ACLS HERO’S POV part -19

Shayad Mere Pyar Ko Taste Karna Bhool Gayee Tum;
Dil Sey Aisa Cut Kiya Ke Paste Karna Bhool Gayee Tum!

After that day’s storm it , was silence all over, and our love slowly started becoming deeper….
But Damn Franky!!!
That idiot, fool broke out, the news of him being my step brother to ♥ ♡ her ♥ ♡ …
And what could it be……. It became worse , I could take anyone but not ♥ ♡her ♥ ♡ so sympathetic eyes looking at me….
Finally I couldn’t take it and I had to tell ♥ ♡her ♥ ♡
It was the annual science fair, and ♥ ♡she♥ ♡ was in the team, and I suspected something wrong as the vicious circle was there too……..

So all I had to do was to tell our teacher that , I am in…….
Well when I reached the venue , with our teacher the scene there was more or less expected,
The vicious circle had……………messed up again,
I mean I knew their nature well so I could make out that ……………They were the culprits………
But the scene said something else , it all looked like♥ ♡ she♥ ♡ broke the model,
And ♥ ♡she♥ ♡ was the one at stake, ♥ ♡her♥ ♡ reputation , her name♥ ♡♥ ♡
So without a second thought , I started observing everything with an hawk eye ,
And as soon as I started getting evidences against them, they just messed up again…..
There was a new model for the display , which they said the assigned team except ♥ ♡her♥ ♡ made it…..

What do they mean?? Wasn’t it a team task??
Well so if everyone else except ♥ ♡her ♥ ♡ made it so what about the previous model??
Who made it and why??
And the new project??
The matter was quite a bit tangled……
But it was on my only friend so I wowed to get to its depth and unravel each and every bit of it……
Ok then ‘Detective Day Dreamer’ on duty sir….
mmm…….. I thought of many names but Miss Day Dreamers Mr. Day dreamer was the best……..
**** to be continued…

Ok ma lovely exam ppl and busy suuperr bsy pppl/behno/ sissies/readers etc….etc.. here is a short update for u , quick and instant so

Kabhi Tum Gor Se Dekho Aaina;
Wah Wah!
Kabhi Tum Gor Se Dekho Aaina;
Khud Hi Hanskar Kahoge…
Made in China!
Made in China!

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  1. Khud ko nhi par apne dimag ko khungi….made in china….jab zarurat hoti h tab chalta hi nhi

    nd d epi was awsmmm as always

    1. LOL sorry for late reply dr
      realy is it made in china jalchange karvaao varnaa fatalll results…..
      LOL THanx dr keep reading
      @@@ injection where r u??

  2. Diii next part????

    1. heyyy my dr LOL srry 4 late reply and i cudnt post LOL srry but m posting nw cu tc studyy well

  3. hey richu dia helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo deareeeeeeeeeeeeeees how r u both.

    yes very true dear. Mr day dreamer and Ms day dreamer actually the correct name for both lead.

    and very true dear

    Jab dimag lagaane ki sabse jyada need hoti hai

    tabhi pata lagta hai ki yeh idiot to made in china hai

    sasura koi answer yaad hi naa aawat hai

    dimag me kuch aur hi keeda mandrawat hai

    phir ee gaana yaad aawat hai

    ( From A Chandani Chowk To China..
    Jane Kaun Hoon Samajh Aaye Na.. )

    samajh hi naa aawat hai jaane kaun hai hum sasur kaa naate ek answer yaad naahi howat hai


    Aree zindaaa raho aur khus raho

    dia aur richa

    hadee wadee taneek sambhaal ke rakhnaa latak jaayegee

    are ee kaa are o richa are hume toh uuuuuuuuuuuu khopadeeya yaad aa gayee

    he he he are par ee kaa humne toh manmarziyaan fan box mein koi aur dp dekhe thee richa

    I think you change your dp

    but nevertheless waiting still now for the time when you give us a fadooooooooooooo new dp .

    love u dia devga roma richu, love u all.

  4. Awesome episode, now see mr. Detective day dreamer what will find out?….hi richaaaaa my sweeeeeet friend n my sweeeeeet musical friend nishaaaaaaa, jaaanu manhaaaaa….sweetu shreeeeee…and lovelyyy ameenaaaa….and many moreeeee….missed you sooooo muchhhh. ..

    Yaad aa rahi hai, teri yaad aa rahi hai….
    Yaad aa ne se tere jaane se jaan rahi hai….

    Love you soooooooo muchhhhhh my sweeeeeethearttttt alllllllllll deariiiiiiieeess. ..

  5. hehe injection nd Roma dr nycc to c u
    injection did u c that dabr laal waala vid link i left bfr u??
    i will change soon nd mm pg is my id here sister id as she dsnt use it nwwdays 😛 LOL
    oooo Romaaaaaa aachaa gaana tha
    ya ya china
    LOL byy GTG c u soon
    boyh keep reading and commenting 🙂 lo u loads 🙂

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