Addicted to love (Part:19)

Addicted to love

Iam really very sorry tu readers as I know I was posting after months I guess but actually I was not able to post I don’t know why I tried and tried after trying from lappy iam able to post sorry for that so here are few parts enjoy

Hi guyss hasini here really u guys are ready to kill mee huh go katti with you all


Sanskar: You bastard leave me dont touch her swara jaan please go from here please……….

His words get cut in middle as the man fires 6bullets in Sanskar body bringing swara in her sense but the man hovers above her ??????? butting her bringing her to sense

Swara: Sanskar…………….

With this swara gets up from her sleep (????????its dream now chill) shouting his name she is panting sooo badly sweat was droping from her forehead she looks around and finds her in a new place she looks at the window and finds a shoadow she gets up from bed and runs to the door to get dash with nikhil who was looking tensed

Swara pushes him and runs towards sanskar room shouting his name making everyone up nikhil swara as he seen marks on swara neck he gets concerned and angry too he checls her room but doesnt find anyone and runs behind her

Swara was banging sanskar room door but he was not opening the door slowly all gatters to sanskar and sees swara who was crying badly now anjali avni and sujatha gets concerned seeing her while dadi swathi and others are confussed nd nikhil was concerned

Anjali holds swara and hug her

Anjali: Shona beta wt happened its 2 at night why r u here at this time and why are banging Sanskar door

Swara: Mom open door i want to see him plzzz (says in a chocked voice)

Anjali: Ha wait ill call (knocks the door) Sanskar open the door where r u Sanskar

Swara gets more worried as they are knocking from 15min but no response swara slides down crying falling on her knees knocking the door anjali gets worried

Anjali: Nikhil go nd get spare keys they r in my room

Nikhil nods nd goes seeing swara

Anjali: Wait let me call sanskar

She calls nd he lifts in single ring

Sanskar: Mom what r u doing this night nd why r u calling me

Anjali: Sanskar why r u not opening the ur room door

Sanskar listens swara sobbing sound nd cuts the call he was working in study he comes down in minutes nd looks at all who were standing near the room

He comes there hearing foot steps all turns nd sanskar looks at swara who was leaning on door sobbing his heart aches seeing her

Anjali: Sanskar…..

She says looking at him swara looks at sanskar nd runs into his arms making him stumble but he manages to stand holding her in arms nd looks at all questioningly

Sanskar: Honey baby wt happen (she is just crying holding him tight) Mom wt happened why is she so scared

Anjali: We don’t know but were u she was crying for u..

Sanskar: Mom i was in study i have a conference tomorrow so working on it

Sanskar is worried seing swara he lifts her in his arms while swathi burns in jealousy anjali takes his mobile nd open the door he walks in with her make her sit on bed but she doesn’t leave him

Sanskar: Mom you all go ill see her

Dadi: But beta bina shadi hiw van u stay in a room..

Sanskar: I don’t care dadi

Avni: Accha leave it mom lets goo

All leaves from there closing the door while now swara stopped crying but sobbing a little he kisses her forehead nd takes the glass of water

Sanskar: Honey drink this

He makes her drink nd cups her face he kisses her teary eyes nd asks wts the matter she says her dreamm

Swara: And when i woke up i saw someone shadow alsoo

Sanskar: (kissing her palms) shhhh Its dream baby nd must be ur illution come sleep

He lays on bed making her lie above him he kisses her forehead nd they both dozes of into sleep

Next Morning

All haves there breakfast expect swara nd she is better sanskar informs them that she got scared seeing dream but he was busy in his conference

Anjali: Shona see whether sanskar meeting got over or not if it didnt then dont disturb him he will get angry

Swara goes to the conference room she enters with knocking but next moment jumps from her place listening a loud shut

Sanskar: Just get out before i through you out of the house….

Swara: Sansku……

Listening her voice he turns but immediately turns his face saying

Sanskar: Out (in a high pitch nd loud voice)

Swara runs with tears in her eyes while sanskar continues his work with a angry face

He finished his meeting nd comes down all looks at him nd smiles he smiles back

Anjali: Sanskar beta where is shona she came to you two hours ago na come you both have breakfast

His face changes listening her name

Anjali: Shona come down beta have bf

Sanskar: Mom let it be she might be busy nd iam not hungry

Says with a stone face all gasps as its the first time before someone asks anything he goes back to room but swara who listened him having tears while dadi nd swathi had smile while nikhil was confused

All the day sanskar keeps avoiding swara giving her strong glares while now she was sad scared and wt not all r confused seeing this while sanskar cared less to answer anyone

Its night

Swara didnt had a bite of food or a glass of water she kept starving from korning she was scared as why sanskar was ignoring her does he really wanted her for just his lust nd now did he had enough of her she keeps thinking this

Precap: Sanskar slaps swara……. ???????

Soooo thats it guys now do comments will be waiting for reading ur comments tata and this is dedicated to Pihusinha RoseyBloom4 Moni5253 rabia0032 Pihusinha AlekhyaJain

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