Addicted To You..(IPKKND,YHM,EDKV,MATSH,KRPKAB,Dehleez,Kasam and Vishkanya..Episode 2


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Episode 2 you really love him.
Sumo looks at Shravan.
Sumo:Haa di…
Mahendar Bhalla:Leave it all..Anyway they are married now.Take elders blessing.
Khushi:But bade papa..
Shraman talkes elders blessing along with Ishra..
Aggarwal family is still in that shock.
Rajini Bhalla:Now..lets do Grahpravesh.,..leave all that happened.You guys start a new life.
Ishra and Shraman looks at eachother.
Rajini:Marriage is not simply tying a chain.Its a promise of being together in all the 7 lifes.
Arshi looks at eachother emotionally.The whole family see this and gets emotional.
Mahendar:Dont make this happy moment, an emotional one.Do the arrangements of grahpravesh.
They comes to Bhalla house.Rajini does the Aarti of sumo and Ishita.They were about to enter the house but Rajini stops them.

Rajini:I Bhalla house..when a newly married couple enters,the groom has to take bride in his arms till the room.
Ishra and Shraman gets shocked to hear it.
Together:No …there is no need of it..
Mahendar:Its a you guys wil have to do it.
Raman takes Ishita in his arms, on the other side Shravan takes sumo in his arms.
They walks towards the bed room.
Ishra enters Raman’s bedroom which is beautifully decorated with flowers.Raman made Ishita to sit on the bed.

In the hall
Rajini:Tomorrow lets go for a trip.It will a gift for the newly married couples.
Gajendra Aggarwal:This much all happened n you people are planning for trip.
Mahendra:We cant change what happened..right?So lets think what we can do now..?Lets enjoy.
All smiles.
Sneha Aggarwal:So we will come tomorrow morning.
Khushi looks at Arnav angrily.They leave.The whole Bhalla family leaves to their respective room except Mahendra and Rajini.
Mahendra:No one has any doubt right?
Rajini:What a fate is ours..We are suffering for the deeds of our son.
Shravan drops sumo in the bed.”Ouch”she shouted.
Shravan:You know it very well that i married you just for my brother.So just stay away from me.
Sumo:ohh please..i hate you more than you hate me..So please stop irritating me.
Shravan:You will suffer a lot..

Sumo:Lets see…who will suffer.

Raman:Our marriage is a deal..Dont for get it..okay..?
Ishita:You dont have to say it always..i know..
Ishita sleeps in the bed and Raman in couch.

precap:All couples fights during the trip.

Swadharsh fans..sorry guys..They will enter after some episodes only…They will play an important role in making all the couples together…Arshi is also having a past…

How was it…?

Credit to: Amy

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  1. awesome episode dear!! I loved it and cant wait for your next episode!!

    1. Thankyou so much yaar…I will post it soon.?

  2. Nyc epi n excited for next one

    1. Thankyou so much n i will post soon?

  3. Excellent episode…

    Very interesting yaar..
    Waiting for ur next episode..

    1. Thankyou so much yaar..i will post it soon.??

  4. Nice..there’s a lot to b revealed r8!!

    1. Thankyou n yaaa…there is a lot of mysteries to be solved..?

  5. Wow wow so… Interesting… I thank Arshi are already married and separated due to some reasons… Butbi don’t know anything correctly… Its just my guess… Excited so much….

    1. Thanks a lot…..?
      Nice guess..Wait for a while to know about their complete past…?

  6. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Hey Amy ur ff is very interesting. Keep it up 🙂

    1. Thankyou so much jo..?

  7. Very interesting epi

    1. Thanks a lot.?

  8. Awesome episode .

  9. NYC epi Amy …keep rocking..
    I m waiting………..

    1. Thankyou n i will post it soon ??

  10. Nice episode… Could u plz write a small character sketch do that the plot gets clear? Plz don’t mind as I don’t watch one of the serials

    1. Thankyou so much yaar..I will give it in next episode ?

  11. very interesting I thought really shramo love each other.but its okay full of suspense.superb yaar

    1. Thanks a lot Natasha…Soon they will love eachother.?

  12. Really nice epi dr.its somewhat different and interesting track dr.and where is ishveer pair pls make some scenes of ishveer dr bcoz now a days matsh fans are all missing ishveer a lot.its my req dr

    1. More ishveer scenes are on the dont worry,..?

  13. Plz clear who is whose sis or Bro it’s too much confusing

    1. I have posted Character intro..hope it helps you..?

  14. Actually I am the fan of tanshi nd devakshi

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