Addicted To You..(IPKKND,YHM,EDKV ,MATSH,KRPKAB,Dehleez,Kasam and Vishkanya. (Character Introduction)


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Character sketch..
** **Bhalla Family** **
Raman Kumar Bhalla(Yhm):Eldest one of Bhalka family.Arrogant,married ishitha Aggarwal as a deal of 3 months.He loves his family a lot.He was once married to Shagun arora but divorced her for some reason.Shravan’s brother.** **Khushi Bhalla(IPKKND):Bhalla family’s chipku.She is very talkative.Hates Aggarwal family a lot especially Suman Aggarwal.She had a past with Arnav Aggarwal.She has done a big mistake.Sonakshi’s sister.** **Shravan Bhalla(Ek Duje Ke Vaaste):Married Suman Aggarwal for his brother.Raman’s brother.Knows a secret which no one else other than his parents know.He is cute,funny but rude sometimes..** **Sonakshi Bhalla(Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi):Khushi’s sister.She loves Dev but she pretends to hate him because of a reason.She will do anything for her family.** **Ranveer Bhalla(Meri aashiqui tumse hi):He loves ishaani a lot.But couldn’t express it to her as she always fights with him.Adharsh’s Brother.** **Tanu Bhalla(Kasam):Aparichita’s sister.Very calm.She loves Rishi but she controls her emotion as Rishi’s marriage is already fixed with Thaani.Ranveer’s brother.** **Adharsh Bhalla(Dehleez):He is doing his MBA in London.He is in love with Swadheentha .She also loves him. He will come back to India soon .** **Aparichita Bhalla(Vishkanya):Tanu’s sister.She is deeply in love with someone but she never confess it to anyone.She always fight with Malay.** ##### Bhalla:Mystery

** ***Aggarwal Family*** **
Ishita Aggarwal(Yhm):Eldest daughter of Bhalla family.She is married to Raman Bhalla as a deal.She loves her family a lot especially her sister Suman.She is matured and understanding.** **Arnav Aggarwal(IPKKND):He is Dev’s brother.He is always very serious except to his cousin Sumo.He accepts whatever she says.He hates khushi for her attitude towards Suman.He had a past with khushi.But now he hates her for a mistake which she did.** **Suman Aggarwal(Ek duje ke vaaste):Married Shravan Bhalla because of a reason.She is the laadli of Aggarwal family.Her life got ruined because of someone.Though she is Ishita’s sister,she is more attached to Arnav.** **Dev Aggarwal(Kuch Rang pyaar ke aise bhi):Arnav’s brother.He loves Sona alot,he also knows that sona loves him.He is always busy asking sona about the reason she pretends to hate him.But she keeps ignoring him or fight with him.** **Ishaani Aggarwal(Meri aashiqui tumse hi):She hates Ranveer as he always irritates her.Swadheentha’s sister.She is caring as well as naughty.** **Rishi Aggarwal(Kasam):Malay’s brother.He is very funny types.He loves Thaani a lot,his fiance.He doesn’t know the fact that Thaani is behind his money.He always irritates Tanu as she is so silent,just opposite to him.** **Swadheentha Aggarwal(Dehleez):She is Ishaani’s sister.She is in love with Adharsh who is in London with her.She is doing her law degree there.She will come back to India with Adharsh soon.** **Malay Aggarwal(Vishkanya):He fights with Aparichita always.He loves her too.He is waiting for a chance to propose her.**

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Credit to: Amy

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  1. Wow thanks for uploading the character sketch nice one

    1. Thanx yaar…iam happy that the plot is clear now..?

  2. The plot has got much clear now… Thnx

  3. Awesome intro Amy dear!! I cant wait for your next episodes!!!!! If you dont mind me asking, where are you from because I am from the US.. And how old are you?

    1. Thanks yaar…i will try to post asap…Iam from Kerala..N iam 15 ..U r in which class?

      1. I am 15 also and will be in 10th grade in August

  4. I am crazy fan ishita and raman(ishra)

    1. too love ishra alot…You will be able to see Much Ishra scenes..?

  5. Pevees aka Ishram

    Devakshi and ishra. Thanks for the character sketch.

    1. Its my pleasure..??

  6. Amy u are from kerala. In kerala where?? i am also from kerala karasagod but i am living in dubai

    1. Yes…Iam from Ernakulam ?

  7. It’s quite confusing dear….and my favourite pair is devaakshi!!❤️?Krpkab❤️???

    1. I hope in next episodes your confusions will get clear.?

  8. Again ncy one ff………my favourite pairs r dev and sonakshi…….best pair on tellywood….

    1. Thankyou yaar?

  9. Nice one but bit confusing.. Luv devakshi n shraman

    1. Hope every confusion will be clear soon…?

  10. Nice … Arshi and Ishra

    1. Thanks yaar..?

  11. rookey rookers

    good . now confussion is cleared but not the mystery …. i am an ishveer fan

    1. Mystery will be revealed soon..Thankyou..??

  12. I am a big fan of ishra . Where do u get these awesome ideas .

    1. Awwww,…thankyou so much.??

  13. Me too 15! N my fav pairs r devakshi arshi ishra n sharman

    1. They r my favourites too…?

  14. There is a lot of characters,I don’t know anyone expect malay & aparichitha, good to hear that u r frm kerala I’m also frm kerala, eth oru nalla episode ayerunu adutha episode inu veendi wait cheyunu

    1. Good to see malayalees here,.,Njan vegam thanne post cheydekkam..??

  15. wow thoda confusing hai bt super nyc n by d way i luv devakshi,shraman,ishveer

    1. Thankyou so so much yaar?

  16. Amy its really nyc thought ….And my favorite pair is swadarsh always…….. And I also like devakshi pair …..

    1. Thankyou so much Reeshu….???

  17. Very nice Amy please update 1 part of your ff very excited to read.

    1. Thanks a lot yaar…I will try to tomoro itself …?

  18. OMG ppl frm Kerala r writing for Hindi serials !!! Great Amy.

    1. Thanks a lot yaar..r u frm kerala?

    2. Yup I’m ??

  19. So stupid……..
    A disgusting update….

    1. Don’t discourage some one so badly dear! I find it way better than many actual scripts. Rather it would be helpful if you point out the mistakes and corrections , and for criticizing some one, why do you have to be anonymous?? Show the minimum courage to reveal ya name at least. No one is gonna chase you after all.

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