Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega (episode 3)


Hey guyyys… I’m realm sorry for the ones for whom I’m not able to reply individually but one thing I can sya I that u guys r taking me on cloud nine?… Luv u all n plzz keep supporting….
So this is my third episode…

The episode starts with kunj falling from the stairs.. Twinkle shouts KUNJJJ……..
she runs to kunj who was bleeding wery badly.. She had no other option than sitting der n crying for help… N soon kunj fell unconcious.. Twinkles condition was worser than kunj.. She kept shouting for help.. Soon UV came der n saw d situation..he rushed to the office room n dey called an ambulance.. Ambulance arrived after 30min n meanwhile twinkle dressed kunjs wound temporarily which cud just stop the blood flow.. They reached the hospital in next 30min.. N all d way twinkle had just two things to do.. Cry, look at kunjs condition n cry more, remince their cute moments n cry even more… UV meanwhile from the school called n informed the elders about kunj being hospitalized..
Within no time all of them reached the hospital.. Kunj was in the ICU.. Usha was tired of crying.. Every one wer bzy praying for kunj when manohar saw twinkle sitting down beside kunjs room just like a body without soul.. Her dried tears n wet eyes showed all d pain even though she didn’t respond towards anything..he signaled UV…..
UV cudnt c her like that n he sat beside twinkle who was now closing her eyes.. UV tried to make twinkle react either cry or laugh but she did not respond.. He lost his patience n shook twinkle.. The next second everyone found twinkle lying unconscious.. She too was taken too a ward.. meanwhileThe doctor was treating kunj, he came out with an emotion less face n said: kunj was out of danger but had a fracture in his right hand nd a sprain in left leg.. But……

Anitha: But what doctor
Dr: V donno when he will regain consciousness..
Usha: What do u mean? U just said dat he was fine phir aise kaise pata nahi? (den how don’t u knw dat wen hell bcym conscious?)
Dr: Yes. I still say that he is out of danger nd his mind is completely ready to get up… But his heart… I think he is waiting for someone to call him.. His heart is waiting for someone to wake him up…. Sorry.. Plzz excuse me.
Leela: Usha ji jayiye apne puttar de naal baitiye.. Use boliye ki vo ute.. Vo apki baat nahi talega.. Jayiye..(usha ji go to ur son.. Tell him to. Wake up cuz he wont disobey u.. Go)
Usha goes to kunj n sits beside him n tries to wake him up…
The doctor treating twinkle says that she fainted due to a lot of stress n crying.. Shell b fine by tonight.. She just needs rest..
Leela sits beside twinkle n caresses her head.. That night.. Every one wer in the hospital.. Leela n anitha in twinkles room n usha n manohar in kunjs room n UV outside.. All wer sleeping. Suddenly twinkle got up n shouted kunjj…. Leela anitha n UV rushed to twinkle.. Twinkle started crying vigorously.. She kept saying
T- maa mujhe kunj ke pass Jana hai..pata nahi kaisa hai woh..(maa plzz lve to go to kunj.. Pplzz.. Donno how he is )
Leela- puttar dnt worry kunj will b fine u take care of your self first..
T- no maa. Plzz leave me…

Twinkle removed the plasters n ran towards kunjs room.Leela n anitha tried to stop her but went in vain.. UV did not resist twinkle cuz he what wud her reaction b..
Twinkle bumped into kunjs room(sry i forgot to say that kunj was shifted to general ward)..
She directly went near kunj n started to please him cried a lot: Kunj plz utto.. Plz kunj wake up.. Wake up kunj… Plzzzzz…. C if u dnt wake up na den I..i..ill not talk to u.. I’ll not even food n …n..n.. I’ll really become blind n will not b able to c u.. Got it now wake up.. Plzz wake up u knw u dnt luk gud like this.. N i can’t c u like dis.. Get up.. Plz.. Continues her sobs n none of them stopped her…twinkle placed her head on kunjs chest n cried vigoursly…
Suddenly a shaking hand cleans her tears… It is revealed to b kunjs hand… He said: Dnt wrry seniorita aisi chotti chotti bato ke liye hi aisi badi badi hospitals hai(dnt wrry seniorita.. For these small things only such big hospitals r there).. By saying this he winks at twinkle.. She laughs n hugs him tight n says: Pata hai Mai kitna darr gayi thi.. Aur agar tumhe kuch ho jata to..(u dnt even realize how much I was scared.. N if anything wud happen to u den..)
T:toh…. Mere saath flirt kaun karta??(den…… Who wud flirt wid me?)
Everyone laugh at this.. Twinj come to senses that every one was der n twinkle composes her self… Doctor comes n checks kunj n says: Kaha tha na usha ji.. Ki ye tab tak nahi uttega jab tak woh insaan nahi aa kar bulata jo iska dil chaahta hai(see.. Said no udha ji.. That hellnot wake up until the person his heart wishes comes n wakes him up)
Saying this the doctor leaves n twinj have an eyelock n the elders look at their pair.. Meanwhile UV feels haapy for twinj.. The screen freezes at uvs happy face…

PRECAP twinkle n UV stay with kunj in his house till he gets fine.. UV helps kunj realize his feelings for twinkle without twinkles knowledge by using his mischievous yet funny ways.. Kunjs plan to make twinkle n UV especially twinkle to remain in his house for more time..

Omg omg omg its my third episode.. Gosh… Plzz keep supporting n keep commenting like this… Luv u all
Take care??

Credit to: Lara

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