Acts of love! Two shots! (KKB) Final shot


Pragya “So which movie are we watching?” Abhi “Wait Fuggi…I have to choose the best one from these DVDs! It’s my first time watching a movie with u and I want it to be the best!” Pragya remembered the day where both of them watched a horror movie halfway….and how Abhi was scared after that…..She smiled remembering that and Abhi wondered why she was smiling like that….Abhi “Why are u smiling like this?” Pragya was still lost in her memories and that’s when Abhi shouted “Fuggi!” Pragya came back to senses and asked “What happened? Why are u shouting?” Abhi “Then what can I do when u are not responding? Are u dreaming?” Pragya “…just thinking of what movie to watch….” Abhi “Acha…but I am sorry Fuggi….I can’t watch movie with u…” Pragya in a disappointed tone “Why? U don’t like my idea?” Abhi “Arrey nothing like that…it’s just that I have watched all this movies before and all are boring yaar…” Pragya “Oh I see…It’s ok then we shall sleep…”Abhi “What? Sleep at 7 pm? Are u fine?” Pragya “What’s wrong in that? U should be tired by now working from morning onwards…and I am also tired…so why not sleep early?” Abhi shook his head and told “No way! Sleeping so early is boring…We can watch some show in TV!” Pragya “U carry on! I am feeling sleepy…” She said by setting up the couch and Abhi was now disappointed….
Abhi, This Fuggi is also stubborn like Dadi! Just because I say no to movies now she is stubborn and went off to sleep…But I badly want to spent time with her….
Very soon Pragya doze off to sleep and Abhi who was unable to sleep looked at Pragya. He admired Pragya and thought, How long am I going to act with her like this? Why Dadi is saying like this? Does she really like Fuggi so much or something else had happened between Fuggi and me?
He decided that he should talk about this to Purab. Abhi, Only Purab can help me…all the others here are concerned about my health and hiding everything from me….Let me ask Purab about my confusions….

Abhi met Purab….
Abhi “Tell me the truth Purab! What happened to me in the past 2 years?” Purab looked shocked of Abhi’s question and he remained silent….Abhi “Purab! I treat u more than my friend…you are more like my brother….I know u are thinking whether it will affect my health…but trust me that I won’t strain myself to think about my past…but now I am confused of Dadi’s actions…why is she telling Fuggi as my wife? Please Purab….I just want to know was Fuggi related to me in any way?” Purab looked at Abhi who was emotionally pleading to know the truth….Purab “Ok Abhi…what I can tell u is Pragya di…yes it’s the actual name for your Fuggi…she was married to u 2 years back….u married her out of Aaliya’s misunderstanding that Pragya di was my lover…Then things was resolved between the two of u….complication came in the form of Tanu who said she was pregnant with your child….but she was not….It was Nikhil’s child…To prove this Pragya di transformed herself to an arrogant lady and after that so many things happened that made u believe that she is still your Fuggi….now the same two people who cheated u are always with u…and Pragya di is far from u looking at all this….” Abhi was shocked and was lost for words hearing all this from Purab….He sat down in disappointment on how he couldn’t remember anything about Aaliya and Tanu cheating on him….
Abhi “Purab! Can u help me?” Purab “What is it?” Abhi “Please don’t tell Fuggi that u have told me all this….Let it be this way where I have lost my memories…I want to make new memories with her….As for Aaliya and Tanu…Ignorance is the only treatment that I will give them to make them out of my life!” Purab smiled hearing that and said “I didn’t expect that Dadi’s memory loss will be a path for u to make new memories…” Abhi “What u mean? Dadi is having a memory loss?” Purab “Yes Abhi…that’s why she consider Pragya di and u as husband and wife just like the last time…she is even thinking of marrying me to Aaliya….but I have said that I am not interested in marriage now…” Abhi “Why Purab? I mean may be Aaliya is not that good…but why there is no interest in marriage?” Purab explained to Abhi about his love towards Bulbul and how he lost her. It made Abhi even more sad and looked at Purab with teary-eyed. Purab “Why are u getting emotional for this? She is still with me in my memories and everything I do…she always wanted her Jiju and di to be together…and that’s what I am always trying to do….” Abhi hugged Purab and assured him that he will always be with Pragya….
After knowing everything, Abhi became more caring towards Pragya….It made Pragya uncomfortable as she know all this is for a short period of time….Abhi completely ignored Aaliya and Tanu. He even made it clear to them that they do not need to involve in any of his decisions regarding his work or business.

Then one day….
Aaliya “Bhai! I know u are acting for Dadi! But do u know how much it affects Tanu? She is engaged to u and u are now being close to that Nikitha!” Abhi “ Not Nikitha! She is my Fuggi…my Pragya….and my Wife!” Aaliya was stunned to hear that and couldn’t believe what she heard….Aaliya “Bhai! Stop getting involved too much into acting…she is just your secretary!” Abhi “Not really she was my wife and she is my wife always!” Aaliya was now speechless and didn’t know how to respond….Abhi “Aaliya! I know u have done so many things against my wife…I can punish u for all that…but I can’t as I promised our parents that nobody will hurt u in anyway…then how can I hurt u now? But I can ignore u….That is also a kind of hurt but it will hurt me too….I don’t know whether u will change or not….but please get out from here if u still consider me as your Bhai!” Aaliya “I will leave Bhai but don’t trust that Pragya…she don’t deserve u!” Abhi “I know what I deserve sister….Thanks for your advice!” Aaliya left the house after that conversation and she never returned back to the house….As for Tanu, she was completely ignored by Abhi…He even gave the news to press that Tanu and him had a break up…It made Tanu furious but what made her not go against him was Abhi making her part of international contract. As a result, Tanu had also moved out of his life.
Abhi, Finally I managed to remove two people who made Fuggi and me miserable in all ways….I know what I have done is not enough…but if I took revenge then there will be more pain…more anger…more hatred….I want to experience love now….more love from Fuggi…That’s why I did this way….This is more better for Fuggi and me to be together…..
Pragya was also finding it difficult to believe that Abhi made Tanu to be out of his life…and most importantly she didn’t know that he also made Aaliya to be out of his life….He made everyone believed that Aaliya had went overseas regarding his business….

Pragya, Now how long I am going to act like this?
Abhi entered their room and looked at Pragya lost in some thoughts…Pragya realized he was back and looked at him with a smile. She felt he was hiding something from her. Pragya “What are u hiding from me?” Abhi “Nothing…I have to go now…I will see u later!” Pragya “Ok….Take care!” Abhi never said anything and rushed out of the room. Abhi, How can I tell u that I am going to miss u badly if u go away from me…..I am scared now what if u leave me…I know I have almost cleared the obstacles in our lives….but strangely I am scared at the thought if u leave me….
Abhi again entered the room and locked the door. Pragya took it lightly as she is used to him locking the door whenever he want to tell something important. Pragya “What’s the matter now?” Abhi walked closer to Pragya. Pragya looked at him and felt why is he walking nearer to her?

Abhi now held her hands and asked “Will u leave me if I want u?” Pragya was taken aback by the question and tried to move away from him. But his grip was tight and she couldn’t move away from him!
Abhi now asked in a seductive tone “Will u leave me if I kiss u?” Pragya was shocked again and the next moment he kissed her passionately! Pragya with difficulty said “What….are….u….doing?” Abhi “I don’t want u to leave me….Will u marry me if I love u?” Pragya was lost for words….She looked intently at his eyes and never did she expected that he would say those magical words again…..Abhi “Tell me Fuggi…I want to marry u….and I want to love u everyday…every moment…and in every look of yours…Will u give me that chance if I ask u?” Pragya couldn’t control herself and just hugged him with all her love for him…..Abhi “Ok then after marriage I want u in every way! Until then I will wait for u…..” Pragya blushed hearing that and Abhi “Love to see u blushing like this…but keep this in stock as it will be needed more after our marriage!” He went to unlock the door and Pragya couldn’t believe that her Abhi was going to marry her again….
Pragya, Maybe this is the best way that he can be with me….now there is no worries about the past…now there is only the happiness and expectations for the future….for our future….

After a few weeks, Abhigya married again secretly as Dadi’s health was still not good….Pragya thought as if it’s their first time for both of them not knowing the truth that Abhi already knew that he is married to her….Sometimes it’s better to have the truths to be hidden to make way for happiness….Abhi now fully accepted Pragya as his wife in all ways which only added to his love towards her…..

That’s how is the acts of love….the acts of love where Abhi and Pragya acted with each other to make new memories and new life together!

Thank u everyone especially for the words of support from my chotis! The support and excitement that u all show makes me crazy in all ways…haha it’s funny of me whenever I am coming with random updates especially when I am running out of time for my exam preparations…I guess I am turning completely crazy….It’s ok I dedicate my craziness to my friends here! So what I can tell myself is Happy crazying to me! Lolz ok bye guys and take care! About this two shots I still find it funny of me to think this way….

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  1. Hi di..i am a silent reader of ur ff os ts…well all ur crazy thoughts which make me happy crazily…donno y bt if i c ur name in author i did surely read it..i jst love ur random thoughts n ur way of so selfish tat i want u to rite continously….n yeah i wont cmnt bt ll surely read ur writings…take care di…waiting for ur nxt update..with love choti

  2. Abiya

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  4. B_Ani

    its just fantabulous…lovely di…u wont believe…even i am gng crazy…coz of your writings…i am happily crazy and i love it 🙂 🙂 🙂
    and love u tooooo….❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  6. shabana (crazy about abhigya)

    afterall didi the part two was bestest it was just amazing u thought it funny but we r waiting long to happen in real KKB u you to thought the same and u r indeed an amazing writer ur ff ur words r just magical…
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