Addicted To You…Episode 1..(IPKKND,YHM,EDKV,MATSH,KRPKAB,Dehleez,Kasam and Vishkanya..Prologue

Hii friends..
Iam Amy..
Here is a new ff on Arshi,Ishra,Shraman,Ishveer,Devakshi,Swadharsh,Tanshi and Apu Malai.

This is the prologue of my ff.
The story begins with a marriage function.The groom us sitting in the mandap waiting for the bride.The whole family is dancing in happiness. Girl’s family comes there.The girl has one sister and 6 cousins.The boy has one brother and 6 cousins.The boy’s family n Girl’s family is looking eachother angrily except one girl,who is crying there in the corner of the marriage hall,where no one else is there.A guy comes there, takes her photo and laughs.He says “Its just a starting ..i will make your life a hell”.Another guy comes there,he moves towards the girl.She looks at him by wiping her tears.She was about to say something but he stops her by tying a mangalsutra around her neck(mangalam song plays).He then,applies sindoor on the middle of her hairline.She looks at him shockingly.The guy who took her photo gets shocked as well as angry to see it.
On the other side..
The bride comes to the mandap.The bride and the groom looks eachother angrily.He ties mangalsutra n applies vermillion on her hairline.
Groom to the bride:Dont forget our deal.

That’s the prologue.

Guys…your comments are my energy booster…How was it .?I will post on every sundays…Keep guessing about each characters..?


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  1. Nice… Ishra marriage function m I ryt

    1. Thankyou…n ha,you will have to wait a little for knowing it..?

      1. Yaa…. But sooooo long time HV to wait.

  2. Who.marriage function it is??? I am confused…. waiting for your next episode….

    1. Thankyou n you will understand everything soon?

  3. Whose marriage?.Eagerly waiting for next. Plz update next asap

    1. Thankyou..n i will post it soon ?

  4. Great prologue… Waiting to know what happens…

    1. Thankyou varsha?

  5. Nice start please continue really amy didi waiting for next post

    1. Thankyou n i will post soon?

  6. It HAS to be the Ishra marriage function as their marriage was a deal. The Ruhi deal. I wanna know who was the couple who just randomly got married in the corner. Maybe it’s Arshi. But idk it can also be Swadarsh…

    1. The story is quite different..You will have to wait a little..?

  7. Amy hi. Its really nice . I don’t know who got married. It may be raveer and ishani..
    Just guess . is that ryt ??????????

    1. Thankyou…n will have to wait to know about it?

  8. Update every day . Not per week . episode per day ..kk

    1. Ohh,..not will affect my studies…Ok then,twice a week..?

  9. Awesome episode!! Pls update soon!!

    1. Thankyou n i will post soon?

  10. Hai Amy.
    Its soo suspensed…so nice…update soon…without disturbing ur studies…All The Bst.

    1. Thankyou so much yaar..?
      I have submitted the next part.?

  11. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Wow Very interesting I actually like all the shows mentioned here for YHM it’s one of those few shows I watched for more than a year even though I don’t watch it anymore, but loving them here 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Jo…??
      I love all the couples which I have mentioned here.?

  12. Wow ! Interesting suspense .
    Pls upload the next episode asap

    1. Thankyou so much…i have submitted the next part.?

  13. Is this a ff ?

    1. Yes…its a combined ff of all the serials mentioned above?

  14. Amy
    Plz can plz mention which all couple are from which serial..
    And i know only ishra, arshi from yeh hai mohabbatein and iss pyaar

    1. Okk..i will clear it..
      Ishra(Yeh hai mohabbatein.)
      Arshi(Iss pyaar)
      Shravan and Suman-Shraman(Ek Duje ke vaaste -Sony)
      Swadheentha and Adharsh-Swadharsh(Dehleez-Star plus)
      Malay and Aparichita(Vishkanya-Zee)
      Dev and Sonakshi-Devakshi(Kuch Rang Pyaar ke aise bhi-Sony)
      Tanu and Rishi-Tanshi(Kasam-Colors)
      Ishani and Ranveer-Ishveer(Meri aashiqui Tumse hi-Colors)


  15. Swadheentha and Adharsh(swadharsh)-Dehleez
    Shravan and suman(Shraman)-Ek duje ke vaaste
    Dev and Sonakshi(Devakshi)-Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi
    Aparichita(apu) and Malay-Vishkanya
    Tanu and Rishi(Tanshi)-Kasam
    Ishaani and Ranveer(Ishveer)-Meri aashiqui tumse hi..

  16. sorry for d late comment and its very goooooooood

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