“Addicted to love”……………Promo

o girls …….fans of manmarziyan.??

Here we go…one short film…?don’t get shock because i don’t have skill to update continuously.. But it s just A PROMO for my story….its my own imagination when i was in my school days..but no hero and heroin fix on my immagination ….don’t think too much..its an ordinary story ,u may know abt the storyline before but…it my own imagination…..??????…ok don’t wanna irritate u….as i already did know?????
Okey….we all know that love s somethig different…everyone has a different defition and view for love….LOVE- it can affect anybody at any age…we can see love in everybody…even if they don’t know abt it…
“LOVE – it has patience for so long,
It has no jelous,anxiety-angerness?
It doesn’t praise itself,
It can bear anything?
It can accept everything?
It means faith?
It means hope,confidence?
It doesn’t have hardness in heart
It won’t stay in wrong path
. It never betrey” this s,what i know…..but still love means a lot…love present in everybody’s heart???????

But the problem is,people don’t want show the love to others…it leads toany problems in life…..coming to the storu????,
Every parents wants boy as their child ,no one prefers girls….because its different and difficult too upbring the girl child into the society…because society always find mistakes in girls alone( including animals)they always point at female ( why…in science also they gave a symobol for male ♐ as upward direction….) its not completely wrong ,ofcourse men are the head of family…….(to make spice on my story only…i m saying this…dont take it into heart)…

But if the people see her once ,they wont avoid her…..they wont point at her …:.they ll give all the reputations to her…because she s worthy for anyone’s love and affection….so,,every body want her as their friend and bestie…..she s our?!?!?!?!….her life was going without any speed breaker untill her mid period of college days …

She didn’t do anything but it just happened…when he met her….who s he!?!?!?!?!she didn’t aware of her love story…. but because of him it happend,
She didn’t fall for him @ a site..but he fallen for her…oh my god what a love story..
.”a man who always has a resposible over his love lady but here it s viceversa she did that for him to save his life”

Guys tell me how s it ,don’t think too much….it will be below average only because i m the author????…tell me guys u want NESAM or ARDHIKA as lead pairs

Kindly bear my mistakes….and sorry if hurt anybody..again i m saying that it just a story a fake one…..ok hope u all will bear me ..thank guys bye??

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  1. obviously it’s our sweet romantic ardhika and yes it’s an awesome intro waiting 4 the upcoming episodes excitingly…….. also u must accept the fact that ur an awesome writer seriously u have amazingly written it……..so all the very best

  2. Aradhika .all the best

  3. Hey…nice concept…i prefer both dem but since u r d writer i think u should choose which pair is more suitable…..plz do continue
    love u and tc!!!!!

  4. Love it. I would be ok with whichever pair you choose or decide.

  5. hi abhi
    nice promo
    i want ardhika dear

  6. Mouni Godavari

    9 Ardika 1 nesam

  7. Definitely Ardhika….

  8. Nice one… I don’t care of the pairs… It’ll be good if you include both of them…

    Love you ??

  9. Nice dear. If possible include both pairs …luv u…

    1. Make ardhika pair yaar super intro update soon

  10. We need both couples story line was nice

  11. Ardhika
    And nice promo

  12. ARDHIKA … AND nesam in supporting.
    No dear from todays update i feel u have good writting skills …

  13. i want ardhika as well as esam.bt f u c acomadate only 1,ten i wat ardhika………….

  14. story line awesome. Intro superb. Loved it. pairs i will say include both if possible. If only one i will go with ardhika. Thank u for the ff. Plzz see nesam n ardhika both r included. It will be gud to see. Loveee u.

  15. U decide who u want … But the story is awesome …. Ardhika

  16. Both!!

  17. Ardhika!

  18. Thank you so much sweethearts… For accepting me as a writer…. Love u all??????????

    Soon i ll post my story….. And i ll be a short film… Only…… See u all soon bye???????

  19. Abiiiii… such a sweet intro dear.. hope u will bcm very good writter other than a Doctor. . I like ardika.. If u continue the story then I’ll prefer NESAM

  20. Lovely promo. I would suggest you to include both. Cause then it will be interesting. But choose the couple, you are comfortable with. Btw I wanna ask something …are you male or female?!!???..just felt like asking??…pls don’t mind…

  21. Awesome promo my dearrrr abi…it’s seems very interesting story. ..plzzzz continue dear n alllllllllll the bestttttt…I love both ardhika n nesam…so my vote for both…love you loads and very tight hug

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