ACLS HERO’S POV -PART 13 Getting Emotional

“too much agreement kills a chat”

Yeh kya ho rha hai …..

Yeh kya horha h bhai ye kyaa???

Song dedicated for chapter is……

Har ghadi bbadal rahi hai roop Zidagi……….

Chaoon hai kahin kahin…………

Letzzz GO>>>>>

The next day we set out for an early morning journey, of which the destiny was unknown for me…..

I was woken up early, and asked to get ready for my hostel……

I asked about the packing, Franky said he had done it,

I got ready with a heavy heart, and ……………

The happy family scenes from the past, and some cute moments with her flashed infront of me,

Also the last day’s horrible scenes , my mother taking my phone and putting it on speaker , her father’s patience bursting out, and my father , controlling the situation , that bombardment of questions……also flashed through my eyes……

And a tear rolled down my cheek as I said ‘GOOD BYE MISS DAY DREAMER!!’ ,

Miss day dreamer , yes it was what I called her, as she was lost in her own dream world thoughts most of the class time that was during the day……………

A sudden knock at the door and , as I opened the door, Franky just jumped in and mom looked at me as if everything was normal,

And as I looked at her , my emotions were , ready to burst out but somehow I controlled them….

And with a heavy , sulking voice I said , M-M-M-MUM…..

And she got shocked , and it looked as if she remembered something…..

And her eyes looked down , she turned back, and let out a long breadth, then turned to me and hugged me emotionally…..

That time I thought that she was just holding her emotions , and broke down seeing me emotional,

But I was wrong…….. It was after that meeting I came to know that it was just a bad piece of acting, it was like an actor forgot his part during the play……

I’ll tell you more later , but not realizing anything not even taking Franky’s giggling seriously, I sat inside the car and we left………….

GIRL:M i Pretty?
Girl:Do U wana Liv wd me?
Girl:if I leav U thn wil u cry?
Grl got Hurt n startd 2 cry.
Boy hold her Tight n said:
U r nt Prety bt BEAUTIFUL.
I dnt wnt 2 liv wd U bt LIVE 4 U.
Whn u leav me i wl nt cry BT DIE.

**** To Be Continued

Credit to: Richa

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  1. Loved it dear You killed it

    Ouch I loved the dialogues of boy and girl too its just amazing to read

    Love u dear my sweetheart poky richu

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

    1. mmmmmm did u read all?? m posting nxtt 😛
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  2. Hi Richa. 🙂 thanks a lot for you’re suggestion. Story is nice. 🙂

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  3. Lovely episode, ahhhh hero leaving the house ….miss day dreamer…lol….keep it up…the girl boy convo was good….loved it. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. thank ya Romaaa lov lopads TC Keep reading 🙂

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