Rain drops..
Sona see Jadaadhaar Dev..
The rain drop goes inside the flute ..Drops travel..Camera goes..through it
On the other side
Drum Beater Dev n Axer Shivaay in rain (See more) too..
Both see the sky..
From inside of the (wooden)house(nearby IceHill),
With Clothes,
A Lovelie comes in running..
She:"U 2..Come Inside.."
Shivaay show the axe..
"We Come"..
In his Eyes,
She wearing a big cloth hiding his head n hands leg to cover rain..
N see them..
Her Eyes..
Dev waves his hand..
With his hand,
The flute goes high..
The Droplets fall on his hand..
He hold the flute in left hand fingers n strt playing..
In Sona's mind..
"Somewhere Hearing tuning tat radio"
She sees Dev..
The camera goes very very back..
Jadadhaar Dev playing hanging downward on a tree like a Bat..

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Aleya.marzan Im not getting devs role
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HarSHaN Mm..2 Devs..One is Jadaadhaari Like LordShiv..Another one is Artist..(Drum beater)..3 r very powerful..Bt 2 r coming from Jadaadhaar..Dev..
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Aleya.marzan Oh inthink ots jatadhaari.donno r8 ly
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