Addicted to love {Part-15}

Addicted to love

Hey guys so we are back so hmmm you all know na iam taking all secrets of ur hasini so today lets see wt will come out sooo talk apart todays part enjoy


Sanskar: Honey darling  now get up

Swara nods nooo still being drowsy tightening  her grip on him while he breaks the hug she pouts moving  little away from him  next moment  her eyes get widen as says starts sucking her pout her hands reach his hair pulling him he starts sucking  her tongue explaring her mouth while she mourns in his mouth when she feels his hands on her bare back inside her top there moments gets break when they hears door knock but sanskar was least intrested in breaking the kiss but suddenly  swara pushes him little back she turns her face and starts sneezing twisting ber nose like baby sanskar says come in swathi comes in he loooks at her uninterested

Swathi: Sanskar aditya came as yournt picking  the calls

Sanskar looks at swara who is twisting  her nose sanskar looks at her once and says to swathi

Sanskar: Take care of her

Saying this he leaves swara tries to call him but he goes she keeps twisting  her nose swathi looks at her irritatedly

Swara: Di i wanna eat ice cubes pleaae bring na

Swathi looks at her tantrums she goes down kitchen and gives her a tray of ice cubes doesnt caring about her cold and fever

Swathi leaves from there sanskar enters  in the room after half n hour and shocks seeing swara twisting her nose amd licking the ice cubes he goes near her and snatch the tray he throws then washroom while she starts crying like a baby he was soo angry but can’t see her crying he goes near her and tries to hug her but she starts hitting him saying

Swara: I want icecubes ??????

Sanskar looks at her tantrums and sighs he forcefully hugs her while she is hitting him with her small hands on his chest he tighten his hold on her and says

Sanskar: Honey don’t cry darling u have cold and fever u shouldn’t eat ice cubes

Swara: No I want

Sanskar: I thought give you chocolate tomorrow but if your doing like this then chocolate cancel

Swara becomes silent and hugs him nuzzling her red nose on his chest and whisper

Swara: I want chocolate

Sanskar smiles but he remembers something and asks

Sanskar: How did you get ice cubes and where your Di I said her to stay here naa

Swara: Vo I asked her then she gave me and went out

Listening this he gets angry he roars in anger making swara gulp in fear

Sanskar: Swathiiii Swathiiii

Listening his voice Annalise Swathi along with dadi and avni came there

Swathi: Wt happen sanskar

Sanskar: Why are you staying here?????

Swathi: Vo swara health is not good so to take care of her

Sanskar: {He gives her oh really look and says sarcastically taunting} Ohh so in your house you give ice cubes for people who suffer with cold and fever

Gives her angry glare making her gulp Anjali says

Anjali: Sanskar why are you asking this

Sanskar tells all the matter while dadi starts scolding swara

Dadi: Eee Girl can’t you take care of your self how many days you are gonna stay here without any relation and because of you my house became a market always shouting shouting……..

Sanskar looks at swara whose tears are threatening to come out sanskar pulls her in his embrace holding her tight by her waist and says

Sanskar: Mrs.Parvati Maheswari if you have any problem with my honey then you can leave this house as swara is my love my life she will stay here till she wants

Dadi gets shock she couldn’t answer anything she leaves from there Anjali kisses swara forehead saying to take care of herself Swathi goes from there burning in extreme jealousy listening sanskar words avni to kisses her forehead and goes from there

Sanskar makes swara sit on the bed he forcefully gives her tablets and apply balm for her throat and her pink nosee while she is making faces

Sanskar: Honey now sleep you will get well till morning I have a meeting so I’ll leave

She holds him tight coming on top of him and says noo he smiles and hugs her

Sanskar: Fine I am not going you sleep

Says while creasing her hair she sleeps on his chest she gets dozed of due medicine effect and sanskar makes her sleep and have a vedio conference

The day passes with cute swasan scenes while swathi is extremely angry on swara as because of her sanskar scolded her soo badly and other side dadi was feeling insulted in her own house she never expected that her loving grand son will talk this badly to her now she is determined to stop this wedding at any cost

While the author side nikhil was completely immerssed in his plannings

Next day:

Swara was now  fine and anjali along with avni akash decided to make swasan engaged soon they decides to talk about these to gadodia’s and informs them about there arrival while swathi and dadi were thinking how to stop the marriage

In hall:

Sanskar comes out from study talking in phone while swakhil dadi avni akash swara and anjali are sitting talking about random things but actually anjali and avni are teasing our swara making her blush and nikhil was totally lost in swara shyness he is looking at her as he is ready to eat her while swathi is burning as swara is getting attention dadi is talking to akash

Sanskar is talking in mobile and moving out swara looks at sanskar who is leaving without sayingg anjali looks at swara and says

Anjali: Go shona go and stop your workoholic to be husband from going out atleast when we r planning about your engagement swara runs from there seeing it swathi takes a excuse and goes behind swara

Swara comes outside and looks at sanskar who is standing before his car and literally scolding someone on phone swara moves towards him sanskar sees towards her and first gets stunned seeing her she is looking soo cute in her t shirt and short skirt which ends at her thies she is looking like cute girl swara gies near sanskar and starts pullijg his shirt while he looks at her with smile and holds her from her waist sanskar ends the call and says

Sanskar: What do you want honey

Says while pulling her onto him and pecking her cheek while she keeps pulling his shirt buttons and says

Swara: Woo wont you come for gm as pandit ji is coming for fixing our engagement and marriage dates

Saying this she looks at him he pecks her lips and says

Sanskar: Ofcource baby ill come

She looks at him happily and hugs him tightly he hugs her back lifting her up from her feet holding her tiny waist while she giggles this was seen by swakhil who were burning in extreme jealousy nikhil was angry on sanskar for taking hus place and swathi on swara for taking her place

Precap: A secret Engagement

So guys here iam ending and will post next part soon tata

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