Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega (episode 2)


hiiiii everybody once again
omg guys…. u all r toooooo gud.. imean u just got happy tears in my eyes by your comments… Thank you so much n if I am not able to reply to any one individually then I’m really very sorry… hope you like the third episode n do comment if you like it or not..

once again thanks to every one.. here are th links for the intro n first episode respectively

so here is the second episode……..’……..

the episode starts with twinkle blushing.. the bell rings… both go to the cafeteria..
uv- so baby.. love.. omg mere samaj me to ata hi nahi(omg, I just dnt understand this luv and all)
t- jab tujhe hoga na tab tujhe samaj me aayega(when ull fall in luv den ull knw what it is)
by saying this she starts smiling..
uv- acha twinkle tune bataya nahi ki ye hua kaise n kab nany spl reason(by d way twinkle u didn’t say when this happened n how)
t- I donno wen n how but it just happened. n I don’t think that you need any reason to love..May b it’s written that you have to fall in love n dat to wid your Bestie…
uv..omg..srsly twinkle u r talking all these I mean thu itni filmy lines marri yaar aaj kal..(I mean u r being completely filmy yaar)
t- kya..main aur filmy line..impossible..( n being filmy.. impossiblle)
u-tujhe aisa lagra baby doll but aisa hi hai.. aaj tak sirf suna tha ki pyaar mein log bahut badal jate hai par itna drastic chang koi expect big nahi kiya hoga(u just think so baby doll but it is like this.till now I’ve just heard that ppl change. lot wen they r in love but they change to this extent.. this no one cud have expected)

twinkle smiles a bit when uv says this…
just then kunj from back says…
k- (in a flirty voice)hii senorita.. hi bro… pyaar ki baatein chal rahi hai n woh bhi mere bina so rude(talking about love n that too wid out me.. so rude)
t-aww mere chalu sarna.. pyaar ki baatein mein tumhare bina kar sakti hun kya?? anyways Main tumse bahut naraaz hu.. y did u say like that to me I d mrng?? (awww my dear chalu sarna..hoe do u expect me to talk bout love wid out u… anyways I’m very angry wid u y did u talk like dat wid me in d mrng)
go I won’t talk to u..
by saying this she goes from there wid faik anger…

later in the lunch time twinkle kunj n uv wer as usual sitting on the terrace for their lunch… all d time twinkle ignored kunj… twinkle realised that she had forgotten that one of her teacher called her in the lunch time for some work.. she excused her self nd went.. n while returning.. some boys of +2 class started taunting n teasing her…

Boy 1- hi twinkle baby… kaisi ho tum…bahut dino ke baad mil rahi ho… compensate nahi karoge kya( hi twinkle baby.. hw r u.. seeing you after many days wont u compensate)
by saying this the three boys move forward n force twinkle to kiss.. they are in the middle floor which is usually empty due to laboratories n store room.. twinkle pushes them n says
t-(with an irritated look) ey hlo.. mind your tounge ha.. do u knw who am I d twinkle taneja.. dare u come near me…
boy2- d grt twinkle taneja.. who doesn’t have. father.. right.. n they laugh..
boy3- aree u r wrong she has a father but doesn’t stay wid her.. donno what cheap things her mother did that her father left her…
n the start laughing…
twinkle got enraged by hearing someone speaking I’ll bout her mother n she slapped one of the boy…
he got angry n caught twinkle by her hair n said enough is enough. today we will sho you what it position is( tumhari aukaad kya hai).
boy1- sahi hai bai.. bahut control kar liya an nahi ruka jaata..(yes bro, I’ve controlled a lot but now I cant)
boy 2- ha yaar store room bin khali hai aur agle class ko aur 40min bache he.. aaj to Iska jee bhar ke maza lenge.. aur to aur iska toh baap bhi nahi hai jisko ye complain yaar, store room is also empty n der are m

Credit to: Lara

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  1. Oh god what will happen to kunj.Anyways episode was good eagerly waiting for next episodes.

    1. What will happen to twinkle not kunj

  2. it was nice Lara but where is d precap??

  3. I’m really sorry for the inconvinence but I donno how only half of the episode got posted.. Don’t worry ill post another part of second episode… Once agin I’m really sorry..

  4. yeah where is the precap?? anyways nice one..

  5. it was good but seems to be incomplete as u said
    loved ur episode

  6. Nice episode lara. Keep writing more.

  7. Meenat Abubakar

    Yaar its nice, update next epi asap LARA

  8. Thank u f2f reader, star prapti Tara sanam…Thanks for commenting n understanding…

  9. It’s nice

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