Heyyyyyyy yaaaaaaa sweetieee readers  hwzz all??
Arzz hai…..
Ishq Ke Khayaal Buhut Hein;
Ishq Ke Charche Buhut Hein;
Sochte Hein Hum Bhi Kar Lein Ishq;
Par Sunte Hein Ishq Mein Kharche Buhut Hein!

Now we were on to it, fixing the project puzzle…….
Fixing is inter alia, our eyelock I something that was important at the moment……….
Those beautiful black eyes……………….
Black as……………………………….Black……………..
Hey!!!! Don’t laugh on me because black is black and black is like bllllack…..
I can’t say as black as ….. I mean midnight black, bcoz, The stars shine at night and the stars and moon break that black so that’s no total black…………..
Yeah I could compare them with black hole, as their beauty was sucking me towards and it’s also bbalaaccckkkk!
But I can’t compare them with something I haven’t seen…..

Ok out from black jack confusion, our, well concentrated eye lock was interrupted by an unexpected, unwanted duo…….
Any guesses who??
Well it were Franky and hiss new G.Friend, ❣ Her❣ sister,
They said that they just came there to take a look at the fair,
But I knew their dual purpose, of a date and spying mission,
I mean they were spying on us and side-by-side they were having their Date…
Ahh!!! Those irritating fellows why are they spoiling our moment when they …..
May be as they said, they spoiled our mood to not to let our project be spoiled something like that they said…..
Well I was, not in a mood so couldn’t hear their excuse well……
Ok fine, I forgave them for my cool boy impression on ❣her❣
Then was a series of emotional story tell, where I was forced to tell my story, to them
That bitter past that made a present relationship more bitter…….
It was hard to speak, I was breathing hard , ❣she❣ saw my pitiful condition and tried to stop me, but today was d, it had to come out today….
While narrating the story all the scenes from the past, flashed in front of my eyes,
That wicked lady that plan , her coming to us as a friend’s mother, and that, her husband’s sudden accidental death, and she being the prime suspect, father helping her out of the way, and she all set out with a clear image, and then….
Not even a month had passed what’s a month, not even a week and she threw a party in concern of her company coming out of debt with father’s help…..
Yeah her company…………..
It was her now…
Well the party could have been postponed, wasn’t so urgent…..
And that happy party took our happiness father married her , of course after divorcing mum, and took my li’l bro’s custody, as they believed that a small child was like a wet clay and could be molded easily………..
Arghhh!!!! IF I GET A CHANCE I will surely kill that woman, I squealed,
And with this a tear flowed down my cheek,Franky gritted his teeth and I bit my lip, closed my eyes tight so as I wasn’t able to………..
❣she❣ rushed to me, for aid as my lip was bleeding and I opened my eyes to see ❣her❣ in tears,
I couldn’t help , couldn’t stop those tears , and added my tears to it ,
I rested my head on her shoulder, and she caressed me.
BG>>>Jo bheji thi dua…….
We both were so into the emotions that we didn’t realize that Franky and his G were gone…..
When they came back that had water and Ice-Cream,
Of course for us we drank water and, while we were busy here, they both
AAHHHHH!!! Super J’S
They opened the wrappers and Franky smashed it on my head and she on my sweetie pie’s nose,
Well ❣she❣ looked beautiful with that……
I just kept on staring her and she chased Franky and ❣her❣ sister all the way in the room, and
Were the noises which brought an end to the chase,
And……. I got a chance to caress ❣her❣, defend her, blackmail Franky on his Ice-Cream secret……
Also I KISSED ❣her forehead…….
When Franky and his G were away……
LOL but our moment was destroyed by our teacher’s entry who, made fun of our ICY situation and asked us to hurry…… while Franky and his G left ….
On other side we Won the ‘UNIQUE ‘project prize as we mixed the the models as the other one was broken in rage by….. Someone ………..
Though we didn’t take the first prize back , bud had a proud trophy in hand, and a story to tell………….
Thank u-
Hope u liked it do comment  study well , and ………
Live well………\


Now as the meetings became frequent, we now met more often , and just dunno where the hour’s flew , I just wanted to be with ♥ ♡her♥ ♡ . just wanted to spend time with ♥ ♡her♥ ♡…………
But nowadays she acted strange , may be because of her cousin’s arrival or….
I don’t want to doubt her but she was becoming strange…
And Franky met strange incidents frequently,
I saw ♥ ♡her♥ ♡ fiddling with Franky’s bed and it broke as he sat on it…
And not only her but…
All of them murmured strange something ‘Bharat MILL…”
I was quite……..
CROSS!!! Or simply ANGRY!!!
..I even went to an extent to spy ♥ ♡her♥ ♡ ………….
Damn it I doubted her…………..
But all ♥ ♡she♥ ♡ did was for me…………..
I didn’t know the full matter , but……….
They were upto something……..
Getting up early every day, something fishy!!
The gang had new injuries everyday not Fishy!!
Ok then I saw ♥ ♡her♥ ♡ cousin with my li’l bro once and a small kid with them…..
I just ignored , may be they’re …..
And I was being ignored………….
And I got a call from an O’L friend.
Met her…..
And we were again reviving old Mems.
And one day I saw Franky beating my lil bro…
Couldn’t help interfering………….
And got to know that he was using a girl to reach me??
At one side I was pleased and other I was, overwhelmed with anger how could he???
But I did give him a chance to clarify and he said, he did it but he loves the girl too and he proposed her ,
Of course the girl was cross and her attitude on heights and after li’lo did almost a hundred or two sit-up’s
Drank ………………mm….
For love he drank………………
I almost threw…………
He drank dirty pond water and muds shake and not only can’t this much more tell or else u’ll throw up like me…..
mmm… well nothing that bad too but unable to share socially…………
well there was a happy couple now, and a almost verge of separating couple now I mean , a misunderstanding was growing between me and my sweetiepie about my old friend ,
whereas lil’o and I reconciled , and he had a GF too
but I was Gonne get a shock………….
Lil’o told us he knew the matter and was ready to forgive me , and because of that happiness and an unconsciously spoken word and ignoring ♥ ♡her♥ ♡ , and a wrong gesture towards the old friend…..
Lead to a misunderstanding , and ♥ ♡she♥ ♡ thought to leave us alone ,
♥ ♡she ♥ ♡ left for abroad , to study…..
I was happy with my newly found happy family and the old friend didn’t let a chance go to impress me, she was beautiful, Rich, talented , any guy will fall for her………..
May be this is what my love thought and left …
Well I also liked her but not that way…
I mean both were my friends then why ?? why I had a strange feeling …
Why I feeling lonely despite of having my lil bro back and Back as an happy family……
Why there was loneliness????
BG>> kuch kami hai…. Kuch toh kami hai…………….
Teri aahte nahi hai……………………
Well that loneliness made me what I wasn’t , I was still unhappy………….
Hmm……kuch kami hai…………….
Thank u-


I was another ‘DevDas’ now though I didn’t drink , but I was a broken heart now,
Who missed his dear very much, and just realized his love……………

I made scenes everywhere I went,
I just………………….
My family somehow figured out the matter and Franky and his G figured out her whereabouts,
And off we go …………
Didn’t even bother to inform our parents 😛
No plan ,
Unknown country, only aim and little money we had………….
Somehow we just kept on going , and kept our moral high…………
And we booked a quite an expensive hotel……..
FIVE of us were there yeah FIVE of us………
Me , Franky, hisG, li’lo, His G……………
Well three guys and two girls in a new place to get “MY GIRL”
Well it was hectic we had been fooling our parents, and invading random places on a vague clue,
And finally I saw her♥ ♡♥ ♡♥ ♡♥ ♡ , I ran towards her but she was gone
I frowned and her picture fell from my hand , and with a sad face as I picked it up……..
OUCH!!!! A sudden shock…..
Well as I bent down and got up I saw a huge man in front of me and I shouted out of fear and surprise and bumped into a table nearby and fell…………
Table yeah! I forgot to tell at present I was at an open air restaurant, it was where I saw ♥ ♡her♥ ♡ paying her bill and leaving , and had a miss case,
That huge man saw the pic and smiled ,
“Yer friend………… isn’t it??”
“Shez a cute and king girl”
I looked at the man in shock ….
How does he?
He smiled again , and said
“Did you fight?”
I was shivering, and said H-H-How??
His smile broadened and he spoke again…
“this beard isn’t white , with a dye , or drying in the sun, I can make out about you youngsters easily”
(-_-) GEEZ!! Weird man………..
Cant he directly say he knows her, or has experience…
I babbled within mouth….
He neared his ear near mouth and said “Speak clearly, Young man this doesn’t suit a young , handsome guy like you”
I swallowed air and was sweating badly , and her spoke again….
“it isn’t , summer my dear that you are sweating Youn…”
I didn’t look back , and in a blink of an eye just ran along the endless road, and the group followed me,
I –I –It was obvious for you to freak out if you see a sturdy built, huge man in front of you suddenly thought he is kind and desired to help you and………….
I was just explaining my team and suddenly , the same guy entered with her photo , and I was the weird one,
The team was calm and I was shivering, and snatched the pick from the guy hugged it and fainted …………..
Next I was in Hotel room and all the teammates around me …….
Franky looked worried and there was a doctor who checked me and, signed him alright and left…
Franky looked annoyed, while li’lo and his G were busy romancing there in the room , while Franky’s G got a soup for me ,
And Franky yelled ay me…
I was still dizzy so only grasped a few of his words and passed pout again……
The few words I remember were, Money…..Your treatment…Freak….Man ……♥ ♡her♥ ♡ college………….

ACLS HERO’S POV part -24

Now we got to know her college and waited, for her outside,
Thanks to the n white bearded Freaky man…………
Yes she was there, she came out and a clear ignore and left….
I again next day went there and waited and she again left…
All were angry at me not at the slow proceedings but at the money I wasted bribing the college security…..
Hmmm…….. those ‘hell devils’ don’t understand love……
Well after a week I got hold of her irritated self and she yelled at me FOR, WAITING EVERYDAY OUTSIDE THE GATE
WHAT?? She was she angry?? But she should be happy as no guy would wait for a girl outside in cold for hours and don’t………………..
She said that I was ruining her image and there are a lot of shitty rumors,flying/prevalent around about us…..
I kept my finger on her lips and stopped her babbling 😛
Babbling yeah it was irritating they weren’t any heavenly words I think…..
And I looked into her eyes that bblllackkk eyes…
Black like whatever and I got lost into them until a tall and gym going guy hit me, and took her,
♥ ♡she♥ ♡ looked at me with emotion filled eyes which gave me a yes answer that she ♥ ♡♥ ♡♥ ♡loves♥ ♡♥ ♡♥ ♡ me tooooo……………..
I looked at her leaving and that guy almost dragged her with him,
I felt like just hitting him and m, I was about to get up and OUCH!!
Hurt again….
Franky yelled for medical bill and money again…
And I tried remembering what that gym going guy and my love were saying after that hit I got…..
I kept trying and that gym guy kept on hitting me,
Well I was heartbroken from no response from her side and ♥ ♡she♥ ♡ went with that gym guy…
She had moved on…. She has a BF…
I decided to leave but my team gave me exceptional courageous boost…
It’s not that they love me and wanted me to get my love back ……
But they were enjoying seeing me beaten up by that gym guy,
‘Rishte Naate” (relations) all fake today hence proved with example…..
Next was Valentines week ahead and we planned a lot for It……
I planned a special plan for those , idiots tooo who were just enjoying my pityful condition…..
Feb.7 Rose Day
I really forgot it and this day I presented OMG!!! WHAT??
I m really dumb dumb dumb dumb,
I had been planning since a long time…..
Well I finally presented her with a rose which wasn’t so easy , as body builder Gym freak was there too…….
The plan was as follows we surprised her at her college gate , she didn’t knew about the other four being with me and we somehow made her agree for a walk before the Gym freak approached….
Well I called him so because he had bid muscles and…..
You got it na…….
Even describing him gives me Goosebumps …
We were on the lovers street and everyone was presenting their girls, with roses,
And I wondered how to present mine….
The group slammed their foreheads…..
And I signed them for help and then those Maukaprast people (chance grabbing)

The girls demanded roses and the boys just wanted that , and agreed and they blackmailed her emotionally dunno how??
As I was asked to bring the roses…
They asked me to present her some AND …………….
I was shocked and I just stood unable to react…………
And she♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥
Asked me to give her the rooses….
😳 😳
OMG was I dreaming???


Part 26

OMG!! OMG was I dreaming??
♡♥ she ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ demanded roses…….
Ok I blushed and presented her with roses one by one
Yellow for……..
White for………………
And RED for…………….
She took them ♡♥♡♥♡♥ she took them all YIPPY……..
But DOOM!!
That gym guy re-entered the scene before I could ask sorry ..
And took her…
Who the hell was he to………….
I clinched my fist and somehow controlled myself from , starting WWE fight and he smirked…….
‘Jaa bacchoo tujhe baad me dekh lunga”
It was Franky who said it , he was stammering and sulking
If he was scared the why did he??
I looked at his G who looked impressed…
I now understood the matter and just wanted to show my brotherly love filled WWE moves to him but stopped as we couldn’t afford another medical bill and ♡♥♡♥ she took those roses because of them……
Well after all I needed them for my further plans 😛
0k the next was Feb 8 Propose day and the freaks made a really good plan,
Though they saw their own good in it but it was a success….
The prop was somewhat like this , we went to a fair where the theme was partners and friends, we walked separate,
Only couples were allowed to enter my Bro’s chose their partners , and the left ones were of
course ♥♥her♥♥ and me………
And I hesitated and she refused…….
But all made innocent puppy faces and blackmailed her ,
BINGO!! She agreed 
She was hard to convince and she told us that she agreed for , her sisters sake
We were obliged and I was like I was in heaven
Fingers crossed , for Plan to be a success…..
Then we were stamped and we went in, then there was some competition where they registered our name too for under freshers
And then the freshers were called on the stage , and before going her sister elbowed me and said , “naak mat katwaana” and uski izzat rakhna……
(don’t insult us ok)
It Looked she found her words fishy . but all ready for everything,
We played a few series of games lost and won, as the final result was to be decided on the bases of overall performance,
Many couples fought and were disqualified,we remained …… but avoiding eye contacts which was noticed by the judges,
We didn’t win the best couple award but were awarded shyest couple , and we were asked to propose infront of everyone,
I hesitated a bit and I looked on, finally a prop and a yes and two tomato red faces on the stage between the applause,
Huff!! All set and that geeser bodybuilder re-entred the scene…………
It was like they had planned something he let all the programmed thing go fine and enters at the brink of time when I am about to apologise,
He was surely a mood spoiler , bad omen….
Well my group asked him to leave and said “the girl agreed . you lost now get lost”
(-_-) lagta hai pitwaane ka poora plan tha bhaio aur unki G’s ka mujhe
( looked like bro’s and their G’s set all for my Funeral)
The gym guy showed his muscled and Franky jumped on him to beat him but he easily defeated him and Fraanky was hurt , they left and there we were in derth of mony with another medical bill!!!!!
Next was chocolate day,
Bro’s held gym freak and I somehow in a confused series of events presented he3r a basket of chocolate…
And Next I , I mean we took her to a fair as they said it were their last few days and they wanted to see a fair before they leave,
There I won a teddy for her…….
Next was PROMISE DAY….
Which never came for us…..
All planned in vain……. She was in pain…
I was waiting for her with my love birds group and……
I heard a screech and it was her car…………..
I rushed towards her and took her out from the car….
The gym guy was there too and Franky helped him , he wasn’t hurt much as the other car just hit from behind…….
He looked quite worried………..
He also rushed towards her , and cried , and hugged her,
My blood was…
I was furious as he pushed me HUGGED HER…
How could he??
And instead of checking her wellbeing and taking her for medical checkup he was wasting time not letting anyone near her and calling on his phone…….
And he called her with a different name ‘GUDDU’
FRanky’s GF was like she took a 1000V shock and murmured something ,
We didn’t have time to check her,
But what happened after that I wished we heard hr,
We the three guys jujmped on that gym Freak and…………….

Not him but us , and he punched us hard our eyes went black……………
And body ached badly, and he said MIND!!……..
And dunno what he was gonna say , Franky’s G interfeared and said ‘Bhaiya’(bro)
Stop it first we’ve gonna take sissy to……
He cut her and said the Ambulance will arrive soon and Mumma and papa too he just called them……
Mumma and Papa ….GULP!!! AMMm….
I got into consciousness and said Brother in law….
Saale , saale sahib …. Maaaamma papa ko kyuu taquleef dete hooo

Why are you troubling parents, how will they come so faar….
You gave them worry and …. I went on blabbing shit while the medical team arrived and the girls seated inside the ambulance…
Hey who the heck pulled my ear m not in a good mood my D-D-D-Dear,…..
Oh mum yo’re here soo early…..
Here Franky’s G out let mammas sit in the ambu…………..
ThWack!! Aaaaa
A slap for us , why??
Because we were wasting time and she was serious…………………………………….
We reached the hospital and waited for her to get back to consciousness…
But there also our worried and frustrated parents poured out on us ,….
And mum said “if anything happens to her BAHU then she’ll never be able to forgive herself as ..”
Wait Bahu?? Oh BAHUUUU!!
Did I hear right??
OMG what’s going on here ??
I went to her and put my head in her lap and said “APKI BAHU KO KUCH NAHI HOGA”

Nothing will happen to your ‘Bahu’ (bride)(daughter in law)
And gym freak saale sahib grasped my collar and said Bahu later, first you cheat…..
Thanks to the doctor who gave/delivered her consciousness news and saved me ,
Or else R.I.P poor me…..
Before going in my mum said “Bahu Ko ghar lekar hi aana”
“Bring your Bride home’
Doctor asked us to leave as it was giving her stress…..
But she asked them to let it be…
And then …………….
I hugged her kissed her hand
Proposed her….
Everyone looked shocked and I scratched my head and said “Today Is VD and first she’ll be my valentine then..’
AND I threw another prop…
(will you marry me??)
She got teary eyed and nodded a yes…
And BG was hooting sounds , and next angry hospital staff pushing us out……
Actually that’s called throwing out…
We married after her graduation , with jealous college as guests….
Cute bickering was an important part of life , which showed our love towards each other…..

And soon the good news came…
Your SURAJ nad VIDHI had
We became mumma papa…..
And our children had our name part in them and good meaning too
SURAJ’s SU and VIDHI’S VIDHI gave us our daughter SUVIDHI
SURAJ”S RAJ AND VIDHI”S VI gave us our son VIRAJ…..
***THE END*****
LOL LOL that was the end plss dr readers I know this was also an abrupt ending like heroines POV but not that abrupt but before starting I told you na I won’t be able to update regular but did…
Sooo forgive me and consider this chapter as an epilogue  and also I cut off the dinner scene etc as you already know and much more I cut off LOL srry time ya knw
And all irregular cmmnters LOL srry didn’t type all names
SU, RIYA, HG my besties lov u loads LOL I knw u dnt cm here but stoll miss u loads 
Kaju barfiii if u read smtym bbyyy tc besties 4 xam……..badi behn ke gusse ka bura mat manna ok 
Natty dr LOL would like to c ur cmmnt again that cmmnt really too my heart cant tell ki kitna accha laga
I hope to write new fic sometime but for now here was last one I will try to reply you,
Ok some wishes too..
Happy shivratri, holi, good Friday,Easter etc… 



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  12. heyyyyy nishaaa sorry7 for late replyyy LOL LOL
    ma dr yup i thought a lot for the named nd sd nahi sh shaayad……..LOLO
    just waited for ur cmmnt injection LOL c i copiued ur dp 😛 lov u loads tc cu soon tata

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