Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega (episode 5)


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so here’s my fifth epi..

The episode starts with twiraj hugging UV.. Before UV cud hug kunj more tightly, twinkle cautioned him about the fracture n gave look to kunj which warned him to b carefull..
Kunj eyed twinkle lovingly n thought to himself: Twinkle aaj Tu mujhe bahut alag lag rahi hai.. Pata nahi kyu..(twinkle today u lukin so different to my eyes donno why) … N he smiles seeing her..
UV coughs n kunj composes himself..
Later every one goes to sarna mansion in deir respective cars.. But as the trio insisted.. They 3 left in leelas car with her driver.. Anitha n leela In anithas car.. Mabohar usha n bebe in sarna car..
UV was sitting I the front so that kunj doesn’t have any problem but this wad just a reason to allow twinj to sit separately..
It was night time n twinkle was already sleepy cuz she didn’t sleep well due to the hospital she she slept n laid her her head on kunjs shoulder(left shoulder).. As soon as the driver applied brake, she got up.. After going in leela n anitha said twiraj that they had to go to school tmrw cuz dey had already missed so many classes n internals..
K: Maa main bhi jaau?(mom shall I also go to school?)

U: Nai puttar aise kaise ja sakta hai Tu… Abhi toh thik Hua hai.. Nai.. Jab tak doctor permission nai deta u r nt gng anywhere..( no child, u can’t go anywhere as u r discharged now n till doc says u to muve u r nt gng any wer)
Kunj pleades usha but she denies..
Kunj: Wait neither y nor me our problem solver will decide.. So u say UV..
UV: UV said dat kunj u wanna go to skool cuz u r missing class?
Kunj nodded in agreement..
UV: Toh simple.. After coming from skool me n twikle will explain u..
Kunj: Grt yaar…
Twinkle: small correction..

Kunj: Wt
Twinkle goes to UV, pulls his cheeks sweetly n says: My dear bro aka frnd.. After returning frm skool ill explain kunj n u..
UV: Grt den I have no work..
T: Aha.. U gotta do homework of urs, mine n also kunjs .
Every one started to laugh n UV kept a puppy face saying that this is not fair yaar!!!??
He n kunj gave a hi fi n twinkle placed her arms around kunjs shoulder while laughing.. Kunj noticed it at stared twinkle luvinly.. Sajna ve plays…..
UV notices this n agrees this cuz he found dis as a reason to bring twinj closer…
Later on usha: Suniye, main kunj ko khana khilake aati hun.. N ramu khaka(servent) aap khana parosie.. N she was about to take kunks plate to his too when,
UV: Aunty, aap baitkar khayiye na,hame dijiye plate.. Ham jaakar saath mein khayiye..
Twinkle looks at him surprisingly n UV winks at twinkle.. She understands his plan n smiles..
Usha: Par beta..
Twinkle(she gets upn takes plate from ushas hand): Ohoo aunty app bhi na bahut sawal karte ho.. Ham manage kar lenge.. By saying dis she rushed to kunjs room.. UV too took his plate n rushed to kunjs room..
In kunjs room..

T: Chal oyye.. Utt aur khana kha le.. Aaj tere fav parathe, paneer aur aloo ke bajjiya?(oye.. Get up n have food today ur fav fud.. Parathe wid paneer n allo bajiya)
Kunj was delighted but he stopped himself cuz his hand was fractured..
UV started to have his dnnr without bothering twink cuz he didn’t want to..
Kunjs sits upset.. Twinle was about to ask UV to feed kunj but seeing him eat twinkle started to feeb kunj.. Kunj eyed her lovingly….Usha leela n anitha see everything from outside..
Usha: Hai kinni pyaari Baachi hai.. Leela gi agar ye baacbe bade hote to main twinj ki shaadi Kara deti..(oh.. What a lovely girl.. If these children wer big den I wwud surely get twinj married)
Leela says yes usha ji u r right n all three feel happy seeing the children play..
Later yunj slept on bed n twinkle slept on couch..
Next day twiraj go to school n return.. After dey got freshened.. Twinkle started teaching kunj.. Kunj listened to her class or rather I say lecture?
In between sometimes he just admired her… In d entire time he kept smiling..
And our poor uv?
He was in his job of writing the homework 3 times.. After the class twinkle helped uv a lil bit cuz he was too strained….
Two days went like this n UV was realm pissed of from his work.. Twinkle understood his problem n decided from tomorrow she would do the homework n UV wud explain kunj.. She forced UV to accept.. But kunj didn’t seem happy.he thought to himself:kyun mujhe bura lag raha hai agar twinkle mujhe nahi pada rahi.. Kya.. Ho kya gaya hai tujhe kunj sarna, Tu twinkle ki har ek baat par itni react kyun kar raha hai?? Omg.. Kahi mujhe twinkle se.. No no.. Woh sirf meri best friend hai dats it.. Aur kuch nahi..(y am I feeling bad is twinkle isn’t teaching me. What has happened to u kunj sarna.. Y r u reacting so much on everything related to twinkle.. Do I love.. No no.. She’s just my best frnd dats it… Nothing much)

By saying this he goes to sleep…
Next day uv was teaching kunj but his entire concentration was only on twinkle… He just pretended to listen to uv n was just lukin at twinkle who was struggling to do the homework.. After uvs class uv just bounced on the bed cuz he was very sleep n kunj went to twinkle to help her complete the hw.. Kunj went to change n by d time he came he saw twinkle sleeping… He admired her n a curve appeared on his lips.. But suddenly he thought that if hw wasn’t completed they wud get solid scolding frm teacher so he took the books from the table n went to UV.. He slowly tried to wake uv up but it was too hard for him to wake him up without using his hands(guys, he had buks in left hand n right hand was fractured) so he kicked uv who was turning the other side.. He jumped in sleep n said:oucch…. Kya Hua..(wt happened).. Kunj explained him n uvsiad : Oho.. Caring n all ha.. Wt happened mr.kunj sarna.. Kunj said nothing like that just stop thinking all stupid things n go complete the hw or else tomorrow ull b d one who wid get scoldings.. UV had finished d hw n they slept..
Days passed by kunj started to feel for twinkle but he always neglected those those thoughts thinking that she’s just his best friend..One fine morning, kunj got up as usual before twiraj n stretched his arms.. He got up n brushed wid his right hand.. He looked himself in the mirror while brushing n he realized dat he was perfectly fine.. He jumped n danced.. Suddenly he heared the phone ring.. As he came out, he heard twinkles convo..
Twinkle in a sleepy voice : Hi maa.. Gud mrng..
Leela: Hi puttar, gud mrng.. Hw r u..
T: Am fine maa.. Hw r u..

L: I’m fine puttar.. Chad.. Leave that all.. Wen r u cmg back? N how is kunj putaar?
T: Arre maa tkitne sawal puchte ho.. Mai aa jaungi.. Jaise hi kunj thik ho jayega, ill b der..(oho.. maa.. Hw many qstns do u ask.. I’ll cum back as soon as kunj gets fine..) n kunj.. He fine.. N he’s recovering fast..n mere rehte hue kunj ko kya hoga..(what will happen to kunj when am der)
Hearing this kunj had a bright smile on his face.. But it faded wen he thought dat twinkle wud go wen he wud b fine..
L: Kya? Kya kahan puttar tune..(what did u say dear)
T(realizing what she said): Mera matlab hai.. Ki…ki..ham sab hai na ma.. Kunj ka dyaan rakhne ke liye.. Abhi aap phone rako late ho raha hain (i mean.. Dat..dat.. V all r der na maa… To take care of kunj… Ill tatlk to u later.. Cuz am getting later.. ) bye.. N she cuts d call..
Kunj worries n thinks that he shud do sumthing to make t

PRECAP.. Kunjs master plan to make twiraj especially twinkle to stay back.. Twirajs surprise for kunj…

Hey guys.. Hope so u liked the episode.. Guys actually I feel that t the more deeper n detailedly I explain the scenario of the the episode then the more u get involved into the character.. so dat is the reason I making the episode like a rubber band.. Hope so u have no problem n plzzz comment n give suggetins.. Luv u all.. Muaah..

Take care.. Luv u loads guys…,?

Credit to: Lara

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