Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega (episode 8)

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Sp today’s episode is episode. 8…

ok.. So let me add that cherry is of the same age ofkunj just by months kinj is elder to cherry…..
Next morning…. Was Sunday…. So all wer on the dinning table exept anjeet(surjeet n anitha)…. All wer waiting for them…
Cherry- papa ji wer r u am feeling so hungry..
B-oho cherry putaar control ur hunger for some Tim noe..
C-ha bebe..ok..
Uv-arre yaar ye mumma kaha reh gayi??(now wer is this mumma)… Wait ill just go n call mumma..
He goes..
C-ha.. I’ll also go n call papa ji..
N he too goes..
Both search the entire house but they find them no where.. Both collide with each other..
Uv- have u seen my mom?
C- no I haven’t… N have u seen papa ji?
UV-no.. I have searched entire house but they r no where…
C- mee too.. I’ve to just check the terrace..
Iv-oh ya terrace is also left.. even ill come..
Cherry nods n both reach terrace…
As they reach terrace.. They listen anjeets convo…
S-mujhe maad kardo anu…. Mujhe malum hain ki Maine galti kari hai par tab main majbur tha…(am sry anu…plzz forgive me.. I kne dat I’ve dn wrong but I didn’t have any other option)
A-dare u call me anu.. Got it surjeet.. U have lost dat rite..n listen one more thing.. Wajah Jo kuch bhi ho tumne bahut badi galti.. Nai.. Paap kiya hai paap…(what ever d reason may b.. U hav done a mistake no.. U have done a sin)
N she cries..
S- don’t say like that anu… I have done that just to save urs n our sons’ life… If I wud t have done that then our son UV wud have been dead..
“Our son UV” echoes n cherraj r startled to hear that…
S- plz.. Anu main UV se aur door nahi reh sakta….. Plz anu.. N he cries..
A-unbelievable surjeet, at least UV was WId u for 2 years bur cherry..(sobs)… Cherry.. I didn’t even take him in lap when he was born n u ran away with him.. Maa hun main uski.. (am his mom)…. Tadap rahi thi main cherry ko dekhne ke liye ( I was lasting to c cherry)….
She kneels down n cries.. She slightly turns her head and finds cherraj standing there in tears..
UV had lost everything at that was like someone took away his life… He couldn’t take it more n rushe downwards crying vigorously with millions of unanswered questions which where like stabbing him again and again in his heart..
He rushed downwards.. A-u…u..uv….uv.. Listen to me once n she rushed to kunjs room..
Before she could get hold of him UV rushed to kunjs room closed it with a very loud thud.. Everyone downstairs were shocked by listening the thud n anithas loud sobs- UV plz darwaza khol….. Plz.. UV.. Plz.. Mujhe ek mauka de.. Main sab damjha dungi..plz.. Trust me UV.. (uv plz open d door.. Plzz uv give me one chance n ill explain u everything..)Plzzz n she cries vigorously..
All gather there..
S-(unaware of other family members standing there.. Anu plzz. Control urself.. UV is very mature he will understand everything and after all he’s our son……
Every one is shell shocked..
A- oh just shut up surjeet.. I have already warned u not to call UV as ur sone.. U get it.. He is just my son.. U don’t deserve to b called as a father…
B-kya… Kya keh rahe ho tum dono…. Surjeete Tu hosh me to hain na?( what r u both speaking? Surjeet r u in ur senses?)
Anjeet wer shocked to c them but surjeet manages to speak- ji bebe.. Apne sahi suna UV mera beta hain aur anitha meri biwi hai..(s bebe.. U heard it right.. UV is my son n anitha is my wife..)
M- surjeet say clearly.. V r srsly not understanding anything…
He tries to speak up but a voice from back says- main bataungi sach kya hai..(ill say d truth )
They all turned back n wer surprised to see who the lady was………….

Precap- I leve it to ur imagination.. Keep thinking….. B comment what u feel wud b the flashback n who the lady was… Guys… I knw n am extremely sorry for such a short episode but I have an entrance exam on 15 n am lil worried bout that n I need to work on n prepare hardly for that… N till 15 it will b hard to post episodes… I’ll surely post once I get tym but still they wud short..but i promise that on 15 ill post a super long episode.. Sryy guys.. Hope u understand n plz wish me all the best to get a seat n luv u all guys…
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Take care n luv u all loads n loads n loads..?

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    So gooood dear… Keep writing.

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  3. very imotional . but no twinj scene !!! and all the best for the exam

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  5. i think may b the lady is leela….bt nyways….waiting fr ur surprise….love it..

  6. Awesm epi… i thought it may b leela

  7. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Poor Uv, he must be broken.
    I hope they have a good reason.
    Nice emotional episode for the day.

  8. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    amazing yar

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  10. Lara nice epi dear

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    very good
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