Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega (Intro)


hello everybody,, this is Lara n am a huge fan of tashan e ishq. Till now i was just reading all the ffs but now I’ve got the courage to write am ff named ADA ISHQ ADA HAI ADA HO JAYEGA.. It’s an ff of twinj n its completely different frm d actual story line of tashan e ishq which being telecasted in zeetv…

So now being an intro of my ff, first I’ll go with d characters…
1. Twinkle Taneja.. A cute bubbly naughty n loveable girl of 14 years.
Leela taneja- mother of twinkle Taneja.. Independent mother… Loves her only daughter I.e twinkle n go to any extent for her happiness… Businesswoman l..
Rt taneja- father of twinkle Taneja.. Businessman.. Loves his daughter a lot..

2. Kunj sarna… Cite handsome naughty n loveable boy of 14 years..
Manohar sarna-father of kunj.. business man.. Very frank n understanding.. Lobes his son a lot..
Usha sarna- mother of kunj sarna.. Loves her only son kunj m can do anything for his happiness .

3 Yuvraj Luthra- a handsom n dashing boy of 15 years…
Anitha luthra… Mother of UV aka yuvraj.. Single mother.. Businesswoman.. Loves
Her only son a. Lot… Husband died…

So frnds I’ll give u a small idea or rather I say synopsis of the story line of my ff.. So here it goes…

The sarnas, tanejas n luthras are all family frnds.. Leela n rt don’t stay together for some reason( will b revealed afterwards) n leela cried every night.. N twinkle thinks rt to b d cause of her sobs n hates him from the core n doesn’t bare him at all…
Twinkle kunj n UV r gud frnds n study in same school named XYZ SCHOOL… They three became bestiees when they wer together in their 8th standard..
Now they r in their 9th class… Twinj r in d same section wheras UV was in d Oder section..
Slowly as time passes twinkle develops a crush on kunj she is likely to change her attitude towards kunj like always searching reasons to b wid him, always talking bout him, staring him, laughing while thinking bout him for no reason,,
UV noticed this change in twinkle but kunj didnt not as he was bzy with his work which was flirting.. Yes kunj was a flirt but never crossed his limits..
Now when they passed to 10.. Twinkle and kunj wer placed in different sections n UV was wid twinkle..
The rest of the story is about their lives as youngsters n deir developing feelings.. D UPS n downs in deir lives etc etc….
So guys this is just the beginning… ND I guarantee u dat u vil luv my ff.. Just kidding.. U like It or may not like it plzzzz comment n feel free to give me suggestion..

Credit to: Lara

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  1. intro was nyc……

  2. Lara its awesome……school life… Love friendship…..???

  3. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Lara ! Greetings…
    I could see a pre clear story line if urs…
    hope u do ur best.

  4. Wow it’s amazing..I’m loving it..superb..totally new and it’s awesome..incredible..can you check out my friend’s new story “music sheet” hope you will like it..BTW I love your you

    1. Thanks aruhi..

  5. Your ff is good but i have a doubt. My doubt is that is the story for Twinj pr twiraj???.. Can you please say it dear..

    1. Thanks ff reader… it is surely a twinj story…

      1. Thanks for clearing my doubt..Hope u write well in the same way.

  6. Lara, the storyline is awesome!!
    Keep writing! 🙂

  7. Wow ….. nice

  8. wow nice name and intro…

  9. […] again thanks to every one.. here are th links for the intro n first episode respectively […]

  10. Nice one lara

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