Addicted to love (Part 1)

So…their life went so smoothly…no problems at all….radhu daily faces so many guys(that doesn’t a matter to her)…everything s perfect in her life.but ONE DAY comes(like everybody has that one day in their life) radhu s coming from her college to reach home(6:20pm),she s wearing a pink top with navy-blu tights..not free hair but loose hair,and wearing a helmet….she s really tierd becoz its saturday evening…

When she s driving her scooty,which s glassy orange.she notes that one car s following her for 15-20 minutes.she s confused ,thinking that ”is that car following me”so she wants to confirm it,so enter into a lane and seeing the side mirror ,there s nothing.”god…thank you ….becoz litrely i was scared” but she didnt notice front ….for her shock a shiny black colour car blocked her way suddenly in a horizontal she puts a sudden break and in a state of deathly shock. She started to curse them that” are u mad idiot,is that a way to park ur car…hight of craziness,stupidity…..etc” but she s surprised to see that a person coming out of that car wearing black colour helmet….so,his face s fully covered he s wearing a black shirt and brown mixed sandle colour pant…he s coming towards her…she didnt stop her words ,saying ” R u thinking that this s ur racing field…wat r u man,where is ur sense…” he s still silent,after she finished ,” r u finished ur useless blaberings!! Now, ask me a common question from ur position” he muttered sharply.simply radhu s shaken by his sharp words.
“Y r u blocking me” she asked him with a stunning look.he smiled,litrelly he laughed…saying”cool,i won’t kidnap you”.( actually,radhu thinks d same,wat he told.being a millionaire’s daughter her thought s acceptable one)” how did he know!!!” She thinks.

She ask him with a bold voice,without any nervousness,”what do u want?”…without gap he said”i want to talk to you”.imagine the situation of radhu…what ll she do now?!?!?!!!
“I wont talk to a person who covered his face with helmat” saying this she smirks.but he s not like others to get emotional by her taunt.he simply said “u too covering ur face….y? R u scared of me” he taunts her.finally radhu removes her helmat but he didnt.she s seeing his helmat…in questionary manner, he understands it and jovially saying ,”i didnt say that i ll remove my helmat ,BTW this hair style s perfectly fits on you,u looking cute” radhu s totally confused abt his attitude,she thinks”what s he want now” but he answers her” nothing, wont u thank me for my complementation abt u”,he sighs.she looks at his attitude.” U r looking so tierd….so we ll talk later…..see u soon,bye” he said very calmly.radhu s completely stunned by his actions and talkings, she thinks”who s he!what s he want!”..when he goes to his car… …radhu asks him eagerly”see u soon means,when? What should i call you”…he smiled and said” call me as your wish”..radhu thinks” how can i find him…i didnt see his face!?!?”……silently says , i ll call u as Mr.FOOL…..but unfortunately ,he heard her words.while opening the car door he says very coolly,”no problem….then i should call u as Mrs.fool”.after hearing this radhu gasped ….

She still stand there with shock..after the car moved from there,but he sees her reaction through the side mirror……he s giving a lovable reaction that indicates his love for her.
Then she reach home….nachkeit s already there,ragini maa s preparing some snacks in kitchen….nachkeit says,”common my dear… me pls..radhu asks,”what happened dad?….why looking so terrible… indicates,again mom doing trail on you….am i right dad eith lots of laughingness”.

Nachkeit,” yup, u r right…..she started her game again” with a fake worryness in his voice.ragini maa comes from the kitchen with ‘3 cups coffee and spicy hot cauliflower pakoda’ saying…”no problem ,who tortures u both to drink it with a fake angerness….” she sits with them and starts to eat the pakoda without giving them….but the smell of coffee snatch both nachkeit and radhu( ofcourse,it s saturday evening…..both of them addicted to ragini maa’s preparation)…they didnt expect this from ragini becoz she didnt give anything to tjem….both dad and daughter seeing ragini’s pakoda:-) ….radhu ,” no dad….this s not good…i ll support mom only” by saying this radhu touches the pakoda..but,.ragini squeze radhu’s ear….both ragini nd radhu laughed.nachkeit,” yup….this s not good radhu…u desrve it…..u r mom s the best in cooking ,i know abt my darling”….by saying this nachkeit take one piece from the plate…he says ,love u darling …u r the best”.ragini said ,yeah i know ,u ll say this but sorry…dont touch here after….while saying this ,she take away the plate from him. Nachkeit says…ragini pls,i m supporting u.she fed radhu saying….”change cloths first…then come….go dirty fellow like ur dad with jovially”. Radhu laughed at nachkeit,saying “dad, u too desrve it” radhu going to her room…nachkeit looks at ragini and ragini comes and sits with him.nachkeit…doesnt even see her ,ragini takes the pakoda and says” wat !somebody got angry on me….so sad” ,he didnt see her…then take one piece and feed him with her hand with love..he smiled at her and said” love u ragini”.this scene watched by radhu( she knows her parents well.thats y,she plays this hide nd seek with them)…radhu says” wow…,wat a love…(both shocked)..but i have one doubt…this love s for pakoda or mom in a playful manner….they all laughed…then spend some time to interaction with each other…

.on dinner ….ragini reminds both dad and daughter….that tomorrow s sunday,i hope that but before she finish her speech ,nachkeit interupts and says,”ofcoure sweetheart,how can we forget….tell me”..and radhu says”yup mom…dad saying right,how can we forget…. That we ll have family dinner with smiling….. “ragini maa sighs and says..”.exactly,i know abt both of you,that u ll forget some important things everytime(both dad and radhu looks at each other and blinking)….tomorrow s neil’s b’day……now i hope that both of u,can remember,we have to celebrate and arrange the romatic night for them”. nachkeit says in a worried manner,”oh my god… ur mom will not leave us…going to kill us with her lecture ….get ready radhu..” .radhu says ,” but dad,this time mistake is ours only”. Ragini maa says,” god save me from this two fools” and again says…i dont know ,y god gave me Mr and Ms fool in my life and she went to kitchen.nachkeit laughed ,seeing ragini’s condition.but radhu!!!!!!!!! ,she s disturbed by that word’ fool’. She s completely in state of,” physically present but mentally absent”.

Sry guys see u soon with next update……kindly bear my mistakes…..pls……comment me as if u find it worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I m sorry for being late….i m really busy becz,going to start my internship programme…….see u soon…love u my friends….bye:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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