Acts of love! Two shots! (KKB) Shot 1


Hi Maya here again to disturb u all due to side effect of stress…It’s a two shot again! Hope u all like it! I think it’s funny as this OS will have Dadi’s memory loss where she forgot the present situation of Abhi having the memory loss…

Abhigya were nervously waiting outside the hospital ward. Dadi slipped from the stairs and had a head injury. Pragya “Do u think it’s anything serious?” Abhi “I hope it’s not like that…but from doctor’s reactions, I feel it’s serious…I am very scared Fuggi….” Pragya held his hands and gave him words of support….
That’s when a doctor came and told them “ She is fine now…but she is very weak and don’t let her strain in any way…” Abhigya immediately rushed to ward and saw Dadi who was very weak.
Abhi “Dadi…Are u alright?” Dadi “I am fine Abhi and why are u crying like this? And u Pragya how can u be crying too? U should take care of my grandson, right?” Abhi “Dadi! She is Nikku aka Nikitha not Pragya!” Dadi “What are u telling Abhi? Is this another name for Pragya? U already named her as Fuggi na…Enough let my bahu be Pragya!” Hearing that Abhigya were shocked and Pragya thought why Dadi is talking like this….
Abhi could feel Dadi is straining herself looking at Pragya for a while and asked her to go out of the ward for a while. Abhi “Dadi! Why are u staring at her like that?” Dadi “Oh…Why is she not wearing mangalsutra and sindhoor on her forehead?” Abhi “What are u saying Dadi? She is not married yet…How can she wear all that?” Dadi in anger said “Shut up Abhi! She is your wife and stop saying like this!” By saying that she was unconscious and Abhi called Doctor for help…..
Abhi asked “Doctor! Why is Dadi telling something that never happened before?” Doctor “What did she tell?” Abhi explained to the doctor. Doctor advised that Abhi should just follow in the way that Dadi wants him to be if not it will greatly affect her health…..
Abhi came to Pragya was sitting impatiently on not knowing what had happened to Dadi….Abhi “Fuggi! For now we have to act in front of Dadi…I know it’s difficult for u…but we have to act for Dadi…Will u act as my wife?”

Pragya, What’s this question? I am already your wife….It’s just that now you don’t remember me….
Pragya remained silent and looked at him. Abhi “Fuggi! Tell me na…Will u act as my wife?” She came back to senses and nodded her head in response. Abhi “Ok Fuggi…now we have to tell everyone at home and including Aunty…” Pragya “What? No please she would get worried knowing about this…” Abhi “No Fuggi…it’s not right to hide something like this…let me talk to Sarla aunty…she will listen to me!” Pragya thought, Ma will definitely listen to u….she always listen to u….
Abhigya left from there to see Dadi. Dadi was discharged from the hospital on that day. By then Abhi had informed everyone at home about Dadi’s condition. It made Aaliya and Tanu to be in the peak of disappointment but they were unable to do anything. Abhigya returned to home. Dadi looking at Pragya asked “Bahu! Is there any good news for me?” Abhi who was around there asked “Dadi! What good news are u expecting?” Dadi “Like having great-grandson or great-granddaughter!” Abhi was shocked hearing that and looked at Pragya. Pragya was looking at all directions and was unable to answer anything. Dadi “You two still haven’t do anything for me! Why?” Abhi “Dadi…We will do what u want but for now u should rest first!” Pragya stared at him in confusion and Abhi winked at her. Dadi saw that and was happy seeing Abhi winking at Pragya.
Pragya, Oh god! Why is there this awkward situation again? What am I supposed to do? He did managed Ma about staying with him….but what if Dadi just remain like this? Then what he will do? Will he just continue to act with me as my husband?

Abhi made Dadi to sleep after giving medicines and he asked Pragya to go to his room. Pragya was nervously standing in his room and was waiting for his arrival. He came and locked the door, making Pragya shocked. Pragya “Why did u lock the door?” Abhi with a smirk “To do what Dadi wants…” Pragya in shock “What?” Abhi “Just kidding yaar…don’t get shocked for this!” Pragya was relieved and gave a sigh and Abhi “Look Fuggi…I know Dadi is affected by head injury…but I didn’t know she had wishes like both of us to be husband and wife….I am surprised by that…Maybe she likes u more than Tanu….I am confused on what to do now…Just give me some time and I assure u that u would not get into any trouble…And most importantly don’t think I am using u for my selfishness…I have no choice as I can’t risk my Dadi’s health….” Pragya “How can I think that u are using me for your selfishness? I will never think like in that way…like how u feel Dadi’s health is important…it’s the same to me…she is also like my Dadi and I can understand how difficult it is for u to be in this situation…So for now u don’t have to worry about me…We have to take care Dadi and most importantly I will support u in whatever u do….” Abhi was amazed on how understanding Pragya was and it made him relieved that she is not thinking that he was selfish….Abhi “You are too good Fuggi! But one think I don’t understand is why Dadi is calling u Pragya when your name is Nikitha!” Pragya “How would I know? Maybe she wished to have a bahu by that name…and maybe that name suits my looks…” Abhi “Strange…ok that’s not important…by the way u have a lot of names!” Pragya smiled widely and said “I am special na…so I have a lot of names!” Abhi smiled hearing that and saw Pragya setting up the couch to sleep….Abhi thought, True enough u are special Fuggi….
As days passed, Abhigya were happy to be with each other. Although Abhi spent time with Tanu, he was more of himself when he was with Pragya….Sometimes he wished Tanu could have some characteristics of Pragya. As for Dadi, she didn’t like Abhi being with Tanu as she saw them going out for dinners. Pragya explained to Dadi that she no need to worry about all this as Abhi is only in love with her…But Dadi was not satisfied and she made some other plans….

Dadi “Abhi! Pragya! Nothing is happening by my wish here!” Pragya “Why are u telling like this Dadi…We are always here to do what u wish for….” Abhi “Yes Dadi! Fuggi is right!” Dadi “Shut up Abhi…how many times I have told u all to be together but u two are always busy in your own lives! Abhi u are always behind work…concerts…dinners with random people and you Pragya…what do I say? U are always looking after me when u should be taking care of Abhi too!” Abhigya were puzzled on how to reply to Dadi as she was very angry towards them…Abhi signalled to Pragya to go near and sit beside her….Pragya sat beside Dadi but was not sure how to convince Dadi….Abhi sat at the other end of the bed and told her “Ok Dadi I will cut down on my work and other stuff…and Pragya will take care of me from now onwards…but then who will take care of u if she take care of me?” Dadi in a stern tone “There is so many people here to take care of me and I also can take care of myself!” Abhi “Okok Dadi just relax and we will do as per your wish….Right Fuggi?” Pragya nodded her head in response and smiled. Dadi “So now onwards both of u must finish all your work by 6 pm and be in your room by then!” Abhigya at the same time said “What? Why so early?” Dadi “It’s my wish! And that’s it!” Abhigya looked at each other on the situation they have stuck at and had no choice but to agree to Dadi’s wish!
Abhi, Why is this Dadi so stubborn nowadays? What will Fuggi be thinking now? She would also weird being with me from 6 pm onwards…and what can we do like this in this same room?
He was in those thoughts when Pragya entered the room and Abhi was sitting on the bed. Pragya “Don’t think too much…All this is just for Dadi and she would be fine soon…” Abhi, She never fails to amaze me…always thinking about my thoughts…sometimes I wish she could be with me forever…
Pragya “Are u here?” Abhi “Haan…it’s actually…ya u are right!” Pragya smiled at his confusion and said “Do u mind watching movie with me?” Abhi “Movie? U wanna go out?” Pragya “No…here only…I saw some DVDs here…so why not watching movie together?” Abhi “Ya that’s a great idea! Let’s watch Fuggi!”

Pragya “What are u hiding from me?” Abhi “Nothing…I have to go now…I will see u later!” Pragya “Ok….Take care!” Abhi never said anything and rushed out of the room. Abhi, How can I tell u that I am going to miss u badly if u go away from me…..

Thank u everyone, Nirmal! I also miss all of u badly…ya but what to do? Stuck with exam preparations but I will try to update something to keep in touch with u all…Nannu! I will try to come up with something of Abhigya spending time with Megha…maybe some drabbles? Not sure I will do that if my brain works!
I am very sad especially not being able to reply to all your comments…Once again tonnes of thank u for reading! Each and every comment reduces my stress level so thank u so much for that! Princess Krisha! Is it Trichy? Ok for this two shots I think it’s just funny to me but still I am uploading it haha..I will upload the next one by tomorrow! Hopefully I can if I have sufficient energy…

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  1. B_Ani

    ha ha…really it was funny to read dadi’s conditions…but it was such an awesome piece didi…you nailed this too…loev this and u too?????

  2. superb di loved it awesome concept abhigya dadi scenes are nice waiting for the next one

  3. Princesskrisha

    Yes di u have guessed it right its trichy di ur so awesome di epi was fantabulous abhigya wanted to be united soon di love u di dont stress yourself di we all r here fr u di tk care di whenever u have any stress share with us di stay blessed di always di
    With love n care ur choti

  4. Awesome dear…. No words dear …. Don’t except ml to dadi…. Its really different…

  5. Wow it is really amazing yaar….. Love it…. Pls update soon……

  6. Truly amazing sissy??? awsm idea dadi memory loss ??????loved it completely sissy??❤❤ abhigya rockzz ????thankieww sissy love u lotzzz ?????❤❤??

  7. Awesome??…..
    Supero super diii….

  8. Prathi

    I am so in love with this!! I wish something like this happens in real KKB 😀

  9. I am missing u right now so badly. Wanna speak to u more but then can understand your situation and mine here is same as yours. Princess U are the only one soul who is with me in all cases through your writings. Even when I am stressed, sad, upset. I actually wait for your updates to make my mood normal. I had actually missed u so so much from todays morning. Don’t know why but then I was reading our last chats and was thinking how it would be if both of us get some time to text each other. Well leave it. Everything will be alright in some time. Hoping for good.
    And how’s your exams going? Hope u are taking care of yourself in those busy scheduled works. Pls take care. Your Invisible Bodyguard is always with u.
    What to tell now. No words. U just rock with all your Random shots and U be The Talented Tia. Gosh! Awesomeness, Cuteness,Perfectness Overloaded Shot it was. I mean Can’t describe in words. Repeating it again U never fail to put a Bright Smile on my face. Amazing yaar.
    Love U Sooooooo infinity wala much. Take care. And I am waiting for your next shot and my craziness Overloaded ff. Hehe. LOVE U. Sayonara.

  10. Suhani11

    Awesome akka….i loved it♥️♥️♥️♥️love you♥️♥️♥️♥️

  11. Thank you dear… I don’t want to miss you yaar.. By the way this one is fabulous. U rocked it. Really I loved it a lot yaar.. Dadi’s memory loss track is better than abhi’s… Waiting for the next update…

  12. Abiya

    So cute dr no words to explain how nice it is but really nice waiting for the next one

  13. Once again u came with rocking update! It was awesome???Loved it❤️❤️❤️ Waiting for the next shot!! Love u??

  14. That was awesome I loved it. Really good yarr. I was enjoying so much I did not want you to end it.

  15. shabana (crazy about abhigya)

    its just awesome ur literally an amazing writer and this shot was just fabulous ur way of thinking was just extraodinary

  16. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Toooooooooo AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE & Funnyyyyyyyy toooooooooo?????????????????????????Loved it………………..

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