Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega (episode 2 part 2)


I’m really sorry for the inconvinence guys… this the continuation of episode 2.. plzzz read n enjoy…
boy1- sahi has bai.. bahut control kar liya an nahi ruka jaata..
boy 2- ha yaar store room bin khali hai aur agle class ko aur 40min bache he.. aaj to Iska jee bhar ke maza lenge..
twinkle starts shouting help help help..but the time being lunch time children make a hell of noise n they being I’m the empty floor no one cud hear twinkles voice.. they start to drag her to the store room.. but kunj doesnot feel anything right so he makes an excuse n comes.down.. there he finds the 3 boys dragging twinkle like an animal… twinkle was crying like hell..
first be went there n freed twinkle.from.the boys by pushing them…
then he calmed twinkle.. she hugged him tight n told him everything dat happened… kunj could not resist started beating all the boys blue n black.. all of them fell lifeless asn wer tired of beating.. twinj decided to move from there.. by one boy got up n held kunj by his neck m provoked the other two boys to beat kunj.. that started beating him badly.. meanwhile uv came down.. he fought the boys along with kunj… the boys again wer lifeless.. now uv was busy consoling twinkle n was asking her what had happened but she didn’t stop crying…that time kunj came n she hugged him tightly.. sanam re plays…
uv.went up to get their lunch boxes.. meanwhile one boy woke up n kicked kunj so hard that he fell down the stairs.. he was already injured n now he started bleeding which did not seem to stop… twinkle had no other option than crying CUZ she cudnot leave kunj alone in that state…
screen freezes on her crying face n kunjs unconscious face..

PRECAP- kunj is admitted in hospital.. sarnas leela n anitha in hospital.. continuous sobs of usha n twinkle sitting as a lifeless body with no reaction.. doctor comes out.with an emotionless face…

Credit to: Lara

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  1. The idiom for a emotionless face is poker face …gr8 work


    1. Thank u baby doll.. I knw dat but some ppl cud find it difficult to understand so wrote dat.. Thanks for ur concern..

  2. Good episode dear

  3. Meenat Abubakar

    Nice one lara

  4. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    lara nice story. it’s just messy.

  5. Thanks for i your comments n suggestions…

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