Addicted to love (Part:39,40,41)

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Dadi was the first one to speak seeing swathi and sanskar

Dadi: Wts happening here sanskar swathi wts happening

Shouts dadi the room was pindrop silent

Swara was looking at swathi nd sanskar when sanskar holds his head feeling pain

Nikhil just drags swathi out of the room to their room and guves her tight slap he pushes her in washroom and throws a dress on her

Soon he drags her to hall where all r there

Sanskar remember how he came down for filling water jug he tries to remember more but doesn’t remember he gets flashes of his and swathi closeness and he bringing her too room lifting her he tries to remember more but his head aches

Swara has tears in her eyes all looks at her

Avni: Swathi wt is this

Swathi: (shamelessly) I and sanskar love eachother and yesterday we became one

Chattak…… Swathi gets a tight slap from swara who was looking at her with rage full eyes all looks at her shockingly

Swara: How dare u to keep ur blo*dy eye on my husband

Swathi: Swaraa dont he is not ur husband he is just ur fiance now no one can seperate me and sanskar

All looks at her disgustingly when swathi falls on floor holding her cheek and looking at swara

Swara: First he is my husband and second he is mine nd u wt have u done with my sanskar say

Says swara holding swathi hair all were amused seeing her

Suddenly swara eyes falls on sanskar who was stumbling holding his head swara runs near him and supports him she makes him sit on sofa and cups his face

Swara: Sanku ur fine na

Asks swara wiping his forehead sweat she sees nail marks on sanskar neck and her anger raises

Swara turns towards and presses her neck making her suffocate to breath making all panic

Swara…. Shouts all seeing the scene arjun was fast to approach swara and makes her leave swathi

Dadi: Swara wt is this behaviour nd after seeing all this as swanik marriage was not registered swathi and sanskar should be married

Listening dadi swara marches out of the hall to their room sanskar was confused shocked to speak something

Avli: Maa wt r u saying

Akash: Marriage is not a game maa ji

Anjali: And sanskar love swara they both love eachother and we all know that

Dadi: Phir wts all this

Says dadi when swara enters and gives some papers to swathi while all r confused

Swathi reads the papers and was shocked papers falls from her hands swara smirks and jerks her

Swara: Done reading so let me see u all wt r the papers they r marriage registration papers if mine and sanskar and iam his wife Mrs. Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari

All elders looks at her as they were seeing some Devil soon there was a knock on door and sees police standing there

Police: We r here to arrest swathi for trying to kill Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari

Swara: Yes inspector take her from i dont wanna see her face also

All were looking shockingly at swara like how the innocent swara behaving like this

Anjali: Shona swathi tried to kill you is this true

Asks anjali swara turns to her her voice smooth

Swara: Maa she pushed me in river and yesterday night she had given some drugs to sanskar soo that he dont remember anything i have full cctv footage

Says swara nd shows a little were swathi sprays a liquid on his face to the room inside


Swathi removes sanskar shirt till then he looses his consciousness she keeps few scatches on his and her body and changes in his shirt and lies above him

Video ends:

All looks at swathi disgustingly as the video ends swathi falls on floor as dadi slaps her tight followed by anjali and avni while nikhil was staring swathi as he will kill her at any instant

Sanskar was just looking at swajun arjun signals inspector to take swathi which was seen four pair of eyes virika and swasan sanskar looks at swara while she is looking at arjun

Anjali hugs sanksar breaking all trance she cups his face and asks

Anjali: Sanskar u r fine

Sanskar: Mom iam fine

He moves from there followed by virika as he signalled them to follow

Swasan Room:

As sanskar and virika enters jeevika breaks the silence and says

Jeevika: Bhai shona is hiding something from us and did u see her behaviour she isnt our innocent shona i feel her to be pretending

Viren: Even i feel the same she is hiding something not alone but with arjun lets confront her

Says viren sanskar just nods


Swajun enters teracce and swara hugs arjun tight he hugs her back

After few minutes swara breaks the hug and cups his face

Swara: Arjun my baby ur fine naa u know i was sooo worried for you Mrs. Gadodia can doo anything for me can sell and can even kill u and i cant risk because of sanskar iam staying here

Arjun: Cutie calmdown iam not a kid iam ur elder bhai nd a cop nd Mrs. Gadodia cant do anything to me

Swara: Okk okk wts the status how is Mr. Gadodia i hope he is seeing hell but that plan was a master one right

Swara Pov:

When viren was talking with detective Mrs. Gadodia got to know that sanskar was going too know that Mr. Gadodia had posted our vedio and she wanted to finish him before he reveal Mrs. Gadodia and swathi name she planned to kill him nd arjun had just listened her saying to kill Mr. Gadodia then we both planned to take him into our custody and made viren bhai wait till morning and replaced a dead man in place of Mr. Gadodia making his plastic surgery

Luckily noo one seen us and we were successful in changing cctv footage too

Pov ends

Arjun breaks her trance and says

Arjun: Everything is understand control nd now swathi will also be behind bars now and our target is Mrs. Gadodia

Swara: We have to make her confess everything on her own

Arjun: Haa don’t worry everything will be done but when will u say sanskar u love him right r ur just separating him from swathi

Suddenly they hears claps sounds making both shocked they both turns

Swara: Sanskar…..

Whispers swara she sees sanskar clapping his hands and looking at her blankly while virika looking at her unbelievably

Precap: ?????? I’ll not say


Suddenly swajun hears claps sounds making both shocked they both turns

Swara: Sanskar…..

Whispers swara she sees sanskar clapping his hands and looking at her blankly while virika looking at her unbelievably

Tears brim in swara eyes seeing an emotionless sanskar swara moves forward towards sanskar while he raises his hand and moves back

Sanskar: Woww Swara amazing plan i should totally say u and ur brother nailed ur acting skills really how much innocent you are for ur own revenge u have used my whole family wahhh should appreciate you and Mr. Arjun Gadodia a cop how brilliantly u act (jiju please take me with u i wanna see paris) {says sanskar mocking at him}

His eyes were filled with pain hurt making swara broke

Sanskar turns back to leave when swara hugs him from back and starts crying

Swara: Sanskar may be i faked my innocence but my love for you was always truth i love everyone i didn’t fake my love please sanskar don’t behave like this please

Sanskar jerks her and turns towards her

Sanskar: Love where i cant see if u had really loved me then u would have shared ur pain ur love ur revenge everything

Swara: Sanskar………

Sanskar: Love needs trust that u don’t have on me if u had!!!!!!…….. naa then u would have shared everything with me once swara (says showing his one finger)  once u could have said me i would have fight against whole world

Says sanskar all gets tears seeing him swara holds his hands and pleads but he moves from there his pain converted into anger

He leaves from there glaring swara angrily……..

Swara falls on her knees when arjun holds her

Viren: Swara this not done u hurted soo badly u know right he loves u soo badly he did everything for u but see swara u broke his heart

Arjun: Viren bhai she is just taking revenge of her dada nd dadi murder who were her support after their death my soo called mom made her life hell after year of their death my mom by mistake confessed her crimes infront of me then i decided to take everything from my so called mom i decided make her life also hell as she did of my cutie i can take her into custody but i wanted her to self confess infront of all so i made my sister to take revenge but her love for sanskar was true she loved him from school nd then he too fell for her nd swathi who made swara life hell was now behind bars now Mr&Mrs.Gadodia are left

Says arjun angrily virika feels bad for swara and hugs her swara cries

Viren: Shona we understand ur pain but u could have shared with him who loves u soo much he can tho do anything for u

Swara: I was about to say him but

Jeevika: Shona he loves u he will understand u come lets goo to room

Swara nods nd wipes her tears all reaches swasan room swara was about to knock the but sanskar opens the door in nick of time

Sanskar looks at all once and sees swara her face was pale and eyes were puffy swara looks at him but he was blank he face was emotionless

Swara: Sanskar…..

But sanskar holds swara hand nd drags her down avni anjali both are sitting in hall busy with their work when they see sanskar dragging swara

Arjun nd virika runs back of them arjun comes infront sanskar when sanskar pushes swara towards arjun while he holds her

Avli: Shona…..

Sanskar looks at them blankly while they both comes towards swasan sanskar throws the bag which is his hands

Sanskar: (looking towards arjun)  Take ur sister from here

Anjali goes to sanskar and turns him towards her while avni hugs swara who is crying in her arms

Anjali: Sanskar wt is this why r u asking arjun to take swara she is ur wife u love her

Sanskar: Mom if she will stay here then I’ll not chlice is urs who u want ur son or ur bahu

Anjali steps back listening him all looks at sanskar shockingly

Avni: Sanskar wt r u speaking if u both have any problems u should clear among urself but how can say her to leave house

Sanskar: Sorry bua but she has to leave

Says sanskar avoiding all he turns to go bht swara hugs him from back and cries soaking his shirt

Swara: Noo sanskar please don’t separate me from u i love u soo much please don’t do this please I’ll not goo leaving you please (says while chocking)

Sanskar was having a hard time he cant hurt his love but she didnt trust him the thought him to be used is making his heart pain their love their moments all

Sanskar: You faked your love made me fool why….

Anjali went from there not able to choose one from her children followed by avni

Says sanskar breaking the hug he looks at swara with painfull eyes

Sanskar goes from there when swara looks at her sides she finds a knife in dinning hall sje goes towards it nd grabs it

Swara: Sanskar…… If i have to leave from ur life then i dont want this life

Sanskar turns back listening her and gets shocked as she cut her wrist all were numb to react anything sanskar shouts her name

Sanskar: Honey….. 

Sanskar runs towards her before she falls on floor he grabs her sitting on his knees while she in his arms blood was flowing from her wrist uncontrollably virika amd arjun comes to sense listening his voice

Sanskar: Jaan look at me don’t….  Don’t close your eyes

Says sansnar he was chocking in middle swara cries in pain and cups his face with one hand and rubs his stuble

Swara: I… I rea….  Really Lo…. Ve love You Sanku

Says swara crying and chocking at her words

Sanskar: I love you too jaan i love you sooo much…. 

Don’t close your eyes don’t

Swara: Ahhhhhh its paining sanku

Cries swara making all worried

Sanskar: Jaan please dont close ur eyes stay awake look here

Says sanskar lifting her in his arms swara closes her eyes feeling weak going into sleep

Precap:????????? not soo soon


Swara: Ahhhhhh its paining sanku

Cries swara making all worried

Sanskar: Jaan please dont close ur eyes stay awake look here

Says sanskar lifting her in his arms swara closes her eyes feeling weak going into sleep

Soon they reaches hospital they finds akash waiting for them he is a best doctor

Sanskar: Fufa please save her please

Akash: Sanskar relax ntg will happen be strong

Says akash and he moves with swara in OT

Sanskar sits on a chair with thud arjun and virika sees him they all were shocked with her sudden step arjun speaks bringing all to sense

Arjun: I know her completely still i couldn’t stop her

Arjun sits before sanskar on his knees

Arjun: Jiju her boldness is just for her revenge but she is innocent by heart she wanted to punish her criminals soo i made her bold but she is innocent she loved when she saw you first in her school days i thought it to be a crush latter when we got to know that swathi was obsessed with u she planned to make u seperate but unknowingly fell for u soo much ki now she wanted to end her life rather than staying away from you after knowing everything i must have taken care but couldn’t she is in this condition now

Says arjun breaking down sanskar was in tears hr hugs arjun and both cries viren hugs jeevika who was shocked with the sudden things swara became soo close to them in a very less time they were angry thinking her game but if she woukd have said they all might fight for her with her but she didnt this made them angry they know swasan love was sooo deep

All comes to their sense when the OT door opens and akash comes out all four rushes to him

Akash: Sanskar she is out of danger but she needs rest and also she was in stress a complete bed rest and in observation for a week

He says all looks back and sees gadodias and others reach hospital anjali and avni looks at sanskar arjun nd virika

Anjali: I don’t know wt happen between u all but i want my all children to be happy not fighting with eachother hope u all will solve….

Completes anjali avni nods here nikhil wasn’t here

Soon swara was shifted in vip warp a special cabin with a comfortable bed and coach and a nurse appointed for her

Anjali avni shomi enters first along with akash anjali hugs swara and kisses her forehead swara opens her eyes and smiles faintely

Anjali: Shona wt have you done beta

Swara: Sorry mom

Says swara kissing anjali cheek while she smiles this nature of swara was loved by all she thinkz if her boldness make her loose her love and loved one’s then she dont want to be the one

Avni to kisses swara forehead and asks her too takecare

Shomi: Shona beta wt have u done to urself

Says shomi facking her love her one companion was out and she was misserable now no one are there to support her

Shomi: Shona now I’ll not let you stay back in mm u come back to our house look wt is ur condition staying with maheswari’s now I’ll not let you get marry to sanskar also

Says shomi cupping swara face making anjali shock and avni angry…..

Avni: Shomi just shut up I’ll not allow you to seperate swasan as you tried janki and shekhar judt for money and ur lust

The new revelation shocked everyone and made shomi gulp she starts her fake drama.

Shomi: Avni ji dont come between mother and daughter shona u listen to me this family made ur di go to jail they will not spare u also lets go back

Akash: Mrs. Gadodia she needs rest

But shomi being her she pulls out all the wires from swara body while swara mind was blocked only one sentence was revolving in her mind


Swara’s hand had started bleeding as shomi pulled out the the wire which was inserted to swara die to less blood

Shomi brings swara out and all were lost when arjun looks he was shocked

Arjun: Mom

Shouts arjun seeing her bringing swara sanskar and others head raises up sanskar shocked he sees blood flowing from swara hand which was of a lot of content he goes near shomi and pulls swara to him carefully and lifts her in his arms jeevika comes forward and holds swara hand she keeps a kerchief to stop blood flow from swara hand

Shomi: Leave my daughter sanskar iam r breaking your engagement we dont want to be in ur family anymore

Chattak…. Shomi gets a slap she looks up only to find dadi fuming in anger

Dadi: How dare you she is poti bahu of maheswari family u have no right to do this first even i was thinking that swara wasn’t correct for sanskar but even after seeing their love if i dont change then I’ll make my sanskar sad and his happiness matters to me soo much and now out from here

Says dadi she looks at sanskar while he just gives a small smile and rushes in….. Nd finds anjali sitting with thud and avni supporting her with akash

Sanskar makes swara lie on bed she was unconscious as she lost a lot of blood akash rushed to swara followed by avni and anjali

He quickly cleans the blood which clotted and inserted a fresh blood and gave her a injection anjali was pale which was noticed by all including dadi


Arjun holds shomi and says

Arjun: Mom wt is this wt happen r u fine

Asks arjun how much he want to punish her but still she is his mother seeing his care shomi smirks evilly and huggs him crying fakely

Shomi: Arjun save our shona they are beasts she was in this condition because of them after their relation ur father died ur swathi di is in jail amd now ur swara di also ram and sujatha were angry on me saying i spoiled swathi but u know na she is a nice she can never do wrong everything was done by maheswari’s

Arjun falls in his thoughts while shomi smirks seeing him with fake tears……….

To Be Continued…..

Soo here are three parts hope u enjoyed thank u for reading

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