“kehte hain…
Who kehten hai……..
Who kehte rehte hai…….
Arrey kehne do naa…….
Tabhi toh kehte hai….
Kuch toh log kahenge…….
Logon ka kaam hai kehna……….
Toh who kehte hai and kehte hai…….” 😛
Girls r u ready??
Hm….. then this is for you
“Chaahe MARD mirch ki tarah kitna bhi tej aur teekha kyu na ho, AURAT uska achaar daal hi deti hai!!”

I was in emotional dilemma, why was I doing that,
Well as I stalked through the corridor a slight whisper near, my ear….
“ Beta aachambhit naa ho , yeh teri mann ki aawaaz hai, haan tujjjjhe pyaar hai..”

What!!!! What was that?? Such a bad PJ, I murmured,
And again ………
“putr yeh koi hasye…..”

I couldn’t bear it more, and shouted , hey FRANKY, just get off the , locker……. You……
I can see you so there Is no need to………
He exclaimed……….
And I replied cheekily……….. ‘I want to become James bond ‘ ‘NO- I wanna surrrrpass him’
And his those superficial, overrated expressions were another , chef d oeuvre ….
HMPH!!!! I let out a long bredth,
Franky were you really were spying on me and , trying to fill my mind………
He gazed and gazed knowing that I will sure loose my temper on him , and he will blame me and sneak away ,
Well well well…….
We bickered, through the corridor, and I punched him as we entered the boys washroom,
Hahahaha !!!!

No evidence no cctv footage…. No proof….
He just slipped in the washroom and hit his tummy on the edge of…….
Well this was a brotherly cold war which continued forever…
And he did revenge that day by ……
Making me pay his canteen bill……
Ahh!! Why I didn’t suspect him….
Well it was all brotherly matter……..
And by the time she got of her plaster and ready to bangback…..
We were quite good friends now…
And my plot, to reveal those backhanded brutes, backbiters stabbers was ready……
Ok this short update has a horror story behind it ….

Why I couldn’t type more…….. should I reveal it??? Ok I will justify it…..
Well I was typing the updayet/update chupte -chupate and felt a saaya behind me , I looked back, just sunsaani thi……
Kaala kaala dark andheera…. Main was alone ….. with blanket over my khopdi……. And brightness to the min of ma device….
Suddenly, bAM, BANG OUCHHH!!!
I shouted …. Ooiiii maaa yeh kyat ha??
As I removed the cloak , rubbing my head , I saw a saaya and a lot of brightness suddenly…
OMG!!!! S-s-s-s-s save me GOD…….
JAI HANUMAAN………. I started chanting Hanuman chalisa…..
And discovered it was day time…… 😛
It wasn’t any bashing from anyone ok just waterbottle from shelf abov head fell, at it was at higher energy level, and unstable, ek taang pe yog mudra kar rahi thi……..
Chalooo fir sir pe padi botal , well ….
But some sound was heard….. saaya was following me…. Ooii maa!!!!! Was I I _____ during day??
Bhootvoot kuch naii……
Kii karun?????? Bachaoooo I phusphusaaooo ……….
And suddenly us saaye ne mare ko , apne panje ki giraft me le liya……and
Arrey that saaya was sleep ma dr…. and I slept like as after selling horses………..
And typing…. Mmmm……… post b karna tha naa……..
😛 😛 😛

If u got really struk , believing my story then BINGO!!!! I April fooled you in advance

HEYY!!! April still have time I will fool you then may be…..
But frankly I couldn’t type acls as I was cooking and typing this story…. 😛
Soo kaisn thi maarii stooli???
U belived it naaa horrorfull naaa………. Nd m in joky joky PJ throwing mood shooo tata ……

Song dedicate for you all izzzzz oye ghanchakkar baaabu……
And arzz kia hai……
“Bura aashiqi kaa ho haal,
Bigaare hai isne saare kaam,
Hum to A.B. mei rahe,
Baaki B.A. pass ho gaye!”
Wah wah!!!!!!


and good luck to all my friends who are having exams.

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  1. Hey nish nd manhu sory i cudnt reply ystrday as nt pstd
    bt lol m a bit busy so cant type all that bhashan dobara fir milenge aul try karungi taim nikalne ka aul may b i wont update 🙁 😐

  2. ye saaya bhi kya haal kal di meli richu ki…:-D

    1. mmm wohhhdraa gi rubii 😛 😀 LOL keep reading

  3. heloooooooooooooooooooooo richu how r u dear just coming now. and read the comments dear its okay if not commented I know sweetheart busy time

    Dear what did you say yahi toh sare aam kehna chahiye kyu ruby

    heloooooooooooooooooo ruby dear.

    I confess today

    Mai colgate karti huin

    Well I regret to inform you guyz

    bade bhari mann se samvedansheel shabdo mein

    chulu bhar pani mein dubki lagate hue

    phir bhi confess karti huin

    richu and ruby se love confession

    mere colgate mein naa namak hain or na hi nimbu ab toh neem bhi nahein hain

    main koi lab walee toh nahi

    jo ek call kiya aur test karwa liiya aur next second reporters mere home pe

    kya aapke colgate pe namak hai ??see dia reporter asking

    kya aapke colgate mein nimbu hain

    kya aapke colgate mein neem hai

    till now in add this is showing

    in future they might be asking

    kya aapke colgate mein shakar , long mirchi , garam, masala , oil , garlic aur naa jaane kyaa kyaa dalke colgate ki sabji bana denge

    and about nahaana

    momy says daily thande thande paani se nahaana chaahiyee

    ganaa aye ya na aaye gaana chaahiye

    me: thande thande paani se bhagnaa chaahiyee

    bhaagna aaye ya naa aaye blanket mein chup
    jaana chaahiye

    Because geezer is the power of my energy

    I put on the geezer and then I take a bath

    why thande thande pane se naahaaoo when I have the power of geezer


    love u ruby

    love u richu l
    love u devga ,
    love u dia
    love u manha

    for sure later reading the story too dear

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend

  4. hey nishu dr itna acha confession. . 😀 main bhi confess karti hu mere Colgate me Colgate hi nahi hai fir b me brush karti hu 😛 love u 33333 <3

  5. Yeh bhaiyon ka pyaar uff. Hamra toh aakhiyen me aanshu hi aagava. Itna emotional. lol. no It was super fun. Brotherly love. ohhh ye kya maar peet. uff bahut violent love hai. toh kya hamari drama queen ab hero ki friend hai. toh hamra intelligent bachwa ab apni kalakaari dikhaane ke liye taiyyaar hai. hamka toh ab intezzar hi nahi howat. Jaldi se update karo naa.

    Aur kya achaar. ha woh toh sach hai. Ladkiyaan achaar ki specialist jo hain. aur koi bhi nahi bach sakta.

    Tumhare horror dream ka toh kya kahe bas film nikalna ek baaki reh gaya.

    1. mmmmm dangerous love….. and palkon kaa intezaarrrrrrr jald hi khatam hogaa 🙂 LOL
      kalakari will take tym dr lol keep readin

  6. hey richu what was that you made his feeling an adaptation of horror movie

    no no no a horror thrilling suspense movie.

    which is very much interesting

    but u know what more interesting that is ur mann ki aawaz

    seriously wifees ko sab allowed hai chaahe wo achaar dalnaa kyun naa ho.

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the new adaptation of ur own story of writing it is more than interesting the Real taste of Acls

    make it continue , u know I get suspense while reading it is actually interesting even more than any story loved it dear.

    how to make all of us april fool that to without in april sitting inFeb month .

    love u richu keep smiling keep updating

    once a friend always a friend.

    hey manhu kaha hai tu where are you meri jaanu dear love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much miss u a lot

    reading ur name is actually enought to make us all smile especially me meri jaan.

    love u sooooooooooooooooooooooo much tight hugs for u .

    keep smiling sweetheart

    once a friend always a friend

    1. arrey thank godd u didnt suprabhaat u say gm at at 12 or 1 pm . if u did i wud hav fainted
      anyways grind all masalas in ur house and BINGO!!! u get colgate manjan dr LOL and its something of horror that happened with me nt herooo 😛 and ur anf rubi’s confession mr gadha prasad is impresssed _-_= wat do u mean i continu that hrr stry xept this lov stryy??
      LOL keep readin \

  7. Di don’t scare me saying its a horror story…….

    Nd sorry for late….u kno…school

    1. atleast u came na nd no sorrys tilll galti is ur and didnt it send u goodenumps???? it was horror part?? LOL keep readin

  8. Nishu yr…colgate m namak toh h par haldi aur jeera kb aaega???

  9. Awesome episode my sweeeeeet friend richaaaaa, chalo kum se kum ladki ka plaster to utraaaa…now Kahani me twist kya aayega…..and your shairee n stollllliiii…was hilaaaaaaarious. …Hans hans ke pait me bal padh gaye…logon ko kehna do yaar….Mard aur aurat..waah waah…kya baat hai…tumhari horror story ne to hamari waat hi laga di…botal ko direct saral ke upar wali shelf par rakhne ki kya zaroorat thi…achhe hua gir gayi…correct jagah giri…hahaha. you loads my sweeeeeetuuuuuu…

  10. Not saral it’s sar (head) ,urghhh I just hate auto spell check. .. 🙁 ….love you loads

  11. YUP spell checks are horribl and heyyy bottle hit mee nd noo synpathies 😛 LOL keep reading

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