my reation when i watch kaira in yrkkh (L-R)
1)when i watch kaira romance - i am standing with angry face
2) then i see more kaira (See more) romance and no shinghaniya family bonding and that dadi goenka face -i start crying cvs you spoil my fav shoe
3) then i get 0.1 sec keesh scene - i get a ray of hope that yrkkh isnt destroyed yet they have charm and i erase my tears from cheeks
4)then with keesh on backseat is kaira fully over-shadowing keesh-i am onn verge of breakdown
5)then cvs give keerti a dialog "ki naira me tumahari jaisi banna chahti hoon"- -hey bhagwan cvs ko utha le plz
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Maryam_ishq Omg u nailed it !! Haha ????.... but ur expressions would be way better thn naira's... atleast naira ke rone dhone ka kuch toh fayda huwa
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Kaina1 sahi me yaar isske scene dekh kar itna frusttion hota hai so i thought why not laugh at them kum se kum frustation toh kum hoga
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Medha Expressions k liye tumne Naira ko choose kiya....??
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Kaina1 no dear actually in tommorrow episode this scene was aired and it was suppose to make us sad that kaira are breaking but instead it made me frustated all due this over-acting ki dukan #ihateher
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