Accidentally yours…(episode 1)

Arranged marriage: a concept which is fancied by some but also detested by some…

Love: a feeling which can’t be described but can only be felt…

One is a big-shot lawyer, ruthless and menacing when it comes to his job. Desirable, Handsome, Intelligent and most important an Eligible bachelor. He feels ‘Love’ as a completely idiotic thing…like it doesn’t exist at all. His ideology is that two people are together only till their physical needs are satisfied and when that’s fulfilled, the whole relationship too flies out of the window…

By putting a mask he faces the world but what about his deepest feelings and dark past…Because deep down he is still vulnerable…

But is there no one with whom he can share his feelings and dark past or hasn’t he met that person yet?

What happens when she enters his life unannounced? Will she be that rock solid support that he has always yearned for???

While the other one, a paediatrician by profession and that too not an ordinary one…god-gifted when it is about her work. But same can’t be said of her social life…awkward and clumsy describes her personality the best. She is strong-headed no doubt but at the same time dumb-founded when it comes to the matters that the heart understands better…

She has never been in a relationship or dealt with any guy in that manner, always focussed towards her career…An expert advisor to her family and friends or you can say a life-saver but doesn’t have the brains to utilise them in her own life. Running away from the feeling of ‘Love’ or better to say not understanding it’s meaning, she has all kind of weird ideas woven in her mind about it…

But what happens when destiny leads her to meet him? Will she finally understand the concept of ‘Yours forever till death do us apart’???

Both are one hell of quirky personalities…level headed in their professional lives but real idiots when the topic focuses on their personal lives.

What happens when they are shoved towards each other by their parents?

Will they accept each other whole heartedly keeping aside all the flaws they have within themselves?

Will they be able to love and care for each other unconditionally in the journey of their lives?

Throw in ‘Arrange marriage’ and ‘Love’ and these two weirdos and what you get is a big-time MESS but no worries situations will eventually help them to clear it out (I’ll help too)…


I hope you have understood somewhat of their characters…but a clearer image will be established during the course of the story.

Don’t forget to tell me your views regarding the story!!!

Thank you

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  1. What is the name of these two weirdos???
    Chapter is too good….

    1. Thanks? and u ll know their names in the next chapter…

  2. Hi nupur dr, pls continue i’m waiting for nxt buddy

    1. Hey Chinni dear, thanks for the lovely comment and hope to post soon?
      Keep reading…

  3. Update the next part soon can’t wait?

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