To my sweet readers: This is , chapter -1 of ACLS according to heroes POV, and the story pattern is same , no names are given, just ‘He’ and ‘SHE’ I will use special hearts , when the hero talks about the heroines so it does not confuse with the other charecters.also hope i m goging well on ur expectations. LOL DIAA & NISH& KRISHY 4 u drs LOL.also it mayvary in heros openion as everyone sees it diffrerntly.
Thank You-

‘Time and tide wais for none’
“It takes a long time to make But a second to break”
Kyaa khoob kha hai kisi ne ZINDAGI ek paheli hai jise suljhana kathin……
Kyaa kahoon apne barre main, ek aisa ladka jo ki Zindagi jeena bhool gya tha……..
Na koi dar tha na, kisi ka khauf………..
Sab begaane se they, zindagi se mano mera koi bair tha,
Kosta rehtan tha use hamesha, door rehta tha sabse hamesha,
Zindagi ke gamon ko bhulane ke liye, us kadvi yaad ko door bhgane k liye ,
Jisne choda tha mere zehan par woh nishaan , na bhar paya tha who Zakham waqt ke saath,
Bna kar use humdum , yuhi chalta gya ……….. bas chalta gya ……………..
Sabse door hota gya door hota gya…………..
Bheed me aage badhta gya , usme raasta bhulta gya gyaa , bas apne aap me bas khota chalagya………
Shukarguzaar hu main us asha ki kiran ka , jisne thaama mera haath aur kaabo main aaye who jazbaat,
Woh bani meri humdum, zindagi main rahe gum ab kam ,
Jeene laga zindagi main, aur kho gya usi main……..,
Its true said that life is a mystery, and hard to solve……….
What to tell about me, I was a boy who had forgotten to live life……….
There was neither fear, nor enthusiasm………….

Everyone was far , no-one close,no-one was made for me, none suited my style, my attitude,
It was like I had big issues with life,
I liked living alone, and cursing life,
Just walked my own lonely road, to forget that pain , that scar that this life have given me ,
Wounds heal scars don’t,they leave a mark…………..
Well trying to heal scar is useless USE+LESS not impossible as I+AM+POSSIBLE is impossible ,
But it takes time, and time and tide waits for none ,
The superficial scars heal easily but the scars on soul don’t ,
To hide my scar I moved on and on in the crowd and lost my way ,
I was faar away from others , in the darkness of solitude ,
But there is light even in deepest of the dark sea , there is still life there,
And a ray of hope got me out of there,
I thank that ray for holding my hand , helping me in my emotions ,
Being with me ,standing with me, always and forever and being my soulmate…………..
Thank You-
Hope u liked the update frndss, plss support me as u supported part 1 in heroine pov . and here was heroes pov on request, hope its not too bad .  and I will post depending upon the response , well plss cooperate as updates wont be regular.
Oh forgot shaayari fun
Here it is………….
Hum gaye the…………
Hum gaye the unke ghar kehna tha ki dil se dil mila lo,
Unn ki mummy ne khola darwaaza aur hum ghabra ker bole ki…………
Aunty bacchon ko do boond polio kio pila lo……………..
here is a link to a video which matches with our heroes story:-

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  1. 😀 😀 shayari mast tha lol…nice update richu

    1. LOL dr shaayari thi woh female hai 🙂 LOL

  2. Nice shayari …. the story was intresting . Are u a shayar ?????
    Coz ur urdu is awsome !!!! 🙂 🙂
    Ur frm which state ????

  3. Luvvvvvvvveedddddddddd it …….???????????????????????????

    1. accha ahhca padhte rehna theek hai kahaani toh tumheee pta se parrr i’ll ch a lil okkk

  4. Hi richa how r u nice story seems intresting dr

    1. m fyn dr wbu?? thanks keep reading 🙂

  5. Thank u ruby♥ nd zyan
    @zyan m not a shayar just read a bit and try and i also share the one i like , nd m from deli dr nd i cn undrstand urdu but cant recognise urdu font efficiantly sply when merged i cn recognise sm of wrds writn seperatly lol m tryin to learn urdu bt tyme is a must which iz laking nd i watchd Z salam nd many urdu prog i ️ ♥ urdu wrds bcz they say a lot in one singl wrd nd if u knw teach me font readin nd difficult urdu wrds ☺ nd keep readin

  6. oops srry forgot to change namee 😛 lol
    diaa nishh were rr uu?? ameena 3 😛

  7. Superb shayari richa.

  8. ?????? Gud ?????? 🙁

  9. Tht video was awesome…. Dialogue less but explains very cutly with actions and emotions ….

  10. Thank u lakshmi nd minnal(ɔ˘ ³
    lol keep readin nd minnal cn u guess vid kiska hai? Itz hrn nd his bro nd msg is rishton m gaanth/knnt reh jati h and y so many?¿¿ nyways dnt gt cnfusd ¿ As u already knw the story nd hindi wale ki translatn neeche h nd yaar yeh acls hi h hero k pov se ok toh alag ho sakti h as sabka nazaria alag hota h lol tc

  11. Yea understud richa it was bharat milap .. Lol using this phrase often coz I liked it too much …

    1. mmm ryt dr its that balso that knot after a relation breaks is there 🙁

  12. Awsmmm… u diii….u got my wish done…..muahh

    devu di…nyc to c u bac….but its not bharat milap its ACLS season 2

    1. -_- first to demand last to comment huh nyways nishaaa nd ameena missing :PO theyshud be last ones 😛

  13. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow superb part dear yes a little lazy but I always try to find out sometimes get sometimes unable You can’t beleive but in just one day this ff is on page 20 and I search 19 pages he he he

    well what a sher seriously I loved it all.

    specially the hero point of view amazing and offcourse heroinki mummy ko dalogee toh bechara hero toh do boond polio ki hi pilaane ko kahegaa naa

    sweetheart loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed all the shayeris fulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    love u richu dear keep going see no need to spend a more time and in just less time you get a very good draft supers this is the magic of ACLS

    love u richu

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

    1. mmm ryt lol tc keep readin

    2. Hi nisha…my sweeeeeetu, my lovely musical friend. too very lazy or we can say the authors are very fast…I’m on page 33…n it’s keep adding n adding like a speed of light …I can’t keep up with them…love you loads my sweeeeeet musical friend. ..muaaaahhhhh

  14. Wowwww richa my sweeeeeetheart, loved hero’s pov n your shairee was really mast mast….tumhari urdu bahut pyaari hai. ..aur tumhe urdu language thodi padni bhi aati hai…jaankar achha laga…meri Boli urdu hi hai lekin India mein mere school mein urdu compulsory nahi thi…I’m from u.p. india…so my mom taught me in home, she was very fluent in that…I can read n write urdu but not fluent like my mom, me lack of practice…..hindi/english r perfect…love you loads my sweeeeeet friend

  15. One quick question, don’t laugh ok…what is acls means?
    And one correction…if you don’t mind.’s Haal-e-Dil…not dil-e-haal…sorry if I hurt you…just wanted to mention…love you loads my sweeeeeet friend.., muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. ohhh nys to hear dr my mum nd dad knw urdu but they studied years agoo sooo cant teach me 😛 and ACLS mean a common love story … its season 2 of ma old fic

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