Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega (episode 11)


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Wtf does santram verma think of himself?? How can he just get twinkle and UV get married?? Has he lost it??! So pathetic!! I just wanna stab that UV..(not zain) I just hope no one gets such a miserable and pathetic life as UV… Not even my dearest enymy… Ian just fed up with this current track…. I’ve just stopped watching it on tv nd just reading the written updates…. Plz just make twinj one again..


The sunrise brings along with it a new day full of brightness…. But for kunj, it was the beginning of a new life full of darkness, sorrow of being away from his love, his twinkle which affected him more than being away from his own family… We often see people doing sacrifices for love but kunj has done sacrifice of love for his love… How strange it is? Isn’t it?!!
With such questions began the day of kunj…
He took a Beth and went down.. Had bf.. Spent a lil bit quality time with his family, he got a call.. The fon flashed TWINKLE..
He went aside and spoke after a speaking for a while,
T- acha kunj.. U have a surprise…
K- surprise? What surprise??
T- bhuddu its surprise.. Hw vil I say.. U have to wait for that..
K- wait hi toh ni karskta main.. ( I cant wait) say na…
T- wait till I come..
Kunj stays num… Tears roll down..
K- if I go before u come?
T- wer will u go leaving me ha? I knw ki u wont.. Cuz..
K(to himself)- no twinkle don say ki u luv me.. If u say I cant go.. Plz..
T- cuz..
T- shit.. Maa is calling.. Bye bye.. Tc..
She cuts d call in a hurry..
K- thank god she didn’t say that.. Babaji y.. Y did u like this to.. Y me???..

After a while he gets ready to leave..
Ram and kunj walk out near the car.. All family members too come out to snd off..
All get emotional…

Majboor tu bhi kahi plays….

Plz listen to the song guys…

Kehta hai hai zindgi Tu..
Phir mujhme kyun milta nahi….
Deta kyun aisa safar kyun…
Hai manzile jinki nahi…..

[ kunj hugs all and gets emotional and then the all bid bye ]

Kehde khudha.. Ki kaisa khuda Tu..
Jo bas me tere kuch nahi…
Ha koi toh wajah hogi Jo yun..
Ki majboor Tu bhi kahin…………..

[kunj hugs UV nd whispers- use letter dhyan se dedena and say her that I will miss her…]

Rough tune-
He turns his face immediately and eyes taneja mansion with tears… He remembers his moments spent with twinkle from childhood…
He sits in the car..
Soft tune- SLOW MOTION- the car starts and moves forward… He suddenly eyes another car in the opossite direction… He then sees twinkle who is sleeping peacefully with ear buds on.. He gets teary eyed… They move away…..

Jitna talashu Tu milta nahi…
Ye fitrat tu teri badalta nahi…
Jitna talashu Tu milta nahi…
Ye fitrat tu teri badalta nahi…
Tu bataaa.. Aise kyun..
Teri marzi chalata hai tuuuu……
Jite jee yun jee jalata hai tuuuuuuu……….

[Twinkle feels his presence and opens her eyes and searches for him..
She smiles at her self and goes..
At her room.. She had called more than 20 times to kunj but either its getting cut or no answer… ]

Ishq me jine na de Tu…
Aur Marne bhi deta nahi….
Kehta hai hai hamsafar Tu…
Phir saath kyu deta nahi…
Kehde khuda ki kaisa khudha Tu…
Jo bas me tere kuch nahi…
Ha koi to wajah hogi Jo yu
Jo majboor tu bhi kahiiii……

[She keeps calling him….She messages him.. But no reply even though he reads the message.. Twinkle sees the read mark of message and thinks why is he ignoring me???she again calls him…Kunj keeps crying seeing the name TWINKLE on his phone…
He thinks- am sorry twinkle… Bt I cant…. I luv u… Plzz let me go….. Forgive me if u can…

chorus tune-
she goes to her balcony and finds that kunjs balcony door is closed… Thinks- wt happened to him…

Rough tune-
She thinks to go to sarna and runs downstairs…..

Kehde khuda ki kaisa khudha Tu…
Jo bas me tere kuch nahi…
Ha koi to wajah hogi Jo yu
Jo majboor tu bhi kahiiii……

[but leela stops her and calls her for some work… She eyes the door sadly and turns back..
kunj reaches airport.. And gets his luggage down and he switches off his fon…]

Chorus tune-
Twinkle again calls him during her work…But its switched off… Thinks- ho kya gaya hai ise??? I hope he’s fine…
Here kunj goes through security check and boards the flight.. The flight takes off…

Song ends…

She finishes her work and goes to her room and lays on her bed.. Still thinking about kunj she goes into a deep sleep…

Next morning- twinkle still on her bed but she listens to a voice… It says her- twinki gud bye.. Twinki. Am going far away from you.. I donno when I will return.. But plzz forgive me if u can.. Am sorry.. ND ha.. I luv u.. Signing off.. Kunj sarna..

She wakes up with a scream kunjjjjjj….
T- babaji what was that.. Thank god it was just a dream…. If kunj does that in real life na then I would have killed him.. Bt how can I kill him.. Cuz ill not be able to live without him..
Plz babaji never make kunj away from me…

She again calls him but it still says switched of..
T- what the hell?? Kunj never does like this then y is he doing like this.. I really hope so that he is fyn…wait ill call to UV and ask him…

She calls UV…
Uv-in a sleepy tone- hello.. Who’s dis??
T- hello UV.. It’s me twinkle..
U- sleepy – ohh… Twinkle…
(at a sudden )- kya twinkle? Tu kab aayi…
T- arre yaar Mai kal hi aayi…
U- kal? Aur u didn even say me..
T- sorry Baba.. Acha listen…
U( shit man.. She’s gonna ask about kunj.. How will I tell her)- HM…hm…hmmm bol..
T- kunj kaha hai.. I’ve been calling him since yesterday.. I’ve at least called him a 50 time and 100 messages.. He’s neither replying to the call nor message? He’s ok na?
U- stammering- ha… Kunj…. Ya..hes fyn…
T- den?
U- twinkle u come here fast.. I need to speak to u.. Very urgent.. Fast..
T- arre…wt happened..all k na?
U-shouting- u just come fast damn it…
T-taken abck- okok.. I’ll be der in 15..
Twinkle worries.. And she takes a bath and freshens up and goes to sarnas…
She rings the bell.. UV takes her to his room..
T- UV.. Bol kya hai itni urgent si Baath? ( say what’s so important)
Uv without speaking a word gives a letter to twinkle…
She opens and reads it. It says-
Twinki… I donno how ull react to this decision of mine and ofcourse ull not be happy now… I don even knw if this decision is rite..
All I know is ilam doing this for u twinki.. For us… So that v can be happy…
That’s y I have left to LONDON…
May be I must have already gone while you read this letter…
Plz trust me twinkle…

I’ll return after 12 years or may be more…in this time we cant talk to each other.. V cant see eo.. V cant hug… V cant feel eo…plzz ywinki don’t try to contact me.. Cuz I can’t stop myself from coming back to u…
I have convinced myself with lot of difficulties..
Plz try n understand me.. I can’t do anything..
All I can say is.. Wait for me… Just wait till I return…. And plz don’t do any stupid things of hurting yourself… Cuz u r my proper and u have no right on yourself…
Plz.. Twinki.. Forgive me of u can… Always keep smiling…
Remember just one thing.. That kunj sarna Luvs u twinkle taneja… And he will be back with a bang for his syappa queen….
N ha most importantly.. Miss me.. Cuz I too will miss u..
Luv, hugs and kisses
Sadu sarna… ?

Hamari adhuri kahani plays…{music plays}..plz listen to it n read guys…

Music- twinkle hugs the letter and cries alot…
She weakly move out of the room UV to sdoesnot stop her instead he too breaks down seeing twinkle…

Pass aye.. Duriyan phir be kum na Hui…
Ik adhuri si hamari kahani rahi..
Aasma ko zami..
Ye zaruri nahi
Ja mile.. Ja mile..
Ishq Sacha wahi
jisko milti nahi manzile.. Manzile..

[ the words in the letter keep flashing in twinkles mind.. She recollects her morning dream] Unknowingly she reaches kunjs room…

Rang te noor tha..
Jab kharib Tu tha..
Ik jannat sa tha ye jaha…
Wakt ki ret me kuch mere naam sa..
Likh ke chod gaya Tu kaha………….

[ she rembers thier fights… Kunj manofying her, their moments on school, how she proposed kunj, thier hugs, thier first kiss]

Hamari adhuri kahani…..
Hamari adhuri kahani…..
Hamari adhuri kahani…..
Hamari adhuri kahani…..
[she falls in the ground and cries vigorously… She holds bed sheet and cries puffing her face into it]

After some days… Twinkle was sleeping and she gets some dream and wakes up with a jerk saying kunjjjj…..

Khushbuon se teri yunhi takra gaye
Chalte chalte dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye

[She sees his pic in her phone and she goes to her balcony and recalls the time spend with kunj….]

Jannatein agar yahin
Tu dikhe kyon nahin
Chaand suraj sabhi hai yahaan
Intezar tera sadiyon se kar raha
Pyaasi baithi hai kab se yahaan

[she slowly catches the railing of the terrace and she breathes heavily feeling kunj…… She sees the stars and prays for their togetherness]

Humari adhoori kahaani
Humari adhoori kahaani.. (x2)

[she closes her eyes and tears flow…
She sits there itself and sleeps] {stop music}

Screen freezes on the moon hidden behind clouds…

PRECAP- leap of 10 years…..

Hey guys.. Sorry for making u wait… Am actually bzy with my clg work and also I gotta write 3 other ffs of its really difficult for me.. Hope u guys understand… N thanks a lot…luv u all
Take care?

Credit to: Lara

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