Actions Speak Louder Than Words – One Shot

Hey guys ??? whats up? Well I’m here with an os. I know it’s surprising coz I don’t write is much. I had a fought to post it or not. But I posted it anyway. So it’s up to you to decide wether it’s good or bad ???.

WARNING!!! Long OS ???


……Actions Speak Louder Than Words……


It’s a beautifully decorated mansion. Lights, flowers everywhere. People are running here and there. Everyone’s busy. A girl is sitting on the staircase with a troubled look.

“Abae ooo hone waali dulhan ji……! You look like someone’s ready to face death penalty! Smile na yaar! Yeh tumhari shadi hai!!”

The girl who was sitting on the staircase, suddenly turned her head towards the direction that came the voice. Her face adorned with a bright smile.

“Sanchi….!!” She yelled happily.

There, where the entrance to the mansion, was the said girl, Sanchi, wearing a light blue dress and holding a bag. She smiled at the girl who called her name and walked towards her hurriedly. In her hurry, she stepped on some wires and tripped, her had hitting a basket filled with flowers. She fell down but didn’t hit the rough hard floor. She opened her eyes that she closed due to the fear of falling down to see what happened. She got shocked to see what happened. She was on top of a drop dead gorgeous guy who opened his eyes to see how the hell he fell to the ground.

The guy was about to scold the person who made him fall but stopped himself from saying anything when he saw the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen in his life. The owner of those beautiful eyes, had a beautiful face too. But he was lost in those mesmerizing eyes. Flowers raining over them.

“Sanchi! Bhai! Aap dono theek hai?”

Someone’s voice made them get back to their senses. Sanchi got off of the guy and stood up. “Yeah Pragya, I’m alright.”

“Hmm” came the guy’s reply.

“I’m really sorry mister. I didn’t saw those wires and that’s why I tripped. Again, sorry for the trouble I caused!! ???” Sanchi said apologetically.

“It’s alright” came the guys short reply.

“??? BHAI….!! Are you okay? Are you sick? Did you hit your head when you fell? Do you have high fever ???? Did your did got poisoned?” Exclaimed the girl named Pragya.

“Kya bakwaas hai Pragya?” Asked the guy.

“See na bhai, she tripped and fell on you making you fall too. Yet, you didn’t scold her for being careless like you normally would. So I guess there’s something wrong with you!!”

“She said na she didn’t saw the wires and tripped over it. She accepted it was her fault. How can I scold someone when the person admit their fault?”

“Ok ok whatever!! Bhai, meet my best friend, Sanchi!! Sanchi, this, is my brother-”

“Kabir Kapoor” the guy introduced himself, cutting off his sister.

“Nice to meet you Kabir, I’m Sanchi” she accepted his hand in a handshake.

“So I’ve been heard. Pragya always talk about you. Sanchi yeh…. Sanchi woh…. sometimes I get headaches listening to her rant about you”

Sanchi got annoyed by his comment. “I’m so sorry to disappoint you Kabir, but I can’t say the same about you. Your sister hardly talk about you at all!!” She replied sarcastically making Kabir raise an eyebrow at her.

Another guy came there trying to stop laughing but failing terribly. “??? oh god!! Thank you so much!! Miss Golgappa made the khadoos hitler run out of words!! This is the best wedding gift ever!! I love you God!! ???”

“VEER!!! Good to see you yaar, I missed you!!” Sanchi hugged the new guy. “I still can’t believe you, my dear stupid nalayak is getting married.” She pinched both of his cheeks.

“Ouch yaar it hurts!! And stop calling me nalayak!! My brother-in-law to be is here too. What will he think about me?”

“I already know you’re a nalayak. But what to do? My stupid sister loves you. All I want is her happiness”

Pragya gave a warm smile and hugged her brother.

“Not fair yaar! Everyone’s mean!! ??? Veer cried dramatically.

“Alright guys, that’s enough!! Shadi ka ghar hai. Bohoth kaam karni hai. Chalo dulhan ji, now that I’m here I want to see a big smile on your face ???” Sanchi grinned comically while dragging Pragya to the other way, making Kabir laugh.

“??? BHAI….!! You laughed!!” A shocked Veer explained.


“I think maybe you’re falling for Sanchi ??? don’t worry! Woh bohot achchi ladki hai. But there’s a small problem”

“Band kar teri bakwaas. Aisa kuch nahi hai. But what’s the small problem you said?”

“Why should I tell you? You just said there’s nothing like I said na? So why do you wanna know?”

Kabir glared at him.

“Ok ok the problem is that Sanchi-”

“Veer were are you? Come there’s something you need to see” Anand came there and took him away.

“Baad mein batati hun bhai” he yelled while going.

Days passed so did the pre wedding rituals. Sanchi and Kabir worked together and made everything so beautiful. During all these preparations, they got to know each other too.

She learned that he went London for his PhD, and was working in a hospital there. That’s why they haven’t met before, even Sanchi and Pragya have been friends since college.

He learned that she is a doctor in SDCH. And also a very sweet person. Her parents passed away due to a car crash. Whenever he learn something new about her, he thought of her as a ‘one of a kind’ girl.

She also figured that he isn’t khadoos as he show others. She always managed to break his khadoos shield and made him smile. They became close friends.

“You know what Kabir? You need to be more friendly with others. We’re all your friends na? Just don’t be so stern all the time”

Just because of those words of hers, he tried be more like others. He became somewhat different. Everyone noticed this remarkable difference. Sanchi even made Kabir dance with her in Pragya’s sangeet.

Now it came to the night before the wedding day. Kabir asked Sanchi to come to the terrace.

“Hey, why did you call me here?” – Sanchi

“Uh… I uh…” He was nervous as hell, but he had to say this to her. “Sanchi… I wanted to say… that… I know we’ve been known to each other for few days only. I mean we don’t know much about each other…. you don’t have to say anything right now. You can think about it. I just- I”

She placed her hand on his shoulder. “It’s ok Kabir. Just calm down first, ok? Take a deep breath. Now tell me why you called me here exactly?” Her voice soothed his nerves.

Looking in to her eyes, he said “I love you, will you marry me?” in one breath.

Her eyes widened in shock and she couldn’t look away from his intense gaze. She looked for a hint of a lie in his eyes, but there was nothing but honesty. She gave him a warm smile. “You know Kabir, you didn’t say much and didn’t do anything extravagant like those guys in the films do. But the way you said it and the way you struggled to say it was so cute. It was the sweetest way to confess ???. If I didn’t have a boyfriend, I would’ve seriously consider your confession ??? but what to do? My bad luck!! By the way, you’re a good actor. It never occurred to me that you’re just completing a dare ???”

Kabir’s heart sank at her words. **She already has a boyfriend? See how your luck is Kabir!! The only girl who managed to get your attention and made you fall for her is already taken. And she thinks your confession is a blo*dy damn dare!! Now don’t show her you were serious, just go along with her stupid misunderstanding!!**

Not wanting to lose a good friend, he decided to hide his feelings and act normal.

He gave a small smile. “Yeah it was Veer’s dare. Please Sanchi, don’t tell him I was stammering, Ok?”

“Of course I won’t!! Can’t let him think his brother-in-law to be is not so khadoos and actually, so cute!! Anyway, it’s so late now. We have a lot to do tomorrow na, we should get some sleep. Good night!!”

“Yeah, good night!”

Unknown to them two were listening to their convo secretly.

“Abae ooo nalayak! When did you gave a dare to him?”

“Pragya I didn’t dare him anything!! I don’t know why he said like that!”

“So if you havent dared him, then…. Bhai loves Sanchi? Yaar I knew he likes her but?”

“And he got rejected too. That’s really sad. Miss Golgappa and he would’ve made a beautiful couple!”

“Hmm… bhai’s first love. Don’t mention we know any of this. Just act normally. Yaar… how I wish Sanchi actually ditch that dumb boyfriend of hers and be my bhabi!!”

……….two days later……….

Wedding went wonderfully. Now everyone’s going back. Sanchi, Kabir and Praveer is in the airport right now.

“Ah!!! I don’t wanna go back to work!! You two are going to Paris for your honeymoon, Kabir’s going to London and me…. I’m going to work!!”

“Oh hello!! I’m not going for a vacation in London. I’m going to work too!!”

“But still Kabir, it’s London na!”

“““announcement for Praveer’s flight“““

“Ok guys that’s our call. Gotta go. See you later. Bye!!”

Veer and Pragya hugged Kabir and Sanchi and bid their goodbyes.

One hour later, another flight announcement was heard.

“I’m going too then” – Kabir


“What’s ‘Hmm’ supposed to mean?” He asked annoyed.

In return, he got a surprised hug. “I’ll miss you!!” She whispered.

He smiled and returned her hug. “I’m sure I won’t!”

She ignored his comment and stayed like that for few seconds more before letting him go.

He went ahead. Turning back, he waved at her and disappeared.

She couldn’t understand why she felt a pang in her heart when she saw him leaving through the glass doors.

**Tum bhi na Sanchi! Don’t think too much. Your two best friends went to Paris and your newly made best friend went to London. That’s why you’re gertting sad!! You have one more hour till your flight. Chal. Buy something for your boyfriend!** she told herself.

One year later

A handsome man wearing a midnight blue suit with a crisp white shirt, entered the Savitri Devi College and Hospital. Male female all eyes turned to see this new guy. He removed his sunglasses. All female population present there at the moment were stunned to see him. Not even sparing a single glance to any of them, he walked to a couple. His walk held confidence.

“Bhai!!” A girl welcomed the man with a hug.

“Hey Pragya… Veer” he greeted the other guy too sharing a brotherly hug.

“Kabir bhai, it’s great to see you back. And your joining this hospital too!”

“Waise, Sanchi kaha hai?”

Pragya and Veer shared a look between them.

“Her cabin is over there. You can go and meet her” Veer said pointing a direction.

He went to that direction and found a door with a name plate saying ‘Sanchi Mishra’. He was about to knock when he heard someone scolding someone loudly.

“How can you be so careless? This is about a patient’s life! Do you have any idea this man could’ve died because of wrong medicine?”

“I’m sorry ma’am”

“What should I do with your sorry if something happened? One more mistake and you’re fired! Now GET OUT!!”

A nurse came out of the door crying. Another nurse rushed to pacify her. “You should be extra careful. You know na ma’am get so angry even for a small mistake”

“Honestly, I don’t understand what happened to the kind and sweet girl from before. She wasn’t like this always” another nurse added.

With a thousand questions in mind, Kabir opened the door before him without knocking.

Just as he entered, “I don’t care whoever you are. Get out, knock on the door and then come back” a voice snapped at him from a chair that was turned away from him.

“What of I refused to do that?” He asked in an equally stern voice, making the chair turn to him.

“Kabir?” A very little hint of a smile spread through her face.

But her smile didn’t make him happy. All he could see was a workaholic before him. The radiance he saw in her face an year ago wasn’t there. She look so tired. No life in her face.

“Why are you standing over there? Sit”

And she was being too formal with him. This isn’t the Sanchi he first met.

“I didn’t know you were coming back. When did you came?” She asked.

“Well you would’ve known before if you had answered any of my calls or messages. Or if you talked with Veer or Pragya” he said in a way of taunting.

She frowned. “I’ve been busy. And I had sent you a message telling you that!” She snapped.

“Yeah yeah 10 months ago. Seriously? Is that how you treat your friends? I am insulted!”

She looked away. “I had so much work. I didn’t have time!” She protested.

“Of course!! Then I guess I’m wasting your precious time too right? I’m going!” He stood angrily and went to the door.

He stopped when he heard her voice. “Kabir, it’s not like that. I…” She halted.

“See you later Sanchi” with that he opened the door and went out.

He staightly went outside. Veer and Pragya rushed there to see him.

“What the hell is wrong with that girl? Why is she behaving like that?”

“Bhai calm down. We’ll tell you what we know”

“We don’t know the whole story, but it all happened because of her boyfriend. Now her ex. After the wedding when she came back, something big happened. She broke up with him. She never shared anything about what happened, with us. Not even a single drop of tears in her eyes. When we came back from Paris, we met this new emotionless Sanchi, who only cared about her work. She isolated herself in work and pushed us away. Whenever we try to talk to her, she is busy. She haven’t come to any party or occasion for the past year! We couldn’t help her coz we don’t know anything about what happened” few tears dropped from Pragya’s eyes.

“Don’t worry. Let’s figure out what happened and bring back our old Sanchi” Kabir said with determination.

“Don’t worry wifey, if anyone can bring old pagal Sanchi back, that’s your khadoos bhai” Veer whispered to his wife

“Yeah! Bhai loves her still. I can see it in his eyes! One year before, she managed to get in to his heart. He couldn’t forget his feelings no matter how normal he act. Let’s see how hitler work his charms” Pragya too agreed.

“Abae ooo don’t start matchmaking yet!!” Veer scolded her.

“C’mon na nalayak! Don’t ruin my dreams!!”

Few days have passed. Kabir is now working in SDCH too. He’s in his usual strict nature but always observed Sanchi from distance and noticed how changed she was. After the not so friendly conversation he had with Sanchi, they haven’t talk much except work related stuff.

Today, after a major surgery, Sanchi came to the parking area, ready to go home only to see that her car had a punctured tire. On a normal day she would’ve changed the tire on her own but today, she’s so tired and it’s late night to ask someone’s help. She decided to leave her car there and go by a taxi. Just then a car slowed down at her feet and the window of the driver’s side rolled down.

Driver revealing to be none other than Kabir, “Why are you on the road at this time of night?” Came his question for her.

“Punctured tire” came her short reply.

“Get in then. I’ll drop you”

“It’s alright, I’ll manage”

“Sanchi….?” A warning held in his voice.

“Ok fine!”

She just told her address and was silent. Even Kabir didn’t want to talk but kept stealing glances at her. She seemed to be lost in somewhere.

When they reached her house, both got down. Kabir walked over to Sanchi.

“Thank you for dropping me Kabir”

“Sanchi, we’re friends. I don’t know if you still consider me to be your friend but I still do. You don’t have to thank me”

She gave a sad smile but didn’t say anything and turned to go. He stopped her holding her hand.

“Don’t be like this sanchi, he’s not worth it”

Her head snapped to his face. “Wha-”

He placed a finger on her lips. “I don’t know what happened a year ago, and im not asking you. But whatever it is, don’t be like this. Don’t shut yourself from others and get emotionless. You’re a beautiful person, outside as well as from inside. Just let everything out for once and start afresh. We all are here for you. You’re not alone!” he said gently caressing her face.

His kind, gentle voice and his soft expression penetrated her cold emotionless barrier. She hugged him tight and buried her face in his chest. He stroked her head gently to calm her. He felt her sobbing silently and her tears were wetting his shirt. Little by little her cries got louder and louder. He sat on the ground leaning on his car, with her still in his arms.

“Just cry today and let all your pain go. Let it go away from you, so you can embrace the happiness that will come for you in the future….” He was whispering in her ears soothing her.

After crying so much she started to talk with him. “One year ago-”

“Sshhh..!! You don’t have to tell me”

She struggled to speak as she was still sobbing. “Bu-but I-I want to! I want to tell s-someone and get it out of my h-heart! Wo-would you lis-listen to me? Pl-please?” She felt him nodded in reply.

  • “His name was Vikrant Chawla. One year ago, after Pragya’s wedding, I went to his house to meet him. I told him I was coming on the next day coz that was what I had initially planned. But when I came home, I just wanted to see him. So I went to his house to surprise him. But I was the one who got surprised instead. His servant opened the door to let me in. When I asked about Vikrant, that servant told me he asked not to be disturbed. But I thought I was his girlfriend and he’d be happy to see me!! So I went staightly to his room, only to find him there with his secretary!! I-I couldn’t believe my eyes!! The person who I loved more than anything was… He was with her… I- hahaha I couldn’t understand why he was avoid my calls and even when he was talking with me he’d hang up quickly. I thought he’s just busy with his work. But actually hahaha you know that’s when I realized actions speak louder than words.”

His arms around her, tightened, not only to comfort her but also to control his anger. Few moments later, he managed to ask her a question. “Why didn’t you tell anyone? Why did you keep it in your heart?”

“I couldn’t. Pragya and Veer got married and they were so happy. I couldn’t ruin their happiness and make them worry about me. You were gone and I knew that you had too much on your plate. I didn’t want to be a burden to you guys. And I was shocked. I-I didn’t even cry. Not until today…”

“Sanchi… how can you even think for a moment that you’re a burden to us? No matter how much work I had or just because those two got married, doesn’t mean if you have a problem you can’t share to with us. We’re always there for you. If those two idiots hear what you just said, they’d murder you!!”

That last part made her chuckle softly. He kissed the side of her head in assurance. They stayed like that for few more minutes.

Suddenly, his phone rang making Sanchi get away from him and both stood up. He took his phone out and saw the caller was his mother. “Haa maa… I’m coming… ok ok bye”

“You should go now. Your mother must be waiting for you”

“Yeah, but Sanchi, will you promise me something?”


“Promise me you won’t turn to that strict khadoos person again?” He was hopeful.

She took his hands on hers. “Kabir, I was a broken person until a few moments ago. Because of you those broken pieces of me are starting to come together now. You made me feel alive again. It won’t be easy for me to be the old Sanchi again, but I’ll definitely try” she smiled giving his hands a light squeeze.

Unlike the time he saw her when he came back to India, this time her smile reminded him the time he met her in Goa. It was like the worriedness, tiredness that filled her face vanished instantly.

Within the next few days, Sanchi talked with Veer and Pragya. At first, they were angry with her.

Little by little little by little Sanchi was coming back to her old self. Not completely, but now she’s a bit more kind to others. Don’t get angry and yell at people. She often greet everyone with a smile, not with a frown. She often go out with her friends. Girly lunch dates with Pragya, saves Veer from Kabir’s wrath when he do a stupid prank on Kabir, fun outings with all 3 of them, family get togethers with both Malhotra and Kapoor families. Just like that another 8 months have flyed.

To the whole hospital, Kabir is the khadoos hitler. He is strict. He punishes poor interns. And most importantly, he doesn’t spare a glance to all the nurses and lady doctors who are competing for his affection. But on the other hand, when he is with Sanchi, he’s cheerful, carefree and a loving person. Sanchi considers herself lucky to be able to see this side of him. What she doesn’t know is that she is the one who’s bringing out that kind side of him.

Day by day Sanchi thinks about him more. Or you can say he has completely invaded her heart. Whatever she do, she end up thinking about him. **Am I in love??** She questions herself. She know the answer very well but afraid to accept it. What should she do if he doesn’t feel the same way now after more than a year and a half??

Today, it’s a Valentine’s party in Malhotra Mansion organized by Dr. Malhotra. Some people from SDCH, well known businessmen and many more are invited.

Sanchi was standing near a counter. She was wearing a gorgeous red dress with black designs that fit her perfectly. A glass of red wine in her hand and she was talking with someone over the phone. Her voice is troubled. “Kabir kaha ho tum? I can’t even find Pragya and Veer!! You’re not here too. Don’t know why I agreed to come here!”

The caller aka Kabir, might’ve told her something to stop her whine. “Ok I’ll wait here but come soon!!” Ending the call she turned around, only to be greeted by a couple.

The man decided to talk. “Well well well!! Look who’s here. It’s my Sanchi baby… oops!! Dr. Sanchi Mishra… it’s been a while since I last saw you. How are you?”

“What are you saying Vicky baby, she had been disappeared from all events and parties since you ditched her. She’s so miserable still coz you chose ME over HER!!” The lady who was hanging in to his arm replied taunting.

Their words made Sanchi raise an eyebrow irritate. She was about to give a comment to leave them speechless when she felt someone’s arm wrap around her waist. Tilting her head to a side she came face to face with a dashing Kabir, wearing a sinful black suit with a red shirt, top few buttons undone.

Kabir placed a chaste kiss on her cheek with a comment making her smile. “It should be illegal for someone to be this beautiful!!”

“You don’t look bad too” she complemented him.

“I don’t look bad? Seriously? That’s all? Oh god! All my hard work to get a good complement went in vain. It’s really hard to get a good complement from you sweetheart..!!” he said taking a sip from her drink with a playful smirk making her laugh at his words.

That’s when the couple who were talking with Sanchi earlier, grabbed his attention. “Oh! Sorry. I didn’t realize we had company.”

“I’m Vikrant Chawla the owner of the Chawla group” the man introduced himself.

“Oh, so you’re that blo*dy bas***d who broke my Sanchi’s heart? I was waiting for the day I’ll meet you. I want say thank you. Thank you far making her realize what kind of a cheat you are. If that bad incident didn’t happen, how would I be this wonderful person’s fiance?” Kabir pulled her to him.

Vikrant’s face hardened in anger with Kabir’s calm words.

“Oh and I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Kabir Kapoor by the way. Well seems like we wasted to much time with you two. It’s a Valentine’s party. Not a ex boyfriend/ girlfriend reunion party. So we should be enjoying with our partners.” He turned to Sanchi. “Mind if I have this dance?” He took her hand and lead her to the dance floor.

“Vicky, I can’t believe it!! How could she get engaged with Dr. Kabir Kapoor? He’s a world famous neurosurgeon who came to settle in India few months back. Sanchi and him? What did that drop dead gorgeous guy saw in her? Vicky? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“Just shut up Riya!! I can’t believe it. Sanchi…. meri Sanchi baby…. has moved on? How could she?”

Riya was extremely hurt. “Vicky? Are you still thinking about her?”

“No baby…. I don’t! But I was her first love. Now she seems to be happy with that Kabir guy more than she was with me!! I just don’t want to see her happy. I have pride too na. Anyway, c’mon. Let’s dance.”

Meanwhile, Kabir and Sanchi reached the dance floor.

“Kabir, I can’t dance!”

“Don’t worry, just let me handle.”

He took one of her hands in one of his. Then he placed her other hand on his shoulder and his free hand around her waist.

Music starts to play. Tumhi dekho na…

He pulled her by her waist making her step on his feet. “Kabir yeh kya?”

“Sshhh!!! I’m teaching you how to dance”

Tumhi dekho na, yeh kya ho gaya

Tumhara hoon main aur tum meri

Main hairaan hoon, tumhein kya kahoon

Ke din mein hui kaise chaandani

Kabir was stepping to the beat holding her securely, not letting her fall. They were so close. Well too close. Sanchi’s heart beat raised kilometre per hour. Yet, she couldn’t look away from his intense gaze.

………. Some people from the hospital ……….

“Awww they look so cute….”

“I knew it!! I knew it!! Dr. Kabir likes Dr. Sanchi. That’s why he’s always nice to her”

“Haye Ram!! She stole him from us!! Now we’ll have to see them together!! What sin have we done in the past life??”

Seems like all ladies were disappointed to know their heartthrob’s heart is already stolen before they even know him.

………. With Sanchi and Kabir……….

“Why did you lie?” She asked softly.

Behke behke se mann

Mehke mehke se tann

Ujli ujli fizaaon mein hai

Aaj hum hain jahan kitni ranginiyan

Chhalki chhalki nigaahon mein hai

Neeli neeli ghataaon se hai chhan rahi

Halki halki roshni

“What did I lie about?”

“That you’re my fiance”

“To show that blo*dy bas***d you have moved on. Otherwise he’d think you still can’t get over him. Well that’s the truth but he doesn’t have to know na?” he said casually looking away from her.

“That’s not the truth!” She protested angrily and tried to get away from him.

He held her more closer and tightly. “Really?”

“Yes” She didn’t bother to say any further but her mind was a mess. **If I was still thinking about him, I won’t let you get closer to me like this Kabir. I don’t know what to do. I want to tell you everything in my heart but I’m scared.**

Main toh anjaan thi, yon bhi hoga kabhi

Pyaar barsega yun toot ke

Sach yeh ikraar hai, sach yahi pyaar hai

Baaki bandhan hai sab jhooth ke

Meri saanson mein hai ghul rahi pyaar ki

Dheemi dheemi raagini

Kabir noticed that his partner was lost somewhere. He placed his head on her shoulder and sang in her ears.

Tumhi dekho na, yeh kya ho gaya

Tumhara hoon main aur tum meri

Hearing him whisper in her ears, she came back to her senses and feeling him more closer than even before, she blushed like a tomato. Seeing her face he chuckled. “Enough dancing. My feet hurt carrying you. You’re too heavy” he lead her out of the dance floor.

“So who told you to bother? I told you I can’t dance! And now, your complaining!! You know what? Just stay here!!” She angrily went away.

After that incident, it took so much of his efforts to pacify her. From flowers and chocolates to many more things but she didn’t talk with him. She finally talked to him when he blindfolded her and took her to a cliff like place with the help of Praveer.

That place was so beautiful. When you look down, you can see city lights for miles. She was fascinated by the sight that she forgot that she was angry with him. “It’s so beautiful Kabir!! Thank you!! Thank you so much for bringing me here” she jumped like a kid, holding his hand.

They sat there looking at those city lights that goes for miles, endless starry sky silently.

Kabir decided to break the ice. “So… are you still angry with me for what I said in the party?”

She started to laugh. “??? No Kabir! I forgot that days ago ???”

“Then why were you ignoring me?”

Her laugh died down. “Aisa kuch-”

“Don’t say there’s nothing like that! I know there’s something bothering you. Just tell me…!”

“It’s… I just… I wanted to tell you something”


She placed her head on his shoulder. Taking a deep a deep breath she started to talk. “Do you remember when you proposed me in Goa the day before Praveer’s wedding?”

He had a flashback. “Ah… my stupid dare! You still remember that?” He said with a small laugh.

“Stop acting Kabir. I knew it wasn’t a dare”

His eyes widened. “What do you mean? It was Veer-”

“I knew Veer didn’t have anything to do with it. You were so sincere and so truthful. A person who was completing a dare can’t be that sincere. You weren’t doing a dare, you were telling me your true feelings. I knew that!! I just made a story about a dare coz I couldn’t reject you. I couldn’t accept you but I couldn’t reject you either. You seems to be khadoos and all but still you’re so pure at heart. Even when I just said about a dare, you went along with that too hiding your feelings in your heart. I’m sorry Kabir. I really am.”

He didn’t know what to say. He thought she really didn’t know. He stared at ahead and asked, “It’s been more than a year. Why are you telling me this now?”

“I wanted to tell you then too but I every time I see your eyes, I lose my courage. I didnt want to lose your friendship. I’m sorry!”

“It’s alright. It’s over now”

“Is it really over?” He understood the hidden question behind her words. She was indirectly asking if he still has feelings for her.

“There’s no point talking about past. By the way, did you know Praveer’s wedding 2nd anniversary is coming. What should we do?” He changed the topic averting his eyes.

Understanding what he was doing, she stood up making him look at her in question. Giving him a small smile she said, “I’ll think about it. For now we should go. It’s late now”

During the ride back home, both were silent. Kabir’s car came to a stop in front of Sanchi’s gate.

“You asked why I brought up that topic after all this time.”

He again looked away. She placed her palm on his cheek and made him look at her. Leaning to him from her seat, she kissed his lips softly and whispered “I love you”

He was in a daze not getting what the hell just happened. She took that as a chance and ran to her house getting out of his car. She was afraid what he might say. By the time Kabir got out of his shock she was already inside. He yelled at her to come back but she didn’t.

……….next day morning……….

Sanchi unwillingly got ready to go to the hospital. She didn’t want to face Kabir so soon after last night. She got 1000W shock when she opened the door and saw a very familiar person standing before her eyes. His back was turned to her but she’s not an idiot not to recognise him. “Kabir?” Came her inaudible gasp. She took a step back and tried to close the door before he see her but luck wasn’t in her side.

Kabir turned around and grabbed her hand, opening the door wider. “You didn’t even say good morning and invited me inside. You were going to close the door. How rude of you Dr. Sanchi” Holding her hand, he stepped closer to her. She stepped back. Suddenly, she heard the door closing only to realize now both of them were inside.

“Kabir I-”

He turned them and pinned her to the door. “Sshhh!!! What do you think? You can just say you love me like that and hide from me?”

“I-I kn-”

“Chup! Ek dam chup! You won’t talk now. You said a lot yesterday” his voice was husky in her ears. She obeyed silently to his command not being able to get out of his arms that was caging her to the door. “Did you thought I was blind? I knew you love me for some time. Every time you can’t see me your eyes run over to find me. If I didn’t talk with you properly you look like I did some crime. You share your every little thing with me even if you haven’t told Pragya or Veer. Every time I come closer to you your heart beat raises. You let me come closer to you. Those are the most important facts but there are still more”

“Was I that obvious?” She asked with her eyes closed in embarrassment.

“Ummhmm and it was so cute. After when you told me so kindly that you have a boyfriend, I never expected to see you fall for me. It’s a beautiful experience. And a beautiful feeling. Your every action made me feel that you love me”

She was blushing madly.

“And this blush, I could just watch it all day”

“Kabiirr!! Stop it na. You’re embarrassing me!!” She buried her face in the crook of his neck.

“Hahaha why is it embarrassing? It’s so cute.”

“I don’t care! I don’t wanna hear anymore!!”

“Not even my reply to your love confession last night?”

She stiffened in his arms. He made her face him. She wasn’t looking at him.

She had her eyes closed. She didn’t want to face him. Then she felt a soft touch on her lips. A second later he pulled away. She opened her eyes to see his.

He asked, “Was that a good enough reply?”

She looked dumbfounded. “What do you mean?”

“Offo meri tubelight ki dukaan!! You should know better now!! Actions speak louder than words!!”

Her eyes widened in realization. “Oh! So you-”

“Yes, but you didn’t understand it first. So I think that wasn’t enough!” he then silenced all her questions capturing her lips with hers. She closed her eyes instinctively, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him closer as his arms snaked around her waist never to let her go.

She didn’t even realize him sliping a ring on her left hand ring finger. What will be her reaction when she see it later ???. Well she’ll only think one thing.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words!!!


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