Addicted to love (Part:38}

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Avni was doing arthi of swakhil while all r in after arthi both comes in and swakhil performs the rituals after marriage

All were in sitting in hall when shomi speaks

Shomi: Anjali ji we will leave now

Says shomi while looking at swathi and swara anjali nods shomi ramtha arjun and swara gets up to leave

Swara hugs virika anjali avni dadi and takes blessings from akash

Swara hugs swathi and whispers in her ears

Swara: Enjoy ur SR di congrats for the marriage

Says swara with a evil smirk and moves back to shomi

Shomi smiles tight all starts to leave when sanskar holds swara hand

Swara: Sanku….

Says swara and all turns towards swasan and looks at them

Dadi: Sanskar beta leave her hand

Swara looks at sanskar questioningly

Sanskar: U cant go swara

Shomi: But she wanted to go home with us

Says shomi while sanskar says in a cold voice

Sanskar: But I’ll not send her i have full rights on her more than u aunty

All r looking at him taken back by his cold tune

Shomi: (taken a back with his words) She is my daughter…….

Sanskar: (cutting her) Step daughter

Shomi acts like shocked and stumbles while swara shouts

Swara: Maaa

Arjun: Jiju u cant do this

Sanskar doesn’t speak anything just pulls swara near him holding her while swara looks at all and cries

Swara: Please sanskar please let me go with mom

Cries swara falling in her knees crying in sanskar embrace while sanskar face was cold nd stern

Sanskar: You all can leave swara will not come

Says sanskar while arjun speaks

Arjun: Jiju this is nt fair u cant seperate my sister from our family

Sanskar stays stern when dadi speaks

Dadi: Sanskar leave her this not good let her go with her parents

Swara was crying nd crying nd is pleading him

Swara: Sanskar plzzzz

Sanskar: This is my final decision nd if anyone have problem u can leave the house

Says sanskar glancing at dadi when anjali breaks her silence

Anjali: Sanskar iam seeing u from days u r odering everyone nd taking all decision on ur own nd even of shona she had a life she needs to enjoy it

Sanskar too brakes his volcano

Sanskar: (looking at swara) If u try to leave the house I’ll not think once to lock u in a room nd no one means no one will let her out of the house nd i guess all know wt i say I’ll not think a second to do that

Says sanskar while making swara stand all were shocked listening him sanskar looks at swara nd holds her hand trying to pull her but she doesnt move nd looks at him with pleading eyes

Sanskar lifts swara up in his arms nd takes her to his room

Sanskar Room:

Sanskar makes her lie on bed nd moves out locking it swara bangs the door but he doesn’t open

Sanskar comes down and see gf people left anjali gives sanskar like wt u did look

Anjali: Give me room keys i wanna talk to my daughter

Sanskar doesn’t say anything nd gives keys

Anjali goes up nd opens the door without thinking anything swara runs anjali shouts

Anjali: Shona…..

Sanskar sees swara running all looks at this nikhil was closing his fist controlling his anger while swathi was smiling she wanted swara to suffer nd she is suffering

As swara was about to pass sanskar he holds her hand swara turns her face all gasps but not sanskar as her face was red which was of anger

Sanskar: If u step out of the house u will never be able to come back u will loose me forever not only u everyone

Says sanskar with emotion less face paralysing swara nd shocking other’s swara’s head spin soon she faints but sanskar holds her

Virika comes forwards towards sanskar while all leaves nikhil drags swathi with him anjali goes from there seeing them

Viren: Sanskar wt r u doing

Sanskar: I cant loose her viren that house will not let her live peacefully if something happens to her u know I’ll die

Says sanksar holding swara tight virika hugs him sanskar smiles faintly

Jeevika: Bhai dont worry ill take care of swara come lets go to ur room

Sanskar nods and lifts her up three walks to sanskar room

Sanskar makes her lay on bed nd says

Sanskar: U both take rest ill give her pills she will be fine

Virika nods nd leaves sanskar makes swars eat pill nd goes to get fresh locking the door

After an hour:

Sanskar  was still standing under shower lost

In room:

Swara wakes up with jerk shouting

Swara: Sanskar

She looks around but doesn’t find him she starts crying nd mumbles

Swara: Iam sorry sanku I’ll be with u dont leave me please iam sorry

Suddenly she feels two hands on her hands she looks up nd finds sanskar in towel he was worried seeing her nd listening her shout

Swara hugs sanskar tight nd says

Swara: I love you so much plzz dont leave me plzz

Says swara making him worried he cups her face nd breaks the hug he kisses her teary eyes

Sanskar: Iam before u baby I’ll not leave u don’t cry

Sanskar says taking her in his embrace

Swakhil Room:

Nikhil was completely drunk swathi comes out of washroom in a night wear

Nikhil looks at her angrily and goes near her he holds her hair in anger nd says

Nikhil: Come bi*** lets celebrate our suhaagrath

Says nikhil drunk and smiling evily making swathi shiver in fear nikhil laughs looking at her

He pins her to wall and starts chewing her lips while swathi trues to push him he kisses her taking out his anger on sanskar

He breaks kiss nd bites her neck he lifts her nd thriws her on bed

Swathi: U idiot stay away

But nikhil howers on her she struggkes not ketting him touch her nd soon he faints due to lot of drinking

Precap: Swathi lying on sanskar while she was in his shirt nd he shirtless

Sooo sorry i guys i forgot to post 36 soo posting now

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