Addicted to love (Part:20-24)

Addicted to love {Part:20-24}

As I was missing from more than a month here is a treat I posted 5 parts soo hope u like them

Part: 20

Same day night

Swara didnt had a bite of food or a glass of water she kept starving from korning she was scared as why sanskar was ignoring her does he really wanted her for just his lust nd now did he had enough of her she keeps thinking this

Swara comes down all were in garden chit chatting she goes to kitchen and sees sanskar drinking water she runs to him and hugs him from back sansjar jerks nd looks at her

Sanskar: Stay away (says in a rude tone making her cry)

He leaves from there leaving her burst out crying

Sanskar Room

Sanskar is standing near window and and gazing the moon suddenly his phone rang he lifts it

Sanskar: Viren did you find who did that

Viren: Sanskar first calm down i made the vedio block now the person who ever it may be cant post the vedio nd we will find the person soon but i suggest you be in farn house for two three days more

Sanskar: Ok thank you so much yaar bye

He cuts the call nd starts thinking deeply

His Pov:

Sorrry honey i know iam hurting you by ignoring you but baby its necessary as some one had kept our intimacy vedio in you tube nd know one knows about our relation nor that place and iam sure someone in our house is doing that so i had to be rude to u nd if viren didnt informed morning till know it would become news in morning viren some how blocked it making me relief

His thoughts get break when he listened door sound he sees his honey soo pale and weak she locks the door goes near him he looks her she goes near him and says with teary eyes

Swara: Please sanku iam sorry if i dud something dont do this

He turns other side not able to see her condition she goes in front of him

Swara: You want to leave me na as ur lust got fulfilled

Chattakkkk sanskar slaps her she looks at him nd starts beating him with her small fists childishly he pulls her holding her waist nd hugs her she hugs him back nd starts crying badly while he closes his eyes pressing his lips controlling his tears nd hugs her more tightly cressing her back

After some time he breaks the hug nd holds her from her arms she is looking down he lifts her face holding her chin he pulls her holding her waist and wipes her tears he kisses her eyes and pecks her nose tip which became red and then pecks her lips he lifts her in her arms and then make her sit on bed he kisses her forehead but all while swara holding his shirt tightly in her fists

Sanskar tries to move back but she looks at him fresh tears start forming in her eyes making sanskar

Swara: Plzzz dont leave me sanku ill die…….

Sanskar doesnt let her complete he hugs her tight and says

Sanskar: Shhhhhhh jaan iam not going any where iam here only

Sanskar calls arjun says him to send dinner through maid he sits leaning on bed post and make her sit on his lapp and asks

Sanskar: Iam sorry baby i know i was rude at you i was in stress sorry

Swara: (she doesn’t say anything just hugs him tight and kisses on his chest)

Sanskar: (feels her soo scared nd asks) Jaan you are hiding something from mee

Asks this while parting from hug nd cuping her face she looks down and hhgs him and nods no

Swara: No sanku…..  (says stumbling with her words)

Later sanskar makes swara have her dinner he too have tye dinner along wity her later they both goes down and looks at all enjoying sanskar goes there along with swara he is side hugging her while she is holding his arm

Sanskar: Mom bua fufa actually i planned a outing tomorrow to Paris for a week or twice and i also a had meeting there

Avni: God sanskar why cant you say you have work and you wanna go their why you wanna take all of us their wait wait all of uss or onlyyy (rises her eyebrows teasingly)

Sanksar: Bua dont you wanna spend time with family and i know paris is your fav spot too if you dont wanna come its ok ill alone gooo

Listening this swara tighten her grip on sanskar hand sanskar looks at her and tighten his grip on her waist

Avni keeps a pout akash laughs looking at her while nikhil side hugs his mom anjali smiles looking at them while dadi was seeing her happy family swathi was just looking at swasan ramtha are happy seeing swara happy again shekhar was also little happy seeing swara but shomi was looking soo angry arjun goes to swasan and says

Arjun: Jiju even i wanna come

Sanskar: Offcource arjun we all will go soo is it a yes mom nd dadi

Dadi: Yes beta its a yes but we didn’t pack our needed items

Sanskar: Dadi we will leave now and ya we will reach till 10.30 as its now 8 nd flight is at 1am soo we can get ready till then

Shekhar: But beta wts the need of all this

Sanskar: Uncle our families will get close by this as our engagement was a rush

Shomi: Sure beta we will goo

Anjali: Sanskar you are sure we will reach till 10.30

Sanskar: Ya mom no worries you all just get ready fast drivers are ready

Nikhil: Sanky you made full proof planning i guess

Sanskar: Yaa

All gets ready anjali avni akash dadi in one car nd ramtha shomi shekhar nd arjun in another swasan nd swakhil in another

Anjali: Sanskar where is other driver you also need one right

Sanskar: Mom dont worry ill drive

Nikhil:Mami dont worry iam also there naa

Anjali: Ok but take care you know its forest area

Sanskar informs his security to move with his family to take care of the two cars

His chief security officer john: Sir your security..

Sanskar: That doesn’t matter take care of mom dadi bua fufa nd others

Sanskar: Mom you all leave we will join you in middle

Avni: Where is shona sanskar

Sanskar: She must be getting ready bua you all leave

All leaves leaving swasan and swakhil

Sanskar: Nikhil you call swathi ill come with swara

Nikhil nods and calls swathi while sanskar leaves to sanskar room where swara was getting ready

Sanskar: Honey come fast its getting late

He says getting he sees swara whipping her tears sanskar looks at her gets worried he goes near swara and cups her face

Sanskar: Jaan why are crying

Swara hugs nd nods noo but sanskar was not satisfied with her answer

Swara: Iam not crying something went into my eyes now iam fine

Sanskar hugs swara nd kisses her forehead he holds her hand nd both gets down swakhil both are waiting down sanskar makes swara sit in back seat while she holds his hand he kisses her forehead nd nods.

Sanskar: Nikhil you drive the car fir some distance

Nikhil nods before swathi sits back sanskar sits back while swathi sits beside nikhil unwillingly nd looking at swara in anger

Precap: Swara is standing on a lonely road near a daba while some drunkards are looking at her they all comes nd surrounds swara when she is about to shout they closes her mouth nd tears her sleeves making her shocked nd tears starts flowing in her eyes

Addicted to love


Sanskar: Nikhil you drive the car fir some distance

Nikhil nods before swathi sits back sanskar sits back while swathi sits beside nikhil unwillingly nd looking at swara in anger

Nikhil starts driving swara holds sanskar and hugs him tight swathi and nikhil was seeing them with full of jealousy sanskar hugs swara back and places a kiss on her forehead while snuggles in him more nd more he smiles

Sanskar: (whishpers in swara ear) Honey swakhil are looking at us but you are in romantic mood (says teasingly to change her mood)

Swara: (kisses his chest and says) I dont care if anyone sees us

Sanskar: Accha wait let me show you something

Saying this he starts tickling her while she giggles swathi who is looking at them closes her eyes and a lone tear escape from her eye nikhil tightens his hold on sterring and looks at swasan from mirror

Suddenly sanskar sees a truck coming towards their car and holds the sterring while the car rotates by the sudden change of direction it stops at dabha everyone’s heartbeat was high swara hugs sanskar getting scared he hugs her back and whishpers

Sanskar: Its ok honey ntg happened its ok

Says while rubbing her back suddenly he feels something wet on his chest he breaks the hug and looks at swara whose forehead waz bleeding

Nikhil: Godd swara iam soo sorry wait let us get first aid for you

Nikhil and alll gets down

Sanskar: Swathi you be with her we r just coming

Swathi nodes but swara holds sanskar finger he looks at her he goes closer to her nd kisses her forehead nd gies along with nikhil

Swara looks around nd feels some gaze on her she turns her forehead only to see some drunkards looking at her lustly swara looks for swathi but doesn’t find her

She looks here nd there nd moves little back while the 5 drunkards talks with eachother gazing at swara

D1: Bhai she is the same girl na whose vedio was released newly

D2: Ha bhai yahi he yeh come lets enjoy this night with her

Others: Ha chal item tho mast hai

They all moves towards while swara was gulping her saliva she was soo scaredd she quickly dails sanskar number

They all surrounds her in no time and while three of them holds her her mobile falls down connected to sanskar

Sanskar: Hello honey (but he listens the drunkard voices and swara pleading)

Swara: Plzz let me goo

While one of the drunkard comes near her nd cresses her face makijg swara feel disgusting

Swara wriggles to get free and shouts

Swara: Dont touch mee let mee goo (says while chocking)

Sanskar: Honeyy u bastards leave her honeyy

Sanskar starts running while nikhil runs behind him

They closes swara mouth and tears her sleeves swara kicks the man while other gets angry and slaps her swara cries in pain sanskar who is listening all this gets soo much angry

One of the man pushes swara on ground and comes upon her while others are laughing looking at her sanskar who reach there is shocked seeing all this nikhil was also burning in anger sanskar pulls the man from swara holding his neck and starts beating him black and blue nikhil tries to hold swara but she moves back sitting on road

Swara: Nooo no dont touch meee

Nikhil looks at swara teary eyes he gets up and starts beating the drunkards whike they ran away sanskar comes to his sense when he listens sobbbing sound of swara he goes near her and tries to touch her but she shoves his hand and says still being in shock

Swara: Noo plzz dont touch mee

Sanskar gets tears seeing her condition he hugs her forcefully while she keeps wriggling later sanskar feels her whole wait and sees her unconscious he lifts her in his arms nd makes her lie on on back seat swathi comes back talking in phone to get a tight slapp (any guess who slapped i know u all will say sanskar but noo its nikhil)

Swathi: How dare u nikhil

Nikhil: Where did you went leaving swara alone do u know wt just happened

Swathi: I dont care wt happened

Nikhil again slaps her and says wt all happened swathi was looks shocked but gets more angry on swara as because of her nikhil was slapping her

Sanskar: Nikhil come fast we need to rush its getting late

Swakhil settles in car and nikhil starts driving

Sanskar sprinkle water on swara and thus she wakes up all scared and teary she hugs sanskar and starts crying badly swakhil were in their own thoughts whike sanskar hugs swara back nd rubs her back trying to calm her he breaks the hug and looks her he kisses her forehead and drinks her tears and whispers

Sanskar: Ntg happened jaan and iam there ill not leave you alone ok now stop crying

Swara nods and again hugs him sanskar looks at her arms there where nail marks he breaks the hug and removes his jacket he kisses the nail marks and does first for her forehead and makes her wear his jacket she is still sobbing silently this making him angry on himself for keaving her their he kisses her lips to stop her from sobbing it was sweet kiss only sanksar was kissing her swara was just feeling him he breaks the kiss and kisses her forehead and says

Sanskar: I promise you jaan ill never leave you alone

She hugs him tightly he hugs her back while Sanskar ohone starts ringing bringing everyone back to their senses he looks at caller id nd sees mom flashing

Anjali: Sanskar its 11 where r u guys waise we packed everything your all luggage is also packed ok first tell me which files you want ill pack them too

Sanskar: Mom relax we will reach you guys do one thing you leave for airport we r coming nd keep my lappy nd the files which were in cupboard

Anjali: Ok ill do that give phone to shona if she need anything

Sanskar: (looks at swara nd guves her mobile)

Swara: Mom…..

Anjali: Shona kya huwa ur sounding differ r u fine

Swara: Ha mom iam fine

Anjali: Ok say me wt u want ill pack them

Swara: Mom i don’t need anything maa would have packed my things

Sanskar takes mobile from swara and says

Sanskar: Mom you pack her things which you bought for her

Anjali: Ok then we will meet you in airport bye

Sanskar: Bye mom

Sanskar looks at watch its 11 we need to reach till 12.30

Sanskar: Nikhil stop the car

Nikhil: Why sanky

Sanskar: Stop the car man

Nikhil stops the car swakhil and sanskar gets down swara holds sanskar hand he holds back asks her come down sanskar makes swara sit in front sit swakhil sits back he makes swara wear seat belt and kisses her forehead he settles in driver seat and starts the carr he drives car in maximun speed

After a half an hour they reaches gm

Sanskar: Swathi if u need something or if u wanna change then u goo

Swathi: Its ok iam fine

Sanskar nods nd after a 15min they reach mm swasan gets down followed by swakhil  

Sanskar: We will leave in 15min you get ready till then or if u want you can leave

Saying this sanskar enters holding swara hand sanskar gives swara a knee length puple dress sleeveless with white belt at her waist she gets ready in that dress while Sanskar in a black buttoned shurt and bkack jeans with a coat hanging on his hand sanskar changes swara bandage and gets down they sees swakhil waiting for them

Nikhil: Sanky we have only five minutes man will we catch the flight

Sanskar: We reached come on fast

They park the car and sees john waiting for them

They all boards the flight and anjali sighs in relief and says

Anjali: You took so much time sanskar

Sanskar: Mom we reached before boarding na soo relax

Anjali: (Sees swara bandage on forehead) Shona beta wt happen to ur forehead

Swara expressions changed she remembers all the incidents happened her eyes gets teary

Sanskar: Mom ntg just swall one you all sleep

All settles in their seats and swasan sits beside eachother suddenly sanskar kisses swara making her shock he breaks the kiss with out giving her chance to respond she looks at him shocked when he kisses her shoulder and says

Sanskar: Did i say you before that you look soo hot

Swara cheeks turn red listening this he whispers huskily

Sanskar: I just wanna loose my control now and here

He says while pecking her cheek making her blush more nd more he moves her hair strands which were falling on her face and cups her face he kisses her all over her face sensuously he leans towards his lips but swara pushes him little and hugs him getting shy

Precap: Enjoy with swasan hot romance

Addicted to love


Swasan lands in paris after some hours and its night time there they all gets down all are wearing their over coats to avoid cold swara goes near shomi and asks

Swara: Mom where is my bag i need my coat

Shomi: Which bag shona u didnt say me to pack (says with a smile to just show others swara shocks she didn’t expect this)

Swara: Mom i thought u did it now wt will i doo

Maheshwari’s are shocked they didnt expect this

Sujatha: Shona its okk u can wear swathi’s (while cressing her hair whike swathi shouts)

Swathi: No way iam not going share them sorry shona

Shekhar: Shona beta u would said to ur mom to pack urs too

Swara doesnt reply she was feeling cold sanskar goes near her and side hugs her to give her warmness she pulls his jacket covering her

Anjali: Its ok shomi it will happen sometimes shona i bought u some clothes and we will doo shopping soo no worries

Says anjali all nods and starts moving sanskar gives swara his jacket while she wears it while coming out suddenly a man comes and hugs sanskar while he stumbles a girl comes back of him

Man: Sankyyy how r u mann soo niceee to see u

Sanskar: Viren now leave yaar

Viren breaks the hug and hugs anjali avni and akash swara nd others looks confusedly whike the girl hugs sanskar he hugs her back

Girl: Bhai how r u

Sanskar: Fine baby doll

Later sanskar looks at swara nd her family confused

Sanskar: He is my frd viren vaddera and my sister jeevika viren vaddera

Viren: Oyee she is my wife

saying this viren pulls jeevika all laughs at him while jeevika blushes swara smiles while sanskar pulls swara viren looks at nikhil swathi and dadi he smiles at them

Sanskar: Guys she is my fiance swara gadodia her family

Swara keeps rubbing her hands while sanskar tightens his grip on her

Sanskar: So let’s movee its already late viren did u shift ur bags to guest house

Viren: Yes

All catches taxi and moves swasan were alone in a taxi sanskar was holding swara tightly suddenly her eyes widens when sanskar kisses her cheek she looks at him angrily while this time he pecks her lips swara looks at driver who is driving

Swara: (whisper)  Wt r u doing sankuu

Sanskar: (huskily) Just pecking my fiance

Swara sighs that she cant doo anything taking it a chance sanskar lightly sleeps on her shoulder and starts kissing her she shivers but tries to not mourn rest journey continues in same way

All reaches guest house being tired vut seeing it all opens their mouth except sanskar family

Seeing swara opened her mouth sanskar kisses her they were at last so no one seen them she breaks the kiss and glares at him all leaves to their rooms which were shown swasan rooms where opossite to eachother

Swara gets in and about to close the door sanskar barged in and gives her a luggage bag he places it on bed while she opens it and gets happy seeing sooo beautiful dresses but her face drops

Swara: Sanskar i cant wear this maa papa and mom dadi all will not like them see they r soo modern

Sanskar: Stop worrying about things which are not at all mattered

Saying this he plants a kiss on her chin suddenly swara stamps his foot

Sanskar: Ouchhhh… Wt was that for

Swara shows him a short which is soo short to the above of her theies

Swara: Wt is this

Sanskar: (goes near her while she moves back) dont u know

Swara: Huh get out

Sanskar: I want to see u in this go and get fresh fast

Swara becomes tomatoo and runs sanskar smiles he goes to his room and gets fresh he slowly opens the room door of swara but she is still getting fresh he gets a call soo he goes in balcony

Swara peeps her head out of the door and sighs as sanskar was not present she quickly locks the door hearing it a sanskar enters in room and gets mesmerised seeing her only in towel and wet hairs swara goes near mirror and starts rubbing her hair with other towel not knowing that sanskar is still in room sanskar walks towards her and turns her towards him he loses his balance and both falls on bed

Mature Content {kiddos away}
Sanskar beneath and swara on top her eyes are closed in fear her hair was on his face he slowly tucks her hair behind her ears nd kisses her eyes she opens her eyes to meet with his sanskar moves his hand to her back cressing sensuously one he is cressing her lips she parts her lips nd closes her eyes

Sanskar starts smoching her lips making sounds while she just enjoy his touch suddenly her breath​ stucks in her throat when she feels sanskar hand on her back and moving her towel up and cressing her back thies she starts struggling to get free in this process her towel gets stuck and about to fall swara immediately sticks to sanskar while he smirks

Sanskar: Wt happen jaan go naa

She doesnt say anything and rolls she is beneath sanskar now he smiles nautily and kisses her vissible upper body from towel while her hands are busy in freeing her towel which is looking like next to impossible sanskar smiles at her struggle he holds her hands and removes it he slowly starts in buttoning his shirt while she closes her eyes and shouts

Swara: Sankuuu wt are u doing

Sanskar: (kisses her lips) As if u didnt see mee

Swara blushes listening him he gets up from her and shirt was hanging his shoulder swara opens her eyes nd gulps seeing his bare chest she keeps looking at his well built body sanskar who feels her gaze smirks and says

Sanskar: Babe u can stare me all night now come on get ready

Swara comes to her sense and blushes more she slowly gets up holding her towel and looks at sanskar

Swara: Voo i wanna change u goo naa

Sanskar jumps on his bed and says: Nooo i will not

Swara: Sankuuu plzz

Sanskar: Noo means noo

Sanskar says stubbornly while swara marches into wahsroom and gets changed after some time she comes in bathrobe he looks at her from top to bottom

Sanskar: (irritated) Wts this ur wearing

Swara: Vooo voo ntg

Sanskar comes near her nd pulls her towards him and pecks her cheek

Sanskar: You want me to do that

She just nodes he smiles and lifts her in his arms and walks towards his room when they were moving nikhil sees both of them and thats it his blood boils he moves from there into his room and starts breaking everything

Suddenly he says to himself

Nikhil: Now i cant behave good to swasan ill get swara at anycost by hook or crook

He calls someone and says

Nikhil: Iam sending you a pic and i want him dead at any cost as soon as possible

To himself : Now ill see how you will gst save

Sanskar Room:

As swasan enters in the room seeing the room swara gets mesmerised there are many pics of them and the whole is room is decorated with red roses and white curtains sanskar makes swara stand on her feet she gets happy seeing all this nd hugs him tightly

Sanskar hugs her back later he they breaks the kiss and sanskar starts leaning on her when she turns to move he holds her hand nd bkack hugs her he starts kissing her earlobe and back neck while she holds his hands which were holding her waist she closes her eyes feeling him his touch which are giving her butterflies in her stomach sanskar slowly pulls the string of bathrobe he slowly slides it down swara was wearing a pink crop top exposing her belly botton and the pant above her thies

He lifts her in his arms and places her on bed nd comes above her she pulls him and starts kissing his lips sucking and biting them he too responds both were on fire his one hand was cressing her bare stomach while other was under her neck pulling her upp

When they were out of breath they stops Nd sanskar starts kisssing her neck and shoulders giving feathery sensuos kisses to her she mourns nd pulls him more on her she starts unbottning his shirt he helps her to remove it she cresses his chest moving her hand sensuously on his body while he grouns she pecks his neck and chest while his hands pull the string which was holding her crop and slowly removes it he looks at her bare upper she wasnt wearing anything he quickly grabs her br*ast

He starts eating her br*ast while squexing other hardly she moans soo loudly he looks at her and once starts kissing her lips while his hands removes her pant now she is just in her panty he starts gazing her body while she feels her body burning in his hot gaze his next action makes her shocked he tores her panty he looks at her shocked face nd kisses her ear lobe nd whispers

Sanskar: You better stop wearing them because iam not gonna leave you even for a minute now

She gasps listening him while he majes circles on her hot core making her fist bedsheet he removes his finger which had her juices nd inserts finger in hus mouth while she gasps looking at him she pulls him nd kisses his lips her tongue was moving every corner in his mouth while he is busy in cressing her belly they stops nd again sanskar starts kissing her br*asts sucking them while fingering her she is digging her nails in his skin while he is leaving love bites on her body he comes down nd starts kissing her stomach squezzing nd giving hickeys

When he got tired she rolls on him taking charge nd kissing nd giving him hickeys marking him his she starts rubbing her legs with his he comes above her nd enters her with out warning her while she cries in pain he stops seeing her tears he kisses her forehead nd eyes waits still she adjust with him later they both rock in eachother nd comes they finishes there intense love making nd sleeps sansjar was inside her while sucking her br*ast while holds him nd both falls asleep in same position

Precap: Sanskar was talking on phone while a man is aiming gun towards him swara who is coming sees this nd person shoots the bullet nd swara rubs towards him

Swara: Sanskar………

Addicted to love


Next day night:

A beautiful bungalow is located at lonely place and a man is leaning on his car and talking in phone and ofcource he is out cute sanskar he is soo much immersed in talk that he didn’t observe a man stansing far away wearing a mask is aiming him with gun

Swara comes out from the bungalow wearing a white crop top and blank jeans with a black waist she looks soo tired but had a beautiful smile on her face which is increasing the glow of her face sanskar immersed in phone walk forward and man was just some distance away from he wore a mask his eyes are blood red in colour swara looks at sanskar starts moving towards suddenly her eyes widen seeing man aiming sanskar she immediately shouts and runs towards sanskar

Swara: Sanskar…….

The man shoots the bullet while sanskar who seen swara turns and bullets just moves peircing his right arm blood ozes out from sanskar arm and falls on swara shirt  the man again aims in second before they even understand another bullet gets into sanskar hand the man aimed at his heart but sanskar moves a little for holding swara and thus it enters into sanskar arm this all happens in some seconds no one could understand anything

Sanskar: Ahhhhh

Swara: Sanskar……..

Swara hugs sanskar she is shivering in fear sanskar looks at the man who is approaching towards them sanskar immediately pulls out a gun from his jacket and shoots the man right hand gun falls down from his hand and the person runs from their wincing in pain swara was all shocked and she falls unconscious sanskar looses a lot of blood but holds swara from his left hand nd pulls her onto him

On the other side person who was talking with sanskar was viren who was shocked to his death he is shouting from other side sanskar grabs his mobile whuch was in ground and sees the call still connected

Sanskar: Viren…..

Viren: Sankyyy are you fine wt happened man speak out

Sanskar: I was shot by two bullets and swara is unconscious

Viren: God sanskar i said you dont go without security but you damn didnt care at all tell where are you ill reach

Sanskar: Iam reaching a hospital you plzz reach fast swara is unconscious

Sanskar was soo much pain but he cant fall weak he takes his kerchief from pocket and ties in his arm to prevent loss of blood he winces in pain he looks at swara who was all sweat he holds her and placed her in car and himself settle in driver seat and starts driving with great difficulty he is falling weak every second but he cant fall weak not in this time when his swara is in danger

Sanskar some how reaches hospital seeing sanskar car viren and jeevika runs to the car viren calls doctor and immediately they shifts sanskar to icu they join swara in hospital as she is shocked and panicked and also weak

Viren informs everyone in house and all rushes to hospital anjali was just shocked her only and only member was in icu shot by two bullets dadi was just cursing swara for all this while ramtha were worried for swasan swathi shomi shekhar fir sanskar akni for both swara viren was too angry for letting sanskar go alone

Midnight at 1am:

Operation complete nd doctor declares sanskar is safe he said that if they were late fir some more time then they would had to cut his hand anjali nd avni are taken back viren holds anjali while akash holds his wife

Viren: Doctor he is fine now right

Doctor: Ya he is he is unconscious die to medicine effect nd its a police case

Viren: We informed doctor nd when will he gain consciousness

Doctor: Tomorrow morning

Viren makes everyone comfortable taking special vip rooms he sends everyone assuring them he will stay with sanskar while jeevika is with swara

After A Hour

Swara wakes up sweating badly she sees the surroundings and gets confuse she remember all the happening of somehours and panicks her sanskar was hit by bullets jeevika comes near swara and holds her shoulders she makes swara drink water and wipes the tears which wear forming falling from her eyes she hugs swara

Jeevika: Shona calm down sanskar is fine he is unconcious but don’t worry he is fine

Swara: Pleaze call swathi di

Jeevika: Are u sure shona you wanna meet her now

Swara nods her head jeevika goes and comes back with swathi after sometime while swara is thinking something deeply

Jeevika calls swara bringing her too senses swathi looks at swara angrily as she feels its all because of her but she just calms down seeing jeevika swathi goes near swara while swara gets down from bed and moves forward

Suddenly chattak……  Swara slaps swathi soo hardly making swathi stumble before she realise anything she again slaps swathi

Swathi: Swara…….

Before she complete taking her name swara again slaps her she gives cintinuous slaps to her as swara was week she stumbles jeevika grabs swara swathi was full of rage as swara slapped her she raises her hand to slap her when someone holds her hand

(Not Sanskar okkk vo abhi unconscious hein)

Viren holds swathi hand and jerks her he cups swara face and asks

Viren: Shona baccha wts the matter why r u slapping her

Swara: Bhai she only did this iam sure she already warned me many times that she will seperate me and sanskar she used to slap me torcher me and she also said of sanskar will be not hers then she will not let him be mine bhai she only did that ill not leave her (So this the thing she was hiding from sanskar this is the reason she was scared and lost all the time)

Swathi panics listening all this and says

Swathi: What nonsense swara i didnt doo anything and i will kill you but not sanskar

Chatakkk….. M jeevika slaps swathi and says

Jeevika: Stay away from shona and my bhai

Swathi: How dare you to slap mee how dare you

Viren: Enough hold your tongue dont forget you are here in our custody and talking to my wife nd sister

Swathi gulps listening viren shout while swara says with a faint voice

Swara: And she is the one who pushed me in river that day after mine and sanskar engagement i had seen her face in water

Chatakkkk viren gives swathi a tight slap while she falls down she looks scaredly at all or showing she is scared

Viren: Get lost from my sight before i kill you

Swathi goes from there and swara starts crying

Precap: Death……

Addicted to love


A beautiful mansion out of the city around a jungle area(i know there is no place like that in paris but in my ff there is soo now lets continue) it had enterence for garden
as we move on we see tables for couples

There are only a 5 tables for couples and also a two mandaps

We can see a couple standing there and talking to father (church father) and enquiring everything the gurl is in a blue and black shimmer saree and the man in black coat

Girl: Viren ji you go and ask pandit ji whether he need something

So the couple are viren and jeevika viren goes to the other side where a mandap is arranged in hindu style

A priest is sitting and checking all tye required things viren goes there and asks the priest

Viren: Pandit ji do u need anything

Pandit ji: No beta you nd yourwife arranged everything required stay happy

Viren joins jeevika nd they both gets happy seeing their frds arshi {Arnav&Kushi} maneet {Maan&Geet} Rivanya{Rithik&Shivanya} ishveer {Ishani&Ranveer} {Aditya&Pankhuri} (hehehehe i only remember these couples so they sanskar and viren frds)

Jeevika goes inside to bring swara while viren to bring sanskar but they meets swasan in middle who are immersed in eachother eyes sanksar was lifting swara while she is in his arms lost in his eyes

Swara was in a beautiful white frock with a netted back she wore a diamond neck piece sanskar wore a black suit veerika coughs making both come to their senses sanskar and viren comes out and goes to mandap while swara and jeevika comes followed by them sanskar looks at swara who is blushing nd smiles

In garden snow is falling as gods are blessing swasan for their new life and a little rain and cool breeze was making the environment sooo cool

Swara stands in front of sanskar all the couples sit seeing swasan wedding while veerika stands near them

Father asks swasan to exchange the rings after getting a yes for marriage from both swasan both exchange their rings and all claps for swasan

Meanwhile all the couples where having a cute nokjhok

Girls: Learn something from sanskar see how romantic he is he is fullfilling swara wish of wedding in two styles in snow

Boys: He does all that because swara loves hik unconditionally unlike you girls who keeps on fighting with us

Girls: Do u mean we dont love u and fught with u all the time (says angrily)

Boys: (gulping) no no baby we doesnt mean that we love you

Says with love and fear while girls smiles

Sanskar is looking at swara as its his time the thing which he love most in this marriage kissing his love father asks sanskar to kiss swara while she blushes veerika are standing and looking at swasan being in a side hug

Sanskar pulls swara and smashes his lips on her she respinds for kiss it was a slow kiss with lots of promises to be with eachother no matter wt situation may be they break the kiss when they hear viren

Viren: Oyee hoi sanskar leave my sister let her breath

Swasan breaks the kiss and sanskar plant a kiss on her forehead and father blesses them and leaves veerika and all others hugs and wishes them

Jeevika: Shona come fast u need to change its time for muhurat

Sanskar: Ha honey go nd change

Sanskar also leaves to get change after a 30min sanskar comes down along with viren in a cream and red sherwani sanskar sits in mandap and pundit ji starts receding mantras

After a while he asks to bring swara

Swara Room:

Swara was in a beautiful cream nd red lehenga looking divine with many heavy jewellery jeevika hugs swara nd kisses her forehead

Jeevika: You r looking soo pretty shona

Swara smiles nd asks

Swara: Bhabi you know why this sudden marriage without informing anyone in home

Viren who enters listen swara nd side hugs her nd says

Viren: Because sanskar wants you to bee with him forever u know na he loves you alot

Swara: And i love him to bhai

Viren:Thats my girl come lets goo he is waiting for u of ypu come late he will curse mee

Veerika brings swara nd while swara is wearing a golden colour vail till her lips sanskar gets mesmerised seeing swara her face is partially visible from the vail swara blushes feeling his gaze on her

Pandit ji starts reseeding mantras and jeevika does gatbandan swasan starts taking pheras while all are showering flowers on them and gods are blessing with snow as the pheras completed its started raining heavily and strong breeze was hitting all swasan looks at the weatger change

Pandit ji: Ye tho upshagun hein iss tarah toofan ana shadi ke time pe

Swara face started sweating sanskar looks at her and cups her face

Sanskar: Dont listen anything just remember i love you and you love me pandit ji dont stop anything

Pandit ji continues while it started raining more heavily sanskar makes swara wear a mangalsutra cum a simple chain like thing which looked chain more than mangalsutra he makes swara wear sindoor and marriage got completed

The weather worsen all rushes inside while the registrater are waiting with the wedding paper sanskar signs and makes swara sign who is lost in happenings arshi veerika signs from swasan side

All had lunch except swasan sanskar had becomes busy with some calls while swara thinking about pandit ji words after hour weather gets normal swara was still ij smae clothes fully wet veerika bids bye to to others and checks swara to see her shivering sanskar comes back in casuals and sees swara nd veerika

Sanskar: Honey…

Sanskar comes and sits ij front of her on couch he cups swara face

Sanskar: Thinking about pandit ji words

Swara: Hmm

Sanskar: Baby its ntg like that you know its forest area and a winter season so it happened naturally but look everything is fine now so stop thinking all that and go change

Swara: Pakka everything is fine naa

Sanskar: Yaa baby goo

Swara leaves to change sanskar looks at veerika and says

Sanskar: U both keep your eye on gadodias and swathi and viren did u trace the id from whuch vedio was released

Viren: Yes till morning we will find out ok now we will leave you both come back before night

Sanskar nods and veerika leaves Sabsjar takes the lunch and goes to swasan room he places the plate on table and sits on coach and starts checking mails swara comes out after sometime sanskar looks at her listening door opening sound she was in a short hot pant and a crop top sanksar smiles she goes towards him and sits in his lap hugging him he hugs her back

Both had their lunch and sanskar makes swara lie and he too sleeps beside her both dozes off


Nextday morning:

Swara was dreaming all this suddenly her she starts sweating remembering the attack on sanskar and she wakes up shouting his name

Swara: Sanskar…..

Swara opens her eyes and sees sanskar hugging her and cupping her face she looks at him and hugs him tight he hugs her back and rubs her back lovingly

Sanskar: Shona iam fine now ntg happened stop thinking about all that jaan (with a teasing smile) Just you have to wait for our first night which was incomplete after marriage baby

{I know all r confused so let me ke tell you this was morning incident before attack and swara was remembering everything and suddenly after the attack she got scared and opened her eyes to see herself in hospital room in sanskar embrace}

Swara blushes and hugs sanskar soon sanskar expression change into cold he plants a kiss in swara forehead he guves her a medicine and water

Swara: Wt is this

Sanskar: Your medicine now eat it or else ill not talk to u

Swara makes faces and takes medicine sanskar smiles he makes her lie on him and went into deep thoughts

Fb: (3rd person pov)

After slapping swathi swara breakdown and starts asking viren to take her to sanskar while he nods and takes her she sits on the stool and keeps waiting for him to wake up she cresses the banded on his right hand veerika sits on couch seeing swara after sometime sanskar wake up and looks around he sees swara sleeping veerika gets happy seeing him all meets sanskar they tries to wake swara but sanskar asks them to leave

Sanskar looks at viren they sees jeevika sleeping on coach viren sits on the chair on right side of sanskar

Viren: Sanskar did u see the man

Sanskar: No i didnt see him i shot him in leg but dont know how he left from there that time my concentration was on swara who became unconscious seeing me

Viren: Ok we will find soon but sanskar shona she is soo stressed doctor said to take care of her she is soo weak so its better we keep her out of all this

Sanskar: Hmm

He looks at swara who is his life

Viren: We had already got to know that the vedio was uploaded in the forest area of your guest house on the same day night and it was from a bussiness account they did soo neately to not come out but yes will get to know the name in few hours

Sanskar: OK lets see who did that

Viren: And yes i tried to find the men who teased swara near the daba they were a drunkers no one hired them it was just a coincidence they might be the soke who viewed the vedio and a shocking news

Sanskar: Wt

Viren: They were killed brutally yesterday morning they had many wounds they were literally torchered to the hell

Sanskar: Hmm did they had any enemity

Viren: Noo and this is not a coincidence but a planned murder but unfortunately police closed the case which shows that someone big is behind the scene

Sanskar: If i got them i would have torchered them more blo*dy hell they teased my jaan

Viren: Sanskar calm down

Suddenly swara shouts sanskar name making both of them startle sanskar immediately holds swara hand nd she open her and looks at sanskar tears of happiness flows from her eyes sanskar
looks at her crying and pulls her in a hug she cries in his embrace for long viren looks at both and decides to leave he lifts jeevika nd leave the room.
Fb ends:

Sanskar looks at viren nd asks whoo

Sanskar : Whoo viren

Viren: Shekhar gadodia

Precap :Same…..

So here iam ending I’ll come back soon with another part and till then have some patience I’ll clear every doubt of urs but just do comment and encourage me

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