3. Abi r u referring to nachkeit & ragini khanna of IKNMP????….but i secretly hope so b’coz i luv that pair……luved ur intro……ur ff is intresting…….u didnt show arjun at all……really interested to know about arjun and aradhika meeting…….waiting 4 ur 1 st epi……..

  4. Nice intro

  5. Hello girls….
    Wait for some time na?????, i ll post next update soon,

    Who s he….. Mr. Arjun… So it ll take some time… Can’t reach him so suddenly ?????…. Just joking…

    I ll post soon, thank you for commenting me girls…. Love u

  6. Superrr yaar nice narration

  7. Hi abi!!!! Welcome to our new writer of manmarziyan, your story tottaly different, its amazing dear, next our lovely hero enter na , can’t wait pls update soon dear …..

  8. Awesome abi. complete background check over of radz. so sool. Nice family. so neil is now jeeju or BIL of radz. waiting for next one. update soon.

  9. Interesting story, can’t wait to know Arjun’s side of family. 🙂

  10. Super …..please update soon am waiting eagerly tc

  11. Wow!! Totally different!! I loved it!! Please post soon..

    Love you ??

  12. It very nice !!!!!
    I to hate toppers 😛 😛 😛

  13. Wow abhi awesome buddy plzz update d nxt part soon……n i hate toppers yuk!!!!

  14. I also love my dad the most….the intro. was really good!!!lovd it!! Update soon!!love ya

  15. Superb intro dear. So nesam r married n Sam n rads r sisters nice. Waiting for next update. Luv u..tc..

  16. Awesome intro abi…my sweeeeeetu it’s very interesting story. ..rads is in medical field….sam running bird song…rads n sam sisters n nesam married….to my surprise neil is cardiologist. ..wowwww loved it….lovelyyyyyy plot n very interesting n exciting story. …where is our hero Arjun in the intro…well in upcoming episodes we’ll know about him also…..plzzzz continue dear..all the best dear. …love you loads

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