“”Romantic shayari” Shayari of D year

Tujse kaise Nazar milaye dilbarjani,
Tujse kaise Nazar milaye dilbarjani
Meri right ankh kani (-_+)
Teri left ankh kani (+_-)
ARZ KIYA Hai, Gaur farmaiyegaa…
Ki FIRE ko AAG kehte hai,
COBRA ko NAAG kehte hai,
GARDEN ko BAAG Kehte hai,
Aur jo “EXAMS” ke samay kaam na karey,
Usse student ka DIMAAG kehte Hai!”

“Hai Saamne Tumhaare itne items,
Kabhi hume bhi toh pick karo,
Hamaare pyaar ke is chhote icon par,
Kabhi to tum double-click karo…”

“Paper ki ROTI,
Notes ka AACHAAR………
Questions ki BAAHAAR….
Teachers ki DUSHMANI,
Doston ka pyaar,
Mubarak ho aapko.
Aane waale papers ka AATYACHAAR ”
😀 😀

Ok lets go>>>>>
That day I accompanied her till the classroom, and I sat next to her in the girls RoW ,
Obviously I , NO we were the COA , and I thought over and over…..
Hoe kind could someone be?? She just forgave them for……
Well she was the one with patience , I was not,
I can’t , take , betrayal, suppression, bullying , etc……
Well that etc means all the , hurting stuff mainly…..
I have suffered betrayal …………….
That cheat just ruined my life………
I just ………….. I was just……
Forget it but I didn’t want anyone to suffer , as I did…….
No one would be a loner…………….
That fake friendship….
I didn’t want her to be a victim of mean friendship………….
So I , cooked up a plan to , just make her realize that she is in the wrong company
After that,the decision was her whether to or not to…….
PLAN B phase –I START>>>>
As usual it was recess and , I was in that vicious group , those vicious , creepy, and yucky flees gathered around me as usual,
** to be continued 😛
Two Butterflies
Were In Love.
1 Day They
Decided To Play

Hide N Seek,
They Fixed A
Flower & Decided That,
Tomorrow 1 Who Will Come First & Sit On This Flower
Will Love The Other More.
At Morning The Male Butterfly Came Very Early
& Waited For The Flower To Open.
When It Opened,
He Was Shocked To See That,
The Female Butterfly Had Died Inside It,
Bcoz She Was Waiting Since Last Night To Tell Him…!!

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  1. ohhhh how sad love story 🙁

    1. Mmm…… Sad one hope u enjoyed the rest

  2. hey richu dear its awesome here our hero thoughts are really very cute. Loved it and what more loved is the story of two buterflies in love the way it is described is phenomenol.

    loved u dear.

    hey how’s the weather at your side

    here it is very cold , sneezing coughing hating this condition of mine . but loved to meet u all.

    love u richu, manha, devga, dia, ruby

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

  3. Heyyy nish nyc to c u here also cold dr cloudy 😉 wbt there han humra hero thotful h 😎 😛 cool h mast h

  4. Hey richa.i want to tell u this love story was already said by santhanam&udhainithi in tamil film oru kal oru kannadi(ok ok).sorry if i hurt u. but in that movie they male butterfly died

    1. Oh is that so…
      Wl i read it in ma frnd phn likd it so shared it and if u wanna read this type short ♥ stry go to humour sectn sneha hav postd thm .

  5. wah wah. kya kaha hai aapne. kyun bachoon ki jaan le rahi ho. pehle hi exams ki tension me sar peet rahe honge. Aur tum aise dimaag ki baatein karogi toh karenge bechare.

    Nishuuuuuuuuu meri jaaaaan love u soooooo much. cold. yahaaaaan toh lag raha hai ke hum rajasthan me hai. itni tej dhooooop ke bus ab intezaar hai summer aur mar jaane ke liye taiyaar hain.

    Richu kyun itna chota sa update. par koi nahi update toh hain. bas is se kaam chala lenge. Acha ab hero toh badaaaaaa hi sweeeet hain. kaha se pakad le aayi ho hero ko. hayeeeee itna sweet aur caring heroine ke dil me toh laddooo phoot rahe honge.

    cute love story but very sad ending. aaj kal lagta hain ke hame rulane me aur sataaane me tumhe bahut achaa lag raha hain. Intezaar rahe ga aapka.

    waiting for the next one. loveeeee u.

  6. Hey …dearies..i am back…….missed u guyzz ….i was free for sometime thought of reading ur ff..those… chapters that i missed ….luvd it ….it’s awesome as always. ………….luv u all….since my exams are coming……i am all stressed out … bye ….will try to catch up with u guyz …later
    Take care ..richu ..devga di …..manha …dia. ..ruby…..nishu …………….luv u all ..????

    1. nys to c u tooo heyyy guyss look threatning workss 😛 haha LOL study well dr m fyn tc cu soon

      1. heyho is this now??

    2. LOL LOL LOL nice 2 cu heyy acche se padhna aur get good score and study read later 🙂

  7. ..Heyyy…….. Manha daarling ♥
    yaar ladoo ka pta nahi bomb phoot rhe hnge nahi phoot rahe h 😉 lol yar aaw update nai bheji type nai kl pai as was busy stuffin in bday party 😛 lol arey sach hi toh kha h bche kyu marenge? Lol keep readin

  8. Nycc….exams ke atyachar mar dalenge di….mera dimag kam ni kr rha h…nishu i think poora tadka daal dena chahiye toothpaste m….

    Nd 1 ques

    toothpaste is liquid or solid??

    Nd the butterfly luv story was soo cute….like acls

    sm1 plz ans my ques

    1. toothpaste is semi-solid…………. nd LOL keep reading

    2. no richuuu ham use gelly bana enge. bachee bhi ache se use kar sakte hain. yaar ab toh sach me ek toothpaste lauch karna hi padega. aur kuch nahi toh woh colgate se toh compete karega. toh kya kehti ho ladkiyoooon.

      1. theek hai done jelly belly paste it reminds me of my childhood oral B jelly paste 🙂

  9. Ksm se manha u r absolutely right….gelly vala toothpaste tahelka macha dega dunia m….

    1. lol dia. thank u so much.

  10. Behno jelly b ek type se semi solid h
    anyways chk out no need to guess me 😛

  11. Well colgate mein tadka hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice idea

    So what do you want to have

    Colgate ki bhaaji

    Colgate ki daal

    Bhaarva colgate

    Shaahi colgate

    Some solid/./Colgate Tikkaa

    Some liquid //colgate makhni malai maarke

    And also Colgate ke garma garam naan.

    what do you want to have

    Saahebaan , meherebaan , kadardaan.

    love u richu, manha , devga, dia, ruby meri jaan.

    mai tere pe kurbaan

    tu chahe maan ya naa maan mai teri mehmaan

    love u all deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

    1. i wd lik C bahji , and Shahi C , also if there is C shake and C kheer nish LOL it wud be fun keep readin 🙂

  12. Talking about solid and liquid

    I remember one line guys

    what if you get this message by your oldeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Semi Liquid Motion First, Than Two Days Of Gas & Constipation, What Should I Do?

    and what would be your reply.

    My reaction. : my face get burst out in anger but then I know I have to raise a helping hand and for sure always stands for my family.

    what’s yourss??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  13. If m in a gud mood i’ll say, go to doc

    if not then, eat all that

  14. Awesome, such a cute episode. ..chhotu sa…hero trying to show heroine the true face of her friends…very sensitive person…loved it…but the butterflies love story was lovely but sad ….shairee was awesoooooome as always. you loads richa. ..

    Manha n nisha…loved your Colgate paste comments. you loads my deariiiiiiieeess. ..

  15. ROMAAA nyc to cu thankkk uuu LOL keep readingg 🙂
    @@@ nish were izz ma ordr???

  16. Garma garam bhajiyaa le lo saahab

    Memsaahab teri shaadi jaldi ho jaayegi

    Bhagwaan ke liye bhajiyaa le lo memsaahab

    Tere 100 bache honge , Joh roz teri jaan khaayenge

    le lo le lo memsahaab

    Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooo ye kya bola

    Colgate ki bhajiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Ting ting tee ding

    Baby no need to do so many things

    I know I am far awar from you

    but you just need to open your refrigerator

    pick the thing you wish to eat

    and in other hand pick the colgate

    and then just pour the colgate in the dish mix it well

    and nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww your colgate dish is ready

    Ting ting tee ding

  17. Now be serious guyz we don’t need to say all this acha nahi lagta

    we all are good people we need to respect the colgate

    What respect seriously

    check out this a serious analization

    Aisee analize karenge aisee analize karenge ki sasura apnaa khopadiyaa mein dared ho jayeegaa

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    2013- Kya Aapke Toothpaste Mein Namak Or Nimbu Hai??
    2016- Kya Aapke Toothpaste Mein Namak, Nimbu Or Chatmasala Hai??? . . .
    2020- Colgate Dal Fry Special, Colgate Butter Masala, Colgate Lemon Tea Flavor, Colgate Mix Veg, Colgate Spicy, Colgate Butter Chicken Flavour. . . . . .
    2021- Kya Aapke Muh Mein Dant Hain?? .. .. . . Nahi…??? To Le Aaiye Ready Made Colgate Teeth.

    So my sweethearts kyaa aapne colgate se pyaar kiyaa

    Maine toh nahi kiya

    aap kar lijiyee and eat the colgate


  18. nishuuu colgate ka tum kachumbar bana rahi ho ab. woh mar jaayenge eee dekhke.

  19. 😀 😀 😀 😀 yummm nyccc i will cm to ur resturant agn nishh Nd yup we need to be serious dr
    ajwain toh bhool gayi tum agar pet me…..
    aur saunf aur cheeni ka kyaa?? arre rrefreshment b honi chahiye main cource is fyn but stsrter?? nd desert m noo choicee mam …
    -_- LOL
    @@ manka kachumbar nahi khichdi nahi nahi fallooda it is 😛

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