Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega (episode 7)


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So today’s episode 7—-
next mrng…..
Kunj slightly makes some moves in sleep as every one does………
He slightly opens his eyes n sees two ppl completely in a black outfit from.head to toe covering deir faces….. They had a knife.. As soon kunj woke up he started to scream ceing d two unidentified but scaring figures..
Person1- ayy…chup.. Ek dam chup…
Person2- han.. N if u shout noe…den..v vil Stab u wid dese knifes n vil burry u in such a place dat no one wud b able to find u…

K-plz… N suddenly the two capture kunj by holding his hands n blindfolding him…
Dey cautiously bought him down… N left him at a point.. Kunj felt no one around him n he unfolded his blindfold..
It was all dark.. He went n switched on the lights n suddenly a voice in chorus came as SURPRISE…Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you….
Happy birthday kunj…..
K-waoh…… Srsly.. U guys scared d hell out of me yaar.. N dose two figures wer surely twiraj rite?
T-ya rite Mr kunj sarna.. She went n gave kunj a friendly hug saying happy birthday.. N whispered baby in ears….

He too hugged her back n said thank you .. Baby(in ears).. Twinkle smiles n blushed a bit..
That tm leela n anitha wer also dere n the three mothers had strange expression on their faces.. UV noticed dis n went to twinj n joined their hug..happy bdy bro.. K-thanks yaar..
N he went to family members..they wished him n he took deir blessings..
He said awsum surprise yaar n who’s plan was it by d way??
Uv- it was twinkles plan..
K-really? Thanks syappa queen.. N he gives a flying kiss to twinkle..
Twinkle widens hers eyes nn UV coughs n says “public”
M-kya public?

U-ha main Batata hu na uncle.. Woh kunj ne na twi… (ill tell uncle.. Actually kunj n twi…)
T-main? Main … Ha main..main…woh.. Yeh…kya.. Ha..haa..ha..ya…I was saying ki public will cum in sum time..i mean guests will come in some time.. So I asked him to get ready soon.. Hain na kunj..
K-ha papa.. She rite.. She was saying the same thing..
M-oh.. Kk.. I have many works.. N he goes..
Twinj give a death glare to UV..

After some time every one was busy in arrangements of the party..only twiraj wer sitting widout any work.. Kunj shouts- maaaa…maaa..cum fast…
Usha-arre puttar am bzy.. I’ll cum after sumtm..

K-maa plz..jaldi…i can’t cum like this..
U-oho..wt to do?
She sees twiraj sitting idle n asks Dem to go..
Twiraj wer about to enter kunjs room but anitha calls UV n he goes.. Twinkle enters d room n sees kunj struggling to wear a tie.. She laughs.. Kunj turns n sees twinkle in a maroon chudidhar with black bodering.. She was lukin so gorgeous..he thinks: No.1 syappa queen but she’s my queen n she’s cute.. Wen she laughs she has a glitter, a special shine on her face.. N he smiles to himself…
He comes to senses when twinkle starts tieing his tie… Again he gets lost in her.. Cool breeze blows from the window..
Ishq sufiyana Tera ishq sufiyana plays in the background…
T-kya kunj?

K-I luv u
T-hmm.. N smiles
K-hmm kya?.. It’s ur turn now..
T-hmm.. Acha don’t u want ur bdy gift??
K-I’ve already dn so much for me no need of any other gift..kunj was wearing a black full hands shirt n black pant with a maroon colour toe.. He was looking so handsum as usual…

K- n I also think that dis dress is ur selection..

T-smartie pie.. Ha.. Hw did u knw?
K-hmm Vo toh Mai hoon hi(i always was smartie pie) v have worn d same colour dress.. N winks..
T-ha? Oh ya.. I didnt even realize… Wt a coincidence… Srsly.. Wow..
K- ab nakre mat kar ok! (now don’t cover ok)
T- arre seriously… Anyways.. C der ur surprise n makes him turn his Face..
Twinkle hurriedly gives a peck on his cheek n runs to go out..
She turns back at the door n says-ur bdy gift..
N she runs away.. Kunj touches his cheek rubs it n smiles to himself….
Kunj comes down.. He cuts d cake n feeds everyone..
The guests leave…

At evening…
All d family members sit around n decide to play passing the passes n on whom the object stops that prson must sing…
(ok guys let me introduce kunjs cousin CHERRY he’s son of surjeet-younger bro of manohar.. They used to live in Mumbai but due to transfer of surjeet they returned to sarna mansion)
Cherry is responsible for music…
So the game starts…
Music on…
Music off n d object is wid bebe
She sings an old song..
Music on…
Music off…
Object with manohar..
He sings tujhe dekha toh ye Jana sanam… From ddlj…
Music starts..
Music off.. Object wid srjeet…

Surjeet sings pyaar Hua ikraar Hua hai
Pyaar se phir kyun darta hain dil.
To everyone’s surprise anitha continues d female line- kehta hai dil Rasta mushkil malum nahi hai kaha manzil..
Both-(by lokin at each other n anitha with teary eye)- pyaar Hua ikraar Hua hai
Pyaar se phir kyun darta hain dil….
Everyone clap..a nitha leaves from there making an excuse…. Surjeet too leave.. UV n cheeey finds sumrhng strange..
Music on..
Music of..
Object wid kunj…
He sings Teri meri kahani hain baarishon ka pani by lukin at twinkle…
Music on..
Music of..

Obj with twinkle..
She sings Ada ishq Ada Ada hain Ada hain Ada ho jayega…
Leela n usha observe everything n smile by lukin at each other..
All get tired n go to sleep…

Precap- rts entry n revelation on surjeets n anitha past.. Twiraj n cherry to break down…

Hey guys.. Frm now onwards ill post one episode in 2 days cuz I’m realm messed up.. Hope so u uderstad.. Luv u guys.. Keep guessing the next plot…. Luv u all ok.. To lessen ur curiosity ill inform u that der will b a really long leap.. Yeah u heard it.. Sorry.. Read it right…. So till then take care luv u all….?

Credit to: lara

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