Across My Hearts Window (Chapter 3)


A few days later….

“Amma,Amma!” I called. ” What is it,kanna?” my mother replied. I grabbed my mother hand and took her to my grandma’s bedroom. Her eyes scanned the bed on which I had kept a few dresses which I had thought of wearing at my cousin Kadambari’s wedding.

One of them which I hoped my mother liked was a purple and silver half saree, which I wanted to wear since I looked quite good in shades of purple/blue.

My mom somehow read my mind and told me to wear the purple-silver half saree, and she quickly ran out to help someone. The wedding was tomorrow so everyone was busy, and we were staying in my maternal grandmothers house, so as you can imagine it was very hectic. I then proceeded to pick some nice silver jewelry to match with my clothes, as I did I remembered the day when we visited the temple, and couldn’t help but smile when I thought about Govinda. I wonder when I will get to see him again.Then it struck me that I still had Lalita’s email id so I could contact her, obviously to speak with her but also to see Govinda (discreetly of course,I can’t tell anyone about my crush). I took my phone out and typed out an email asking her if she had an google+ account so we could chat, to which she said yes so we started chatting.

Haripriya and Lalita’s chat

HP: hey!

Lalita: Hi, how are you?

HP: great, how are you?

Lalita: I am awesome, and oh by the way, we are in bengaluru now, my first visit.

HP: Really? wow we are in b’lore too!You better check out all the cool places here.

Lalita: That is a coincidence, we are here to attend somebody’s wedding, some teacher of my brother Harshith.

HP: I did not know you had another bro, is he your younger brother?

Lalita: Nope, He is very much my older brother, but very annoying 😛

HP: Oh, i don’t have any siblings..but you know you’re at least lucky to have a brother.

Lalita: yeah? I guess! um Haripriya I need to go my dad is calling me.

HP: Sure! We will catch up later, byee!


They were here for a wedding? In Bengaluru? What a coincidence…

Thinking about the interesting things going on in my life, I packed everything up and went to sleep.

The next day

Standing in front of the mirror I watched as Anusha the beauty stylist applied some orange-pink lipgloss on my lips, and my cousins beauty stylist’s assistant was doing my hair.

I had never gotten so dressed up ever before in my whole life,and it felt strange,although I myself love doing makeup, I did not want to spend all my dads money on beauty products.

I was quite pleased and felt more confident for once,about my looks. I knew it was bad to think about my body as ugly, because God had given me this body, and beauty is internal not always external and I should be proud of it no matter what.

Oh well before I get all philosophical,I wore my clothes quickly and scampered off to check out everyone else,I first saw my mom and after all these years she was wearing lipstick, and I must say she looked pretty. Then in the next seat my grandma was smiling shyly as her face was being touched up, she look very cute.

I just could not wait to see my cousin, as she had come this morning to get our Grandparents blessings and of course to get her bridal look done. I slowly slid the key in and unlocked the door, suddenly what I saw shocked me, Kadambari akka was hugging Abhilash tightly and his hands were lightly resting on her hips, almost as if they were going to kiss. That was someone I did not expect to see in here,and how did he come in? “Akka! What are you doing?” I said with a piercing look (at least I thought so). “Hari,how did you come here, the door was locked.” She whispered. I entered the room shutting the door as Abhilash looked around aimlessly, I asked her why she could not wait for marriage, it was just a few hours more anyway. She was always a fighter and had a hot head, so obviously she was going to blame me for interrupting them,and I am sure they have been in more compromising situations than the one I caught them in. “I must say, for your age you have too much going on in your mind, grandmother ‘greenie’. I am older than you and don’t care about waiting for the ceremonies, it is just love that matters,I can do whatever I like.” Whatever she just said made that loser Abhilash smirk and he showed her a thumbs up,that made me rush out. They were such a weird couple!

I did not have a problem with her hugging him or whatever, I just really don’t think he is a good guy for her. I mean this dude was not able to support himself financially,and I am sure my sister might work instead of him,I also knew he liked to drink a lot..which is not such a good thing. He had the duty to take care of his sick mother, and without much money how will he take care of his family? I do not want to worry now, it was my sisters idea anyway to marry him, and I guess she is happy. I am never so judgmental of people, but Mr. Abhilash was extremely low in his standards.

I just shut the door and went away, I seriously do not want to interfere into their lives.

I went to the hall and was waiting for everyone else to get started, the wedding was going to happen at the wedding hall down the road, it was pretty cool that we lived so close to my sisters wedding hall.

All the guests were wandering around eating some snacks,while my Aunt was welcoming everyone and saying so many things in praise of Abhi.

Seeing that I rolled my eyes,and went to the restroom to take a deep breath.

I looked around and I saw how strange the restroom looked, but I could not find out why so.

Slowly turning my face away from the mirror, before I could even grasp the fact that there was a boy in a blue kurta and cream pajama standing in front of me , and a little boy around 7, who started shouting and blabbering something, most probably about me.

I felt embarrassed, but why should I be? This is the girls bathroom, and everyone know that boys are not allowed in here, so what were they doing in here?

The older boy looked at me from top to bottom, scrutinizing me as is I were a species of some exotic animal.

No knowing what to say, I tried my best stare and signaled with my hands showing them the door.

He said ” Not bad..If pretty girls like you had some intelligence, that this is the gents restroom, it would have been nice.”

Gents restroom? Oh shoot! No wonder I had found the restroom slightly odd. Well..I better get outta here. I stuck my legs together and stiffly proceeded to the door, only to be stopped by that dude.

“Hey, what is your name, beauty without brains?” he said with a lop-sided smile on his face.

I sucked my cheeks in and told him straight up ” Listen up mister, I came here by mistake, so there is no need for you to get talking with me. I didn’t come here on purpose, and lastly I don’t feel like talking to you. FYI,I am not brainless. And oh, I never want to see you again” I said those words and slid past him and went out of the door.Yeah, I can be brave, I am not always shy!

I went and stood next to my mother, as my cousin came to the wedding altar with her friends, all dressed up in a traditional Kerala bridal attire (her mom, my uncle’s wife was from Kerala), looking like a pure goddess. They were getting married,everyone was happy, but no one knew the truth which I knew. I knew a secret about my cousin, that changed my perception of her, I just was not able to understand how that loving sister turned into such a tantrum throwing ruckus.

I.. I shut my eyes, and opened them smiling at everyone, as they took their last round around the sacred fire, forgetting my issues, I prayed internally for her happiness and wished she gained knowledge in the future.

They were married, finally. Abhi smiled at her and they went to accept the blessings of my aunt and uncle, next my mom rushed over and hugged her, looking at Amma’s face I thought she was going to cry.

Well, good for them. Now, the wedding over, everyone got ready for some dance time. I quickly distanced myself from the bustling aunties and weird uncles, and sat down to watch them doing their dances. But soon, even that ‘activity’ had become boring, so I busied myself with some paper napkins trying to make some origami shapes. Right across from me, I saw someone I would have never have expected to see. I saw Lailta and Govinda! though I did know that they were here in Bengaluru, I never thought they would be at this wedding. Man.. this was…strange. Now origami..bye bye, it’s time to stalk a handsome guy! But, before I could get all happy-happy, the annoying boy from the bathroom came up and sat with them. Waait.. incoming thoughts Harishith..that boy? No doubt, he was, and I felt bad now, my first impression was really not how I wanted it to be .. but even Harshith acted impolite .. so hoping to mend my image I texted Lalita and said “Guess what? It was no coincidence..I can see you, and Govinda right across from me, at a blue table!!” she looked around, and smiled as I waved at her. She got up and came over to my table, and said ” Omg, I feel our newly made friendship is so strong that destiny made me meet you once again, that too after a very short time!” I laughed, and said “Destiny?..whatever, I am so happy to see you again!” “Same! Anyway.. whose side are you from the Bride or Groom?” I replied ” Oh..the Bride .. she is my Uncle’s daughter, my cousin. And you?”

She said ” Oh wow…so this your family I told you Harshith’s teacher invited us.. AKA your aunt, so my parents let us come here..anyway Govinda is old enough to take us everywhere so we came.” She smiled and grabbed my hand ” Let me introduce you to Harshith..”

I smiled nervously as she led me to their table. I tried to put on a extremely friendly and beautiful face, and said “hello” to Harshith. I shut my eyes hoping he wouldn’t embarrass me by telling them about my stupid activities. But to my surprise, he smiled in the most nicest way and returned my “hello”.

I smiled and sat next to Lalita as she went on jabbering about all kinds of things, but I did not even hear half of what she was telling as I was looking at Govinda, actually just staring strangely..for..a looong time. But how could I not? Govinda was sitting across from me and was writing something vigorously on a piece of paper, looking just like some scholarly gentleman, a sight I was totally admiring.

All of a sudden, my dad came and asked me to come with him, and I reluctantly went along. “Um, Appa? What are we supposed to be doing?” He looked at me and said, ” It is so late, and we have to leave for USA tomorrow, all the guests are still hanging around.. and all the men are now using the wedding as a reason to drink beer, I don’t want you to be here, you need to we are going home.” He said “beer” with such disgust I felt like laughing, but I shut up, and followed him..yet again I was unable to talk to Govinda. This time, I had no hope of even meeting him again.

We walked home, stopping near the gate, Appa said ” Haripriya, I know you were having fun with your friends, but I want you to be safe..and you can see the type of people that were there..they don’t have any sense.. of what they are supposed to do when and where.” I nodded my head and said okay, because I knew that though my father may have sounded radical..he always did things for my good. I love my parents..many kids rebel for such seemingly small things..but I always listened, because my father..was never wrong.

I went upstairs and packed all the remaining things into my suitcase, and heard the sound of a horn outside and peeped out of the window.

My cousin was sitting on a fully decorated motorbike with “Just married” stickers on it, and my aunt and grandma where flocking around bidding her farewell, I just stood there, seeing something shimmering on her face..She was crying. Every girl, no matter how strong she is..ends up crying at last when she gets married..they can’t hide their tears. I sat on the bed, my body full of goosebumps due to the cool breeze..I yet again wanted an answer for a question,which only time would tell ” Will I get the love I need?”.

The Next Morning

“Haripriya! Kanna..wake up..we need to go to the airport!” My mother shouted while I scrambled off of my bed, rushing to the restroom I quickly bathed and did a little makeup. I went downstairs and quickly hugged my Thatha and Paati (Grandma & Grandpa) bidding them farewell, looking at the reluctant look on their faces. My dad took all the luggage and I jumped into the car, while my mom made sure we didn’t misplace anything. Amma sat in the backseat next to me as I laid my head on her shoulders I caught some more sleep. My mom woke me up yet again, as I sluggishly walked towards the Airport my mom handed me my boarding pass after we went through all the security checks, we boarded the plane. I sat in the plane..with only one thought passing through my mind, “Why is it, that I meet people, have crushes on them, then ultimately I have to remove all hope of pursuing such feelings. I know that this is probably the wrong time for my life to be filled with love, thus God is probably making sure I don’t fall in an illusion by taking me away from all chances. As I thought silently about this, the plane had started flying up, so I found it time to rest again.

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