Addicted to love {Part-13}

Addicted to love

Hey frds priya here Iam back with another part so hope all r enjoying our ff and guys how was last part and yes I wanna clear that it has mature content soo please do be comfortable


Sanskar was shocked listening swara first he is totally aroused and now she is trying to make him loose the control he understands that she is drunk he takes her out of the washroom and make her drink lime water but she faints in his embrace he looks at her she is only in her blouse and petticoat he makes her lay on bed  and covers her with bed sheet he goes out to find someone to help him but all are busy in playing holi

He gets back to the and room and sees her shivering he he oofs the ac and goes near her he keeps his hand on her forehead she is soo cold and shivering he immediately goes to his cupboard and takes his shirt and gets back to her he slowly undresses her and makes her wear his shirt he owns the heater of room and he gets fresh and comes back he sits beside swara and stares her lovingly before before two months she is unknown to him but now she is his life he is addicted to her her childishness unconditional love innocence everything attracted him she is totally opposite to him but we all know opposite poles do get attract

Sanskar checks her temperature she is better he sees her opening her eyes he looks at her she smiles looking at him and sits on the bed but she feels different she looks at herself and shock she is wearing his shirt she looks at him while shrugs his shoulders

Swara: Sanskar we were playing holi na then how come we here

Sanskar: U drank baang and was out of your sense and yes people say truth that no one remembers anything what they do in Nasha

Swara: Huh wt didi do

Sanskar: leave it

Swara: No say na wt did I doooo plzzz

Mature Content

He looks at her pout face and yes lost his his sense he smashes his lips on her while she widens her eyes soo they were kissing eachother passionately swara hands are in his hair while sanskars are on her waist pulling her on him

They breaks the kiss and swara was shying he lifts her chin nd starts licking and sucking her face sensuously making him moan swara hands were on Sanskar chest as his top buttons were open Sanskar hands reach her shirt buttons he opens top two buttons and slides the shirt from her shoulders and digs his face in her shoulder licking nd kissing her while she was moaning his name in pleasure

His one hand was on her waist pulling her while his hand reach her thies cressing them swara jerks by the sudden touch she holds his hand on her thies stopping it before touching her while he is nibbling her both sides of shoulder neck nd throat totally lost in the heat of the moment

Swara some how pushes Sanskar and runs in washroom being shy when she is about to close the door he enters and pins her to the wall her hand hits the shower nd water start flowing making them again drench both are sharing eachother swara is breathing heavily by his closeness Sanskar leans on her chest which is visible as he opened her shirt buttons he starts placing wet kisses pulling her on him she holds his shirt tightly pulling him more into her he pulls her up making her surround her legs around his waist sanskar feels her wetness

His hands are cressing her inner thies while she grabs his lips and kissing him she mourns his name when his hand slightly touches her wetness their trance gets broken when Sanskar phone starts ringing he puts her down slowly while she is blushing badly he goes out pecking her lips while she stays back under shower remencing their moments

Mature Content ends

Sanskar ends his call and looks from swara but he is no where suddenly he listens her voice

Swara: Sankuu plzz get my dress in the bag

Sanskar: Baby come out change naa waise bhi except me no one are there and wt matters when Iam hear and I had seen you already(says naughtily chuckling)

Swara: Sankuuuuu pleaseeee

Sanskar: Ok now stop blushing babe I think party was over do it fast

He gives her dress and sits on couch doing his work swara comes out in white crop top and black long skirt looking soo cute but her face is pale nd nose red like a tomato she slowly walks towards sanskar

Sanskar who listens her foot steps he looks at her pale face her stops working and pulls her in his embrace she falls on his lap nd hugs him tightly he is wearing a jacket she pulls the jacket and hides her self in him he is worried seeing her pale face and her behaviour he hugs her back but he feels her body hot he tries to break hug but he tightens her grip on him

Sanskar: Wt happen baby

She doesn’t say anything but just hugs him he breaks the hug forcefully while she pouts suddenly she sneezes she pressed her nose he observes her face he sees her nose read he touches her forehead she is hot

Sanskar: Honey you have fever

Suddenly Sanskar hears Anjali calling him till now again swara hugged him this time bidding in his neck while he cresses her back

He lifts her in his arms nd makes her lay on bed she pushes him also sanskar again hears Anjali calling him he takes her in his arms nd moves down

Anjali ramtha Swathi Nikhil Arjun shomi Shekhar with aavni nd Akash are sitting in hall chot chatting they had become fresh nd it’s 2in afternoon all looks towards swasan and widens their eyes

Sanskar sits beside Anjali with swara in his lap seeing them ramtha and Arjun feels something is fishy Anjali sees them and smiles she cresses swara hair and says

Anjali: Shona come here

But swara tightens her grip on Sanskar while he cresses her back

Anjali: Sanskar wts wrong

Sanskar: Mom she has fever nd cold

Aavni Anjali ramtha nd Arjun gets worried while aavni speaks

Aavni: Anju do you remember when Shona gets I’ll she doesn’t leave her loving ones she only stays with them who pampers her and she doesn’t leave them for a second also but still she is same

Sujatha: Ha aavni ji when she gets I’ll she doesn’t leave me nd her fever doesn’t leave easily

Sujatha goes near swara and cresses her hair she tries to take swara from Sanskar but she doesn’t leave him

Anjali: Shona

Saying this Anjali cresses her hair and this time swara leaves Sanskar but she hugs Anjali sitting beside her Anjali cresses her hair and kisses her forehead

Nikhil and Swathi were fuming along with shomi Shekhar had no emotions on his face

Sanskar: Mom let me call doctor

Saying this Sanskar goes followed by Anjali

Anjali: I’ll get ice pack

While Anjali gets up swara starts crying seeing her like this all gets worried aavni and Sujatha tries to stop her but no use Sanskar comes back and looks at swara crying he goes near her nd cups her face

Sanskar: Honey my baby why are you crying

Sensing him close to her she hugs him while sobbing while he strokes her back

Aavni: Sanskar beta take to your room and makes her sleep she will not leave you take care till her fever gets decrease

Swara breaks the hug and starts sneezing continuously Sanskar gets worried seeing her condition

Precap: Sanskar care for swara and Nikhil and Swathi burning seeing their closeness

So guys how was the part and yes guys swara’s behaviour is cute right OK so how was the part let me know

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