Addicted To You..(IPKKND,YHM,EDKV,MATSH,KRPKAB,Dehleez,Kasam and Vishkanya..Episode 1


Hii guys..
Iam Back…
Thanks for the beautiful response.
Apart from sundays,I will post it whenever I get free.
Here is the first episode ..

Episode 1
Groom:Now you are Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla.But dont forget that after three months,you will be back to Ishita Aggarwal.
Ishita:Mr,Raman Kumar Bhalla..I also dont have any shock to become your wife.Its just for my family.
Sonakshi:Ishu… guys can talk later..Now do the ritual.
Dev:Oh will not even let them to talk …
Sona:Ohh please…dont start your lecture now.
Dev:Lecture…?You are always giving dont do this..dont do that…n all..
Malay:Its their marriage today..dont fight guys..
They starts bidaai..

Someone enters there.The whole family gets shocked.
Raman:Shravan..whats this…?
Shravan Bhalla enters the hall by holding the hands of Suman Aggarwal ,who is having a mangalsutra n vermillion.
Shravan:Bhai…we are married.
Ranveer:What the hell are you saying.?Its not funny shravu,…
Khushi:What..are you married THIS girl…Have you losted..She is having affair with..
Arnav:Khushi..Dont dare to say anything bad about my sumo.
Khushi:Ohhh..then what we all saw yesterday ..say..
Arnav:We dont want to share our family matters with you..
Ishaani:Haa..Khushi,you just stay away from our family matters.
Ranveer:Ohh..mind your tongue ok..she is my sister..
Khushi:Let them say Ranvi..By saying theycant change the truth..tight?Sumo..i never thought you will stoop this low..
Sumo cries.
Arnav:Shut your mouth ..else..i will forget that you are a girl.
Khushi:Oh really..?What will you do..?Huh??Iam not scared of anyone..Iam Khushi Aggar..

One minute silence…
Khushi:I mean Khushi…Bhalla.
Malay:Guys..stop it all..Lets ask to Shravan and sumo itself..
Apu:Ohh..really?We didnt know that..
Shravan:Stop it all guys…I love Suman..Whatever happened yesterday was a misunderstanding..You guys Please dont fight because of us..we love eachother..
Sumo looks at Shravan shockingly.
One guy looks all these from a distance n gets angry..


Credit to: Amy

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  1. Waiting for the next dr

    1. I have submitted it..?

  2. Nice starting…. Fight scene awsm

    1. Thankyou so much?

  3. I am excited for this ff darling! I can’t wait for your next episode!! Awesome job!

    1. Thanks a lot..I have submitted the next part..?

  4. Once again u create a suspense.. Its A UNIQUE and GOOD start. Its nyc fight between each other…dialogues are so correct for each and everyone…waiting for nxt epi…..really an Awesome creation…All D Bst…keep Going Lyk Dis…

    1. Thankyou very very very much for this encouraging comment..?

  5. Vry nyc yaar. Wtn for nxt epi

    1. Thankyou yaar n i have posted the next episode…?

  6. Nice..this is d first epi r8?

    1. Thankyou n yes..its the first episode…Before this a prologue was there…I hope you read it?

  7. This is absolutely a innovative ff… So excited… Keep going…

    1. Thankyou so much varsha..i have posted the next episode ?

  8. this is really very good and I’m very happy that shramo got married that’s enough for me.thank u amy for writing such a wonderful ff

    1. Dont worry…their love story also will start soon.?

  9. Plz clear who is whose sis or Bro it’s too much confusing

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