Addicted to love (Part:31-37}


Swaika goes near swathi sanskar viren nikhil and ragini

Sanku calls swara breaking everyone trance all looks at her and jeevika sanskar gets freezed seeing swara while jeevika was pacing glares to viren

                 Swara Dress

Jeevika absorves swathi face and smirks


Swara Room:

Jeevika enters the room and swara looks at her

Wow bhabi ur looking hot says swara while jeevika was still shock

R u going for wedding shonu asks jeevika coming out of her trance

No bhabi we r going for party na maa gave me this to wear but i dont know how to wear please help me naa says swara with a pout

Jeevika goes near swara and hits swara forehead and takes of the saree and goes to cupboard she takes a black short dress and forwards it to swara

Now chup chap go nd wear this and come fast says jeevika strictly while swara nods and goes in

Swara comes out in a short black dress which is backless she was looking stunning in that jeevika makes swara stand before mirror and quickly curls her hair and makes her ready

Swara wears earcuffs of black colour and black heels

Jeevika turns swara towards herself and kisses her forehead

Ur soo innocent shonu says jeevika

I love u bhabi says swara hugging her and while jeevika says love you too and both shares a hug

Fb ends

Swara goes near sanskar nd holds his arm nd jeevika beside viren

Jaan u look hot whisper sanskar near swara ear holding her by waist while she blushes

Go nd enjoy guys says sanskar while looking at swara

Why sanky u wanna romance my sister or wt asks viren teasingly while he gets a hit by jeevika

If i say yes na Mr. Viren Vadera ays sanskar all looks shockingly while he gives them wt look

All goes to different ways leaving swasan alone

Sanskar pulls swara and makes her sit on his lap and starts kissing her neck while swara gasps looking at him

Swara closes her eyes clutching his shirt tight while he was pleasuring her suddenly swara shouts

Ahhhh umm sanku slow please says swara as sanskar bited her and sucking to reduce the pain

Sanku plzz leave naa anyone will see plzz whispers swara while strggling as he was cressing her legs and with other pulling her

Listening her he stops and gets up with her in his arms while swara struggles to get down

Sanku wt ur doing please leave says swara while he stops in a corner and makes her stand he pulls her by her waist and says her

U dont have a option of saying noo Mrs. SM soo keep quite and let me enjoy says sanskar

He pins her to the wall and smashes his lips on her furst she doesnt respond so sanskar pulls her in him and cresses her back pushing his hand inside her dress feeling his hand swara moans in his mouth

Taking it as opportunity sanskar enters his tongue in her mouth cressing her bare back while she starts responding it turns more wild and sanskar stops when he was out of breath

He looks at swara with desire and love while she hugs him not able to bare his gaze he smiles and hugs her back

Jaan u turned mee on by wearing this ahhh ur soo hot i love you baby says sannsar nuzzling in her shoulder while she shivers

Suddenly sanskar eyes caught something or someone he becomes shocked seeing the scene he turns other side and again shocked he doesnt understand anything

He immediately breaks the hug and take my mobile

Hello viren come fast man we r opposite to steps says snaksar and drags swara from there while swara gets confused

Virika comes there in minutes sanskar pushes swara to viren

Take her nd you three go home ill come soon says sanskar while swara nd virika looks at him shocked

Sanky but wt happen asks viren sanskar moves from there without answering swara doesn’t understand anything

Shonu did u both fought asks jeevika while swara nods noo she was sad as sanskar was suddenly behaving odd she gets tears in her eyes

Shona dont cry come lets goo home says jeevika nd they three leave

Other Side:

Sanskar takes his gun and attaches silencer to it looking at other sides

He sees a man with knife in his hands sanskar slowly goes from back and pulls him closing his mouth and pushes him on the wall and shoots on his head he pushes his body in a room

Abhi enters in both sanky nd abhi kills all soon party ends nd all leave from there

Sanskar: Abhi throw their bodies out

Says sanskar all his guards works on his work

Sanskar dials a number and talks fpr few minutes

Sanskar: Be here before morning

He says at last and cuts the call

Sanskar sits on a chair and closes his eyes still in the party hall


When sanskar was hugging swara he seen few men are coming from the entrance with guns and when he turned otherside he froze

A man and girl were romancing the man was kissing girls neck while girl was pulling him more and more forgetting their surroundings both stops and sanskar gets shocked seeing their faces

After sometime

After pushing swara to viren sanksar walks in the corridor of rooms nd stops at a room with gun in his hands

He opens the door slightly  aiming the gun but stops again nd closes his eyes seeing the same couple on bed and their clothes on floor

The man was sucking her moulds while the girl was moaning his name sanskar closes his eyes tight and leaves from there after locking door from out

Fb ends

Sanskar opens his eyes and looks arround he walks towards the room in corridor nd opens it from out but closes his eyes listening girl moans

Ummm ahhhh please love fast ahhh

Sanskar leaves from there after unlocking the door as he leaves he sees whole security alert

Abhi be carefull i dont want any mistake from now on says sanskar and moves from their angrily

Swara Room:

Swara was sad and crying thinking sanskar was angry with her she couldnt sleep with out him

Her eyes were red nd puffy she at last goes for seeing sanskar when she was at corridor she listens foor click nd looks sanskar entering

Sanskar sits down in coach nd closes his eyes leaning back he gets only the image of couple getting intimate

Swara walks down slowly sanskar doesn’t observe her as he was lost in his own thoughts swara sits on his lap nd hugs him he doesn’t respond nor open his eyes

Precap: ?????????


Sanskar sits down in coach nd closes his eyes leaning back he gets only the image of couple getting intimate

Swara walks down slowly sanskar doesn’t observe her as he was lost in his own thoughts swara sits on his lap nd hugs him he doesn’t respond nor open his eyes

After few minutes sanskar feels his shoulder wet and opens his eyes he sees swara hugging him and weeping he immediately parts and sees her crying he wipes her tears and cups her face

Sanskar: Honey jaan dont cry why r u crying

Asks sanskar cupping her face while swara hugs him tight and says

Swara: Iam sorry if i did something please sanskar dont behave rude with me please

Sanskar curses himself for being rude in her but he was tensed for her safety he lifts her in his arms and takes her to swara room he makes her lie on bed and tries to get up when swara holds his hand

He sits beside her and cresses her hair and pecks her forehead and eyes soon swara sleeps and sanskar goes to hall


All were in hall as sanskar said he need to talk something important with them soon a car halts before guest house and avni and akash walks in

Sanksar hugs them all sits when sanskar goes near ramtha and asks

Sanskar: Uncle will you give ur daughter hand for my brother nikhil

Asks sanskar shocking everyone dadi was the first one to speak

Dadi: Sanskar wt r u speaking marrigae isnt a game….

Sanskar cuts her in middle and makes nikhil and swathi stand facing eachother

Sanskar: I know dadi but they both love eachother and see this (he throws his engagement pics were swathi and nikhil were lost in eachother) these are proofs for that they both are in love

All looks at the pics when akash speaks

Akash: Sanksar i know u will choose best for ur brother and we r with u

Avni anjali too agrees with sanksar

Ram stands up and moves near sanksar

Ram: Iam very lucky to get u brothers as sil and i agree for this marriage

Sujatha agrees with them when swathi and nikhil tries to speak sansjar cuts them and says

Sanskar: Congrats love birds and guess wt i have a good news for u both

They looks at sanskar blankly when sanskar speaks

Sanskar: Ur marriage is in three days

Anjali: Sanskar how can in three days

Sanskar: Mom dont worry me and viren will look after everything and marriage will be in mumbai only

Declares sanksar shocking dadi and shomi swara hugs swathi and says

Swara: Iam soo happy for u dii

Arjun to wishes same and swara speaks excited

Swara: Maa lets doo shopping

Says swara shaking shomi while she nods with a fake smile

A Godown:

A man is tied to chair in darkness and a led is fixed to it in which the whole drama happened in guesthouse was going on live the man was wriggling to get out from the chair but couldn’t suddenly he sees a knife and with great difficulty moves towards it

He successfully untues his hands and removes cloth from his mouth suddenly he listens clap sounds and looks forward he gulps seeing a girl in a black jeans and black top with a jacket coming towards him and two goons comes back of her

Girl: Tie him properly

Says the girl while the two goons tied the man but didn’t close his mouth the girl goes near him and sits before him

Girl: How poor Mr. Shekhar Gadodia how easily i got u in my trap i showed u are dead to all and all believed and did ur antimsanskar but look at you u r fit and fine but in my custody

Says the girl laughing madly while shekhar wriggles and says

Shekhar: Why r u doing all this wt will u get by doing this

Girl: Oh my my you got a mouth and u r raising ur voice against me tie his mouth

Shekhar tries to push their hands away when he gets a tight slap on his face he looks at the girl shockingly

Girl: Wt  are u staring at when i can kidnap and make ur pyari daughter swathi sleep with nikhil by giving them drugs cant i slap u Mr. Gadodia

Says the girl while shekhar says

Shekhar: I feel disgusted that iam ur father swara chii shame on you how can u stoop soo low

{So the girl is swara ????????}

Swara takes a gun and shouts beside his ear bullet passed from a inch beside him making him shiver in fear

Swara: This is my revenge story Mr. Gadodia and u forgot ur deeds that u took the vedio of me and ur sil getting cosy and made it public u know wt i was soo scared thinking if anyone will know wt will happen with me and doo u thought if my baby got to know that or seen wt would have been happen u blo*dy fool huh

Suddenly her phone rings swara smiles seeing caller id and lifts the call with smile

Swara: Hey baby how r u

OS: Iam fine cutie where r u

Swara: Baby iam with Shekhar gadodia and thank u so much for helping me to take my revenge

OS: I can do anything for u cutie as u know i love you soo much

Swara: I love you too okk bye baby i will meet u soon

Says swara cutting the call swara sighs the men to tie Shekhar mouth and says

Swara: Soo Now lets see who will accompany you next and yes i dont want any mistake give him everything he wanted and yes no one shoukd should know about him

The goons nod and swara leaves from there


Sanskar is near a lake he was sitting on car bonet and lost in hus thoughts

Sanskar Pov nd Fb

I was shocked when i saw nikhil and swathi romancing and getting intimate i thought to confront them when suddenly those goons entered and after that i went in thinking to talk with them but again saw them in a compromising state so i slowly left from there

Then i called bua and asked them to come before morning nd came back

After making swara sleep i came down and saw swathi runing in i immediately went and holded her hand she looked at me shockingly and slowly nikhil came back of her he looked at me shocked

Sanskar: Wt was that nikhil wt is relation between u too

Asks sanksar coldly nikhil looks at him and swathi and says

Nikhil: I love her and we were drunk that happened i didnt mean to do that

Says nikhil looking at swathi when sanskar says

Sanskar: You bkth have to marry eachother

Nikhil nods and leaves swathi looks at him shockingly and hugs sanskar and says

Swathi: Sanskar please don’t do this with me i love you please and u r only mine please

Sanskar jerks her and says

Sanskar: U will marry that is for sire now u can leave

Says sanskar and swathi leaves from their showing her crocodile tears

Precap: ????????? I’ll not say

Part: 33

Swathi: Sanskar please don’t do this with me i love you please and u r only mine please

Sanskar jerks her and says

Sanskar: U will marry that is for sire now u can leave

Says sanskar and swathi leaves from their showing her crocodile tears

Fb ends

Sanskar trance broke by a call in his phone he looks at the id nd lifts

Sanskar: Yes jay any information

Jay: Sir we got the man who entered In Mr. Gadodia cabin actually he was soo horrified and ran from hospital by cctv we found him he is under observation of rocky

Sanskar: That was a good work iam coming

Sanskar goes from there nd soon reaches a godown his guards surround him

Sanskar: Wt he said rocky

Sanskar raises his eyebrows asking his man

Rocky: Sir he was hired by Mrs.Gadodia but as he was saying that he didn’t kill him when he reached there he already found him dead

Sanskar: Wt the (asks a shocked sanskar)

Rocky: Yes sir and we got a call from our detective priya saxena

Sanskar nods saying go on

Rocky: Sir the day Mr. Gadodia was found dead that day a man had done plastic sergery and the man was already a dead person with heartattack and we enquired further they said that the face which they gave for the person was of Mr. Gadodia’s

Shock was the small word sanskar was really numb listening all this

Rocky: This was a pakka planned one sir they were just manuplating everything and Mrs. Gadodia doesnt know all this

Sanskar: What is the postmottern report revealed

Rocky: jay went to take that sir

Sir sir comes jay runing sanskar looks at him and snatches the report

Sanskar reads the report nd punches the wall

Sanskar: That means Mr. Gadodia isnt dead the man who died is someone else means where is Shekhar Gadodia wt r we missing

Sanskar mumbkes to himself when jay speaks

Jay: Sir just one confirmation we just need to do DNA test and we….

Stops jay looking at sanskar while he turns to jay

Sanskar: Speak up jay

Jay: Priya asked me to collect hair sample of gadodia family nd i collected them it was already sent to lab she will call us in any moment

Sanskar: Wt the jay from when u started to take descion on ur own

Jay: Sorry sir but priya had a doubt so to clear it she…

He was cut when sanskar phone rang sanskar lifts it and keep it on speaker

Sanskar: Priya how can u ask jay to collect the samples this isnt done

Priya: Sanky first listen to me

Sanskar sighs and asks her to continue

Priya: You have a shocking news hear for all of us as u said me about swara family i had a doubt why arjun was treated as there own child so to confirm it i asked jay to collect the samples and

Sanskar: And wt

Priya: Arjun is son of Mrs. Shomi Gadodia and a half brother of swara means step brother and the dna doesnt match between swara and the person who was dead means he isnt shekhar gadodia

Sanskar: Wt arjun is swara’s half brother damn thats the reason he used to get so much love shit shit man

Priya: Wait sanky i already enquired the orphanage were arjun said that he was adopted and guess wt

Sanskar: There wasnt any orphanage

Priya: Yes exactly and arjun is not 18 he is 21 elder than swara

Sanskar: Wt the hell priya

Priya: Sanky let me complete

Sanskar: Ok shoot

Priya: Mrs.Shomi was in same clg of ur mom dad avni buwa janki aunty and shekhar gadodia akash fufa ram uncle studied anjali aunty, avni bua, Janki aunty were best frds and shomi bose sujatha aunty is  junior of them and ur avni bua doesnt like shomi aunty and why wt happened in clg nd how arjun became shekhar gadodia child when he loved janki aunty this was all mysteries no one know them

I know i know u didnt understand soo let me clear u

{Anjali, Janki, Avni are best friends from school and same goes to akash and arjun, ram and shekhar were best frds they all r same branch and age Shomi and Sujatha are of same age and juniors of all above,  AVNI is sister of ARJUN, SUJATHA is sister of SHEKHAR}

Sanskar: Okk i think i should talk with buwa about their clg story but first where is shekhar gadodia if he is not dead who is playing the game wt is their target who r they aiming

Priya: We will find all the answers but keep an eye on arjun gadodia as i doubt him

Sanskar: Priya arjun loves swara it cant happen

Priya: Sanky he is step brother of her and according to their family vil all the property is on swara name and if she gets marry that will turn on her husband name but she can only use the powers when she will turn 21 means after two years

Sanskar: Ok Priya i just need time i need to think

Priya: Take ur time sanky bye

Sanskar goes from there and reaches back to house he silently goes in room everyone went for shopping

His Pov:

Its soo confusing many things revealed i was thinking Shekhar uncle was killed but no he is alive but with whom nd where

Second shomi aunty wanted to kill Shekhar ofcource it must be for property but she couldn’t nd iam sure swathis is with her in all this

Third Arjun is shomi nd shekhar son nd he is 21 elder than swara due to family issues they may have said arjun as 17 ok nd arjun know everything bht he didnt reveal may be he can be with his mother

Fourth  Swara’s dada nd dadi wrote a vill in which the whole property will be in swara name of she marries it will be her husband’s but if she become 21 she will get powers nd for this may be they shomi aunty doesn’t want swara to get marry

Ever mystery is revolving around swara everything her life is in danger but he behind shekhars missing

Soon iam gonna get hold of the master planer

His pov ends

Nikhil Room:

Nikhil was sitting in a couch nd looking at swara pic with a smile

{Smile wait wait how smile he should be mad as he is gonna marry swathi then come lets know wts in his mind}

Nikhil Pov:

I was really mad that i tried to kill sanskar he is ntg between me and swara and she wanted me to marry swathi then i will do that i will let her win nd if wanted i will help her to seek this revenge

Oh my wild cat ur soo dangerous hahahaha swara ill not disturb u now u punish everyone who killed u these many years i will wait and do wt ever u want me to doo

And for making u suceed in plan i said i love swathi i know i lost my sense and had s*x with her but i had seen u in her baby that swathi was drugged hahaha u trapped her soo nicely just let this marriage happen ill take revenge on her from ur side baby

I love you swara i love you soo madly

Pov ends:

The whole day passed and all reached home after shopping

Swara Room:

Sanskar entered in swara room but doesn’t find her he hears shower sound and lays on bed

After a few minutes swara comes out in a towel wrapping it around her she doesn’t notice sanskar and goes to cupboard sanskar gulps seeing swara in towel he slowly gets up and back hugs her he moves her wet hair to other shoulder and starts drinking the water droplets on her shoulder swara was numb due to sudden act of him

Sanskar was pulling swara more on him his front was touching her back swara came to her sense and she was breathing heavy

Sanskar pins her to the wall and attacks on her neck he sucking and bitting her neck plaving wet kisses making her go breathless sanskar hands reach her thies he was cressing them bringing back to her sense

Swara pushes sanskar back and turns to other side

Swara: Sanskar please not today iam tired

Says swara showing her back to him

Sanskar back hugs her moving his finger sensuously on her neck and says

Sanskar: So let me make u more tired so that u can sleep well

Whispers sanskar but swara jerks him nd says

Swara: Please Sanskar iam sorry

Says swara nd go back to washroom taking her clothes

Precap: Hehehehehe ill not say

Sooo sooo start guessing who is swara’s baby nd is swara really in love with sanskar or its just for revenge nd wt will happen when sanskar sees devil face of swara nd why is swara seeking revenge


Sanskar pins her to the wall and attacks on her neck he sucking and bitting her neck plaving wet kisses making her go breathless sanskar hands reach her thies he was cressing them bringing back to her sense

Swara pushes sanskar back and turns to other side

Swara: Sanskar please not today iam tired

Says swara showing her back to him

Sanskar back hugs her moving his finger sensuously on her neck and says

Sanskar: So let me make u more tired so that u can sleep well

Whispers sanskar but swara jerks him nd says

Swara: Please Sanskar iam sorry

Says swara nd go back to washroom taking her clothes

After few minutes swara comes out but doesnt find sanskar she slowly goes towards bed and takes pills from side table and eats it she sits on bed and lost in her thoughts

Swara Pov:

If today iam this daring its just because of him if he didn’t support and encourage me i would i always be that innocent girl i know iam faking innocence before all but that was my orginal character but now it is not everything has a limit but Mrs. Gadodia crossed it she snatched my papa from me and abused me from childhood my dadi and dadu were always my strength they had protected me from my cruel parents

But then when dadi and dadu got to know about Mrs. Gadodia true face she made them die she killed them pushing me into darkness i thought that was a accident but it was a murder dadi tried saying me something but she didnt finished she left first mamma left me then papa disowned me then dadi and dadu left me alone to face the cruel family of mine

Swathi was always jealous of me and i know that she snatched everything from me which was mine now ill not let swathi and shomi live peacefully ill show them the real hell

Iam myself shocked because of the change in me but two years passed since i know the true face of them my baby made me see the true face of my so called mom dad and sister when i got to know about their true face i was broken i tried killing myself but he filled me with the revenge now my only aim is to get revenge from them

From two years iam trying to get correct chance nd now i got he teached me using gun i was so quick to understand everything nd soon i became master in using gun yes i doo fear for everything but seeing my enemies my blood boil and i will become red iam actually acting good with Mrs. Gadodia just to spoil her every plan wt she thinks me a sl*t she did every possible thing to use me and develop their business and my so called father to got ready to do that chii i feel disgusted of myself because of them

Swathi u tried to kill me pushing me in river at that time i was frightened but u couldnt kill me then that rogues miss behaved with me i was numb that time couldn’t react but luckily nikhil and sanskar saved me now just count on ur days swathi i snatched sanskar from u he is ur zid right now he will only make u marry with nikhil

Wow our plan was extraordinary all r trapped everything will happen according to me now the actual game begins

Swara Pov ends

Swara comes to her sense when she feels someone pulling her she looks at the person and sees sanskar pulling her into his embrace and closing his eyes she looks at him endlessly

Sanskar: Stop staring me Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari

Says sanskar while she closes her eyes she is soo tired so think anything and soon she fall into a deep sleep sanskar opens his eyes and cresses swara back lovingly and kisses her face

Sanskar: Honey i love u soo much baby

Says sanskar pecking her lips

Virika room:

Viren hugging jeevika from back while she standing before mirror

Viren: Mrs. Vadera u know wt ur becoming soo beautiful day by day

Says viren nuzzling his nose in her neck while she blushes suddenly she gets into her thoughts viren sees her lost and jerks

Viren: Wt happen where r u lost

Jeevika: Viren ji shona iam finding her little different u know she is soo happy when sanskar announced swanik marriage she isnt smiling she is smirking i dont know

Viren: Hmm even i saw her going somewhere today (but he shrigs of the thoughts nd turns romantic)  but jeevika ji plzz let me romance my wife

Says viren pulling her to front he kisses all her face sensuously while she holds his shirt viren lifts her in his arms and makes her lie on bed

And soon the lights get off letting two soyls unite once again

Next day:

Its swanik engagement day swara was making arrangements all were busy in their work while sanskar was sleeping in swara room

In hall:

Avni nd anjali comes down and sees swara who is making arrangements so beautifully making both soo happy

Avni: Anju she is same as janki naa

Anjali: Ha avni she always proves she is janki’s daughter her innocence her love care for all we r soo lucky that she is gonna marry sanskar

Avni: Haa anju

They both goes to swara and holds her swara turns towards them and hugs them

Swara: Mom bua ( See how r decorations)

Anjali: Shona calm down relax  ur working from morning

Avni: Ha shona everything is donw now relax waise where is sanskar

Viren: (Coming from back)  Vo he is sleeping i guess mom

Anjali: Wt its already 11 shona u go and wake him goo

Swara: Maa but these work

Viren side hugs her and says

Viren: My darling sister ill see all this go and wake him up

Swara nods and runs up

Swara Room:

Swara enterz in room and sees sanskar sleeping she goes near him slowly and shakes him

Swara: Sanku wake up na its 11

Sanskar: Umm honey please iam feeling tired

Says sanskar hugging her by waist giving her sensations as his wet lips touched her bare belly she was wearing a crop top above her waist and a long skirt swara holds his face but removes as she feels soo hot

Swara: Sanskar You have fever

Says swara breaking the hug she makes him lie on bed properly and shouts

Swara: Maa bhai bua

Viren was the first one to reach the room following by anjali avni dadi and all

Viren: Shona wt happened

Asks viren worriedly seeing swara’s teary eyes

Swara: Bhai sanskar is having fever

Sanskar was now looking at swara irritatedly anjali sits on bed and makes sanskar lie in his lap while sanskar says annoyingly

Sanskar: Honey it was just a fever mom dont worry iam fine i took tablets

Anjali: Sanskar lets call doctor(says worriedly cressing his face)

Sanskar: Mom relax iam fine

Dadi: Sanskar keep quite viren call doctor

Sanskar looks at all annoyingly when shomi says

Shomi: Sanskar beta we will postpone engagement

Avni: Yes sanskar u r not fine

Swara face hungs down listening them which was noticed by sannik virika

Sanskar: Bua aunty iam fine no need to postpone mom u only say them

Dadi: Chup sanskar dont u speak now keep quite u r doing ur manmani in everything now till doctor confirms ur fine u will not speak a word

Sanskar rolls his eyes doctor comes nd checks sanskar and says

Doctor: Ntg to worry Mrs Maheshwari he is fine its just that because of less sleep and stress he will be fine in few hours

Anjali: Thank u doctor

As doctor leaves sanskar sits on bed and gives a look to everyone

Sanskar: Done now get back to ur works viren check everything

Viren: I’ll chill man

All leaves the room when swara was about to go sanskar holds swara hand and pulls her both falls on bed with swara on top of sanskar

Precap: All functions and marriage


All leaves sanskar room room when swara was about to go sanskar holds swara hand and pulls her both falls on bed with swara on top of sanskar

Swara: Sankuu wt r u doing

Sanskar removes the hair fringe on her face and kisses her nose tip swara wriggles

Sanskar: Yesterday night u escaped but not now

Says sanskar huskily and kisses her earlobe

Sanskar: U know wt honey i am addicted to love thats is of only u

Says sanskar his hand reach her bare waist making patterns she breaths heavily sanskar nuzzles his nose on her facing rubbing it slow and sensuously on her skin making her breathless

Swara holds sansmar shirt tight and moans

Swara: San….. Sankuu

Sanskar: Hmmm……

Says sanskar replacing his lips in place of his nose this is the place where he gets peace her embrace he is soo much addicted to her love

Sanskar hands goes to her back cressing her skin under her top making her shiver sanskar places open mouth kisses on her neck and throat nd kiss till the mid of her chest he slides her top and kisses her shoulder licking it sucking her skin

Soon he approches to other neck and does same while her hands where in his pressing them unable to take the pleasure

Soon sanksar takes swara lips into his mouth sucking and biting them he is marking her his he makes smooch sound kissing her he enters in her mouth ravishing her sweet flavour

They breaks the kiss when they r out of breath both are lost i  eachother swara holds his face and kisses his forehead eyes and nose

She looks at his her lips are shivering she places few kisses in corners

Swara presses his face on her assets making go all wild his hands unclasps her inner while her top was hanging for name sake sanskar lifts her top and kisses all over her stomach and sucks her belly button he licks all over towards her corves and stops between them while arches her back and rubbing her legs not able to take soo much pleasure

Sanskar stops there and falls on his side with swara on him he pecks her forehead

Sanskar: I love you honey

Swara: I love u too sanku

Says swara nuzzling in his neck

Soon the day passes and its time for engagement swanik were standing on stage along with family members

Sanskar: Thank u for all for coming to my brother engagement in a shot time accepting our invitation now it’s to exchange the rings

Swanik exchanges their rings and all claps for them

All congratulates swanik all family members where happy except swathi shomi and dadi

Soon all guests have dinner and leaves

Next day:

It was mehendi in morning and evg sangeet all the preparations were on swing as  wedding is near

Mehendi artists apply mehendi for swathi while swara and other ladies were dancing

Swara too keeps mehendi with sanskar name

Avni: Nikhil now find ur name in swathi’s mehendi

Says avni all r curiously seeing them while swara goes towards kitchen only to get pulled swara panics and tries to shout but the person closes her mouth and pins her to wall

Honey shhhh its mee says sanskar while swara looks at him angrily

Swara: Sanku leave me iam feeling thursty

Says swara with a angry pout making sanskar kiss her pout swara looks down feeling shy sanskar lifts her in his arms and takes her to kitchen while swara pecks his cheek

Swara: I love u

Sanskar pecks her lips and replies

Sanskar: I love u too

He makes her sit on kitchen slab and makes her drink water and later he makes her eat bf

Their nikhil finds his name and the function gets complete all disperse to their rooms

Sanskar Room

Swara was sitting in his room and looking at sanskar who was busy in call

Her Pov:

Iam doing correct sanku loves me soo much if he gets to my truth he will hate me and i cant take his hate

I am addicted to love his love his care his everything i will not be able take his hate

I’ll confess everything myself he will understand me iam doing this only to punish my dadu and dadi’s criminal

Her pov ends

Swara comes out of her thoughts when she feels sanskar nuzzling in her neck swara had washed her hands and her mehendi was in most dark colour

Swara: Umm sankuu

Whimpers swara when he places wet kisses on her neck sanskar pulls swara on his lap and holds her palms nd kisses them

Swara: Sankuuu vo i wanna say u something

Sanskar: Ha baby bolo

Sanskar Shona come down and have lunch calls anjali from down

Swara sighs and both goes down and have their lunch


Sangeet was going on full swing all couples were dancing along with swasan nd virika

Soon all rituals complete nd its tike for marriage

Nikhil was sitting in mandap nd sanskar viren was standing there akash ram  arjun all were standing dadi was sitting while shomi and sujatha was standing beside her and all guests too soon swara anjali avni jeevika brings swathi

Swara pushes swathi beside nikhil nd gives her a tight smile sanskar pulls swara beside him same goes to viren

Pandit ji starts receding mantras

Sanskar: Sooo my baby do u remember our paris marriage

Sanskar whispers swara blushes listening him and hits his chest

Swara: Sanku please stop

Sanskar slowly moves his hand on her back sensuously making swara’s bring breath hitch viren was side hugging jeevika

Swara: Sanku please leave

Says swara with lots of difficulty while plants a kiss on her nape

Pandit ji asks swakhil take pheras swathi looks at swasan and fumes she acts like fainting and falls down making all shock

Sujatha: Swathi swathi beta

Shomi: I guess we should postpone marriage

Says shomi making swara angry virika absorves swara face which was red and nikhil too

Nikhil: Maa dont worry this marriage will happen

Saying this nikhil lifts swathi making swara happy nikhil looks at swara and smirks

The marriage gets complete while swathi was cursing nikhil as he married her

Swakhil takes everyone blessings

And all guests leave after marriage all starts their journey to kolkatta

Swakhil in a car swasan virika in other anjali avni akash ramtha in one dadi shomi and arjun in other

Swakhil were last elders cars in front along with security swasan and virika was infront of swakhil

After a one hour journey

Swakhil car

Swathi: How dare u nikhil how dare u too marry mee i dont love u i love sanskar

Nikhil stops the car with jerk and looks at her with blood shot eyes he catches her neck chocking her

Nikhil: Even i dont love u b***** remember how u pushed swara in river now for every thing u gave to swara in childhppd that will return u ur bad time starts now count on ur days ur gonna die in my hands

Swathi pushes nikhil and pants heavily

Swathi: If u love her soo much why did u married mee

Nikhil: Thats my wish just shut ur mouth ill not think once to kill u

Guys i know i rushed whole part but it was necessary soo hope u understand

Precap: Swara crying while sanskar stern face


Swasan Room:

Swasan are hugging each other swara was sitting in sanskar lap hugging him while he was rubbing her back

Swara: Sanku u will not leave me na even if i do something bad

Asks swara making patters on his chest sanskar break the hug making swara scared she looks at him

Sanskar: U can never do something wrong honey ur my innocent baby

Says sanskar pecking her forehead making swara fear more he makes her lie on bed and tries to get up when she holds his hand

Swara: Where r u going

Sanskar: Let me change baby I’ll come back

Swara nods sanskar changes into a cream buttoned shirt with a night pant he lies beside swara while swara hugs him tight and kisses his chest

Swara: I love sanku i love u so much

Sanskar: I love u too baby

Soon swara dozes off in sanskar arms sanskar makes her lie on bed carefully he sees her clutching his shirt he pecks her fingers while she loosens her grip he pecks her forehead and gets up

Sanskar takes his lappy and sits on bed beside her working

Swakhil Room:

Swathi pushes nikhil from her and gets up she takes her phone and calls a number

Swathi: Hello mami

Shomi: Swathi how r u ur fine

Swathi: Ha mami iam fine now say wt should i doo how will i break my relation with nikhil and will marry sanskar

Shomi: Listen carefully swathi u have only one option

Swathi: Mami i tried everything to seperate swasan i even pushed her in river to kill her but alas she was saved

Says with raged voice but calms and asks

Swathi: Wt is that mami i want sanskar at any cost iam even ready to kill anyone

Shomi: U nd sanskar should become one tomorrow arjun will come if u will be able to prove that u both became one then surely arjun will bring swara back so u have to do this today

Swathi: Now no one can srperate me nd sanskar

Says swathi cutting the call nd smiles evily

Swathi soon takes a spray nd moves towards swasan room

She peeps inside nd sees sanskar working

Inside room:

Sanskar closes his lappy completing work he sees water jug empty nd takes it fill it

Swathi hides seing sanskar coming out


Sanskar fills the water jug nd tries to turn when swathi sprays a liquid making him loose his sense he was conscious but not in sense

Swathi moves closer to sanskar and wraps her hands around his neck nd stands on his feet

Swathi: Sanskar……..

Whispers swathi in a husky voice near his lips and pecks his face

Sanskar: Honey

Says sanskar he assumes swathi to be swara swathi wraps her legs around his waist nd whispers in his ear

Swathi: Sanskar take me to guest room

Sanskar walks with her in his arms while she was inhaling his manly scent

Soon they reaches guest room

Sanksar makes swathi lie on bed while she pulles him on her and rolls on him

Swathi removes sanskar shirt and looks at him

Soon the screen freezes on both faces

Next Morning:

Anjali avni and jeevika were making preparation of breakfast while viren was busy in a call akash was reading news paper

Swara Room:

Swara sleep was disturb by a msg on her phone she slowly opens her eyes but doesn’t find sanskar

She looks at her phone their displays a msg woth arjun pic



Swara smiles her brother indeed loves her so much she keeps her mobile side and gets up from bed

Swakhil Room:

Nikhil wakes up a hongover he looks around and remember his marriage he takes painrelief pills from desk and eats them

He looks around but doesn’t find swathi his anger boils

His Pov:

Ahhhh this blo*dy bi**** were she might went this early huh i will show her the real meaning of hell

Let me see in restroom he opens the door but doesnt find any he looks at room door slightly open damn girl might be in hall

Pov ends

He signs and takes his clothes to get ready with a evil smirk


Arjun enters hall and all welcomes him

Anjali: Are arjun come beta come in

Arjun: Ha aunty

He comes in viren looks at him and smiles

Arjun takes blessings from all and sits on sofa he searches for swasan and swakhil

Arjun: Hmm aunty swathi di swara di where are they

Anjali: Shona must be in sanskar room go beta

Arjun nods

Jeevika: Come arjun I’ll take u too shona room

Swasan Room:

Swara was standing in front of mirror in a light greenish crop top and floral  long skirt

She tied her hair in a high pony and did a light make up

Jeevika and arjun enters in toom and were happy seeing swara smiling

Jeevika: Shona….

Swara turns back and sees arjun and jeevika she runs and hugs arjun he hugs her back

Swara and arjun settles on bed chatting with eachother while jeevika leaves down

       – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Nikhil comes out of his room and starts moving down suddenly his eyes falls on guest room as the door is slightly open

He enters in the guest room and gets shocked

Sanskar was lighing on bed and swathi on him she is in his shirt while sanskar was lying shirtless

Nikhil was boiling in anger he shouts making whole family worry

Nikhil: Swathiiiiiiiiii

But swathi pretends to sleep nikhil goes in washroom he takes a bucket filled with cool water and throws on swathi and sanskar making them jerk

Whole family reaches the room and gets shock seeing both swathi and sanskar

Swajun enters the room and swara stumbles

Sanskar who feels water shouts at top of his voice with out seeing anything

Sanskar: Wt the heck

Suddenly sanskar sees around all r staring him he looks to his side and finds swathi in his shirt he shirtless

His eyes widen with shock

Dadi was the first one to speak

Dadi: Wts happening here sanskar swathi wts happening

Shouts dadi the room was pindrop silent

Precap: ?????? aise kaise boldu

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