An Accidental Love Story (Pooja +Narain = PooNa) OS

A lavish looking mansion is shown having a royal look with a pretty garden n a fountain in the mid of the field.Two BMWs are standing in the parking area..The interior of the bungalow is well designed..A woman near about in fifty’s doing arti n everyone is standing behind her doing prayer in front of the idol of lord rama..After arti she gives prasad to everyone..The lady is Supriya Vyas..Her husband Harish vyas ask her about something..

Harish – Supriya ji..Where is Narain..??

Supriya – In early mrng he gone to his farm house..

Harish – Ohh..Ok tell him to come to the ofc after his farm work done..

Supriya – Ok..

A few kilometers away from the vyas mansion a farm house is seen..A man near about in his 20s is instructing someone..

Man – Mishra jii..The manure is finished in the storage house..Whenever u go to market plzz get some of manure & fertilizers..

Mishra ji – Ok Narain Babu..

Narain smiles..Suddenly some one comes from behind n puts his arm on narain’s shoulder..He is mayank n rahul is cmng behind him..

Mayank smilingly – Bhai..

Narain smiles back – Mayank u here..

Mayank – yaa..

Rahul interrupted – Actually..Tai ji had said us to take u at ofc becoz tau ji is calling u..

Narain – ohh..Mishra u take care of rest of the work..

Mishra ji – ok narain babu..

Narain goes to ofc with rahul n mayank..Actually there is an imp meeting in the ofc..They attend the meeting n comed back to the mansion..All of the three are sitting in narain’s room..

Mayank n rahul is busy in mobile n narain is reading a book.

Mayank amazedly – Rahul bhai..What a cool place is this..??

Rahul – yess..I think for once we have to visit here..

Mayank – yaa u r right..But Harish Mamu will not let us go..

Rahul sadly – hmm..

Rahul winks to mayank to convince narain so that they can go there..Mayank comes to narain..

Mayank with a pout face – Bhai..What i am saying..?? See this place na..its amazing..

Narain busy in his book – Which place u r talking about mayank..??

Rahul interrupted – Bhai..Bangkok..I think we should go there..

Narain still seeing towards his book – If u both are so much excited to go there then go..I am not interested n by the way i have lots of work to do here..

Mayank – uffo bhai…always work n work..See na how awesome place is this.Let’s go to bangkok n take a chill..

Narain smilingly – U n rahul go there n enjoy urself..

Mayank angrily – No bhai..If u’ll not go there then me n rahul bhai will also not go there..He stands up (to rahul) Let’s go rahul bhai here no body cares about us..

They r leaving but narain stops them..

Narain – Mayank , Rahul I am ready to go there..

Both mayank n rahul hugs narain happily..They go downstairs to talk with harish..

Harish shockedly – Bangkok..!!!

Narain – yess papa..

Harish – No..u all will not go there..

Rahul – But tau ji..

Supriya interrupted – Harish ji..See na they r so much happy n excited to go there..Plzz let them go..

Harish – But supriya ji..they r still small n how i can leave three of them alone to go somewhere..N if something happens to them..then..

Hardik smilingly – Bhaisaab..They r grown up now..

Harish – Hardik..u r also taking there side..

All the three get a hold of Harish n starts requesting..

Mayank – Mamu..plzz..let us go na..

Rahul – yess tau ji..plzz..

Narain – Dad..I promise u I’ll take care that both of them doesn’t do any mistakes..We will be fine there..

All the three started saying plzz plzz plzz..At last harish said yess n the three of them hugs him..After that they packs their bag n leaves for bangkok..

All are started roaming around the every place n corner of the bangkok..All the three r enjoying in full mood..


MaNaRa are sitting n talking with eachother..Suddenly Rahul’s phone bell rings..N he attends the call n after that gets super duper happy.

Mayank – Bhaiyo…It’s the time for celebration..What say..??

Rahul – yes u r right.. Let me order some shampain..

The waiter comes to their table n put the shampain..Rahul opens it..

Rahul – Come on bhai..Have a drink with us..

San – No…no..U all continue..Actually after drinking I can’t handle it..So u guyzz carry on..

Rahul – Aree aise kaise..After all its our party..N u r leader..U have to drink..

Mayank – yess bhai.. its the matter of only one drink..

Narain -ok..ok..U all are saying..So i am drinking but only one glass..

He drinks it n slowly slowly the One glass become 5-7 glass.. All are full drunk now…

Rahul – Woww..Bhai Maza aa gya..

Mayank – yess..thanks narain bhai becoz of u only we r having this much freedom..

Narain – yaa..I think we should leave its getting late..

He tries to stand up but again fall on the chair..

Rahul – Are u fine bhai..??

Narain – yess…yess…Its ok rahul.

He comes outside n opens the lock of his car PAZZERO SPORT..

Rahul – Bhai give me the keys..I’ll drive..

Mayank – No..No bhai..I will drive give it to me..

Rahul – Mayank no..I’ll drive..

They both starts fighting narain stops them n decides to drive himself..He is trying to start the car but he can’t becoz his visibility is not clear..At last he start the car n drives in a very disbalance manner.. Narain is driving the car Rahul is sitting beside narain n mayank is sitting at the passenger seats..All are enjoying in the full loud music.. Narain is also too much happy..They r driving their car in 120 km/hr speed and the time is of almost midnight..The road is of two lane sanskar is on the right side lane but a car is crossing the lane from left one to right.He blows horn n give turning light also but Narain is not in his senses n he can’t see the car properly n Narain’s car hit the another one booom…


Narain n all of them are applied seat belt so by hitting they get only unconscious but the another car is in very worst condition..After a min Narain’s eyes opened up and he comes out n ran towards the victim..He is in very bad condition..

Narain patting his cheeks- Hello..Hello..

The victim get a blurred vision n speaks painfully..

Victim – Pooja..

Narain concernedly – Don’t worry I’ll take u to hospital just open ur eyes like this..

Victim’s eyes is getting closed slowly..Slowly..N its get closed for forever..

Narain shouts – plzz help..

By listening narain’s shouting rahul n mayank also gets up by holding their heads they ran towards their bhai n gets shocked by seeing the scene..Narain’s shirt is covered with blood stains n A man is lying on the ground in the pool of blood..

Narain teary eyes – U don’t give up We will just reach hospital in a min..

He saws that the person is not reacting.He again pats his cheeks..He checks his nerves n breath n gets shocked by knowing the truth that he is dead..A tear drop fall from his eyes..A police jeep is pasding from there n saw them..They hurriedly comes to them n arrest all the three n sents the body for post – martam..

Harish gets to know everything he comes to bangkok with hardik n settles down everything with the power of his money..Everyone comes back to rishikesh n narain is gone into great guilt..

A room is seen with a beautiful interior design..The room had the affect of only white color..A big king size bed which matches with the color of the room is placed in the mid of the room n on that a man is sleeping not peacefully..It seems like that he is watching some worst dream.The sweat is clearly visible on his forehead..He is shouting in his dream which is not clearly audible..Suddenly he open up his eyes.He hurriedly stood up from the bed..He is panting heavily..He drinks a glass of water n calms him down..He cleans the sweat from his forehead..He comes towards the mirror n saw his face..The person face reveal n he is none other than narain..Supriya comes there n saw his son in such condition.She got pity..

Supriya – Again that dream..

Narain cryingly hugs her – Maa..plzz help me take out me from this guilt..

Supriya – Beta if u want to rectify ur mistakes then do something for him or u can complete his last wish..

Narain – But how should i get to know his last wish..??

Supriya handovers him a diary which is written by that person..Narain takes it n after supriya leaves he starts to read that diary..He opens it..A big photo is pasted at front n its the photo of a small child girl n a small boy shaking hand under that pooja n varun is written..Narain reads the whole diary n gets up..Another day he packs his bag n comes down..Seeing Narain harish stops him..

Harish – Narain..Where were u going..??

Narain – Srinagar..

Harish – What..?? But Why..??

Narain – To rectify my mistake..

Harish – What..?? Are u gone bad..Recently that accident happens n again u r talking to go somewhere..

Supriya – Harish ji..This time he is going to remove his guilt..

Harish – No supriya ji..One time i sent him on ur saying..N u had seen the result..This time he is not going somewhere..

Narain – I’ll go dad..He starts to leave..He reaches to the gate..

Harish angrily shouts – Narain..If u cross the boundary of the house this time then get clear one thing u’ll not enter in my house again..

Narain saw towards harish n laughs with sarcasm – Ok dad..

He leaves the place..Mayank is also came with him..Inside the cab..


Mayank – Bhai..U r going to varun’s house but what will u say to his family..??

Narain – I’ll say that I am the frnd of varun..

Mayank – Ok..If u r the frnd of varun then u must know each n every person of his family..But here we can’t know a single person..Who will help us..??

Narain smiles n shows him something – This diary will help us..

Mayank saw his face confusedly n narain opens the page n shows him a photo..

Narain smilingly – He is varun’s dada ji..He is a diabetic patient but loves sweet a lot..N She is dadi ji She always scold dadaji from eating sweets..

One by one he shows the photo n tells something about the person..

Mayank amusedly – Wow bhai..U give intro of each n every person so perfectly that it seems like u met varun’s family many time..U r grt bhai..

Narain – hmm..I hope varun’s family accept me in there house so that i can rectify my mistakes..

Narain reaches there n in 2-3 days he wins everyone’s heart.Earlier they r very sad becoz of varun’s death but now slowly slowly they started living happily.Narain has become the life of everyone..U can say that narain has taken the place of varun in everyone’s heart..But one person is still there who hadn’t accepted him yet..She is pooja..Narain tries many time to talk to her but she never speaks..Narain asks her for their frndship but she clearly denies for it..

@Mayna room

Mayank – Bhai..I think that pooja is too rude n proudy..See na how many times u tries to talk her but she never speaks to u..

Narain – No mayank u think wrong about her..Actually she is a selfless n very kind girl..She is an orphan..Varun brought her in his family when they r very young..This family consider her like the daughter of this house..Pooja n varun r bst frnds n varun’s parents decide that both will get married to eachother when they will grow up..When varun grows up he wents to bangkok due to his job n here pooja starts dreaming about their married life(In actual pooja likes varun as a frnd but varun loves her.Varun had done many things for pooja so when varun proposes her she can’t able to deny for it)When varun is coming here then only that accident happens n everthing gets destroyed..This accident gavea very big shock to pooja..That’s why he is like this..

Mayank – hushh..All this things r written in diary..

Narain – No..Chachi ji tell me..

Mayank – ohh..

The time passes like this n now slowly slowly pooja opens up with narain by seeing his good behaviour..

One day Sahil(He is the son of Ramarao their family frnd ) comes there..Narain didn’t recognise him..So he ask from Richal (Varun’s uncle daughter).

Narain – Richal who is he..??

Richal – Bhai..His name is sahil the son of ramarao uncle..He always come here on the anniversary of dadu n dadi ji..

Narain suprisingly – Anniversary..!!

Richal – yess after one week there is the anniversary of dadu n dadi..

Narain happily – Wow..!! Amazing we will celebrate their anniversary in a grand manner..

Richal sadly- No bhai..I think this time no one will celebrate it..

Narain – Aree u don’t worry..I’ll convince everyone..

Richal happily – Really bhai..

Narain happily – yupp..

Richal – U know bhai u r the carbon copy of varun bhai..He is also like u…Bhai this sahil na.. He is very bad person..He always had a evil eye on pooja di..When varun bhai is here then he always protect her from him..I am scared now who will help pooja di..

Narain smilingly – Don’t worry u said na that i am like ur varun bhai then i promise I’ll make sure that he will never tries to come near ur pooja di..

Richal – U r grt bhai..She hugs him…

Suddenly her mom calls her n he goes from there..Narain started to think about pooja..

Sahil is sitting talking with dada n dadi ji…

Sahil – Dadi ji..Where is pooja..??

Dadi smilingly – Woah..she is in kitchen..Wait I’ll call her..

Sahil hurriedly – u r taking stress..??I’ll myself go n talk to her..U just sit here n take rest..

He goes towards the kitchen..Pooja is working in the kitchen facing her back towards sahil..Sahil is just checking out pooja n smirking evilly..Narain passes from there n saw towards sahil n got angry..Sahil comes near pooja n said in his ear..

Sahil huskily – pooja..

From pooja hand’s spoon gets fallen n she turns her face towards him.Sahil is smirking..He takes a step forward n pooja scaredly takes a step back..

Sahil – How r u pooja..??

Pooja stuttering – Sa…h..i..l..

Sahil – yess..But Why u r scared from me..?? He is going to touch her but Narain holds his hand n comes between him n pooja..

Narain fake smiling – How r u sahil..??

Sahil confusedly – Excuse me..Who r u n what r u doing here..??

Narain – I am narain..Narain vyas..Varun’s frnd..N may i ask u what r u trying to do now…??

Sahil stutters – What…I…am..just came here to meet pooja..??

Narain sarcastically – ohh..So i think this much time is enough to meet someone..

Sahil – What do u mean..??

Narain to pooja – Pooja..Dadi is calling u…

Pooja is just seeing him dumbstruck..She doesn’t listen what narain had said..

Narain in loud voice – pooja…

Pooja comes out from her thoughts – Hmm..

Narain strictly – I said u to go

Pooja – yess..N she leaves the place hurriedly..

Narain leaves his hand n comes near to him by straightining his collar he said..

Narain – I know for what purpose u came here..Just stay away from pooja..N this is my last warning if again i saw u doing any cheap activities..He comes near his ear n in dangerous tone says u never know what i can do with u..

Narain smiles n leaves the place sahil angrily stamps his foot on the ground..Pooja is standing on the edge of the kitchen listen’s everything secretly..She looks on to narain n get lost in him..As the days passes due to sahil the narain’s n pooja’s bond grew stronger..Pooja started loving narain becoz he see the shadow of varun in him n narain falls in love with pooja at their first meeting only but he never says his feelings to pooja becoz he thinks that till now she loves varun..For pooja’s happiness he can do anything..He wanted her to be happy n smiling always..He loves her selfless becoz he knows that in his worst dream pooja will never love him..But then also he falls for her more n more..Sahil is getting jealous by seeing the bond between PooNa..Everyone also see the bond between the two n wants that they both get married especially dada n dadi ji..

The preperation for celebrating the anniversary gets started secretly in the leadership of narain..The meeting held at night when dada dadi get asleep.Previous night of the anniverasry day..

@ inside room..

Each n every person is sitting in tension thinking about something serious..

Chachi ji – Narain just think who will take papa ji n mummy out tommorow..

Narain eyes sparkle – Idea…He winks to everyone towards a person..Everyone saw towards the person n that person is in deep thinking unaware of that everyone is seeing her only..

Narain – Richal will take dada n dadi ji out tommorow..

Richal shockedly shouts – What..??

chachi ji – Speak slowly..

Richal slowly – What the hell.?? I will not take them out..

Narain – Richal see if me or pooja will take dadadi out then they will get to know that we r planning upon something..Butbif u will take them out then they will never knew anything..plzz..take them..

Everyone started pleading to richal n at last she gets convinced..

Narain – ok..Chacha ji..U just take care of catering..

Chacha ji – U don’t worry..

Narain – Anuj u talk with decorters..

Anuj – ok..In this way he assgns everyones work..

Narain – Now everyone knows their work..Nothing is left..

Mayank – one imp thing is left cake..

Anuj – yess who will bring the cake..

Narain – Don’t worry It’s my responsibility to bring the cake.. tommorow will be the big day for dadadi n there will be grand party..

All shouts yipeeeee…

Narain shouts – ssssshhhhh…

Everyone slows down..Sahil listen everything n smirked

Sahil – yess Narain vyas..Tommorow will be the big day but not for dadadi it’s for u..U will never forget this day..he laughs evilly..

@anniversary day
Richal takes dadadi out n everyone started preperation..When the clock strikes at 6:00 pm then narain tells everyone to go n get ready..Everyone goes n started getting ready while narain n pooja were still busy in preperation’s..Pooja saw towards narain n goes to him..

Pooja – Narain..The preperation is completed perfectly..Now go n get ready otherwise dadadi will come n u will be in this dirty clothes only..

Narain instructing a man – yess do like this..He turns towards pooja..

Narain – Look who’s instructing me to get ready who herself is not ready yet..Pooja ji We boys get ready in a min u girls took much time in getting ready..

Pooja – It is becoz we look more pretty n handsome then u boys thats why we girls need time to ready..

Narain – ohhoo..U n look nice..I don’t think so..

Pooja – Aww..I didn’t look nice to u..

Narain – nahhhh…U looks like..What that thing is said..?? Ahh..yess go it..yaa u look like a ghost..He laughs loudly..

Pooja angrily – Hahahaa..Very funny..Just wait n watch Mr.Narain vyas..In today’s party we will see who is looking like a ghost me or u..

Narain – Sure..

Pooja leaves from there angrily..

@ Evening 7:30 pm..

The guest started to come n dadadi also comes n get surprsied by seeing the decoration..Everyone wishes them..Narain is wearing white shirt with dark blue blazer n looking too handsome in clean shave..His eyes are searching for pooja but she is nowhere to be seen..Suddenly he hears her laughing voice..He saw towards the direction of voice n gets dumbstruck..

Pooja is standing wearing off blue white saree with off shoulder blouse..She tied a fish tail bun with loose curls.She is looking damn hot in the saree n her saree perfectly matches with the clothes of narain..Narain is just awestruck by seeing his lady love in this beautiful outfit..He didn’t even blink his eyes for once..Pooja feels his gaze on her n blushes hard..Narain comes to her for saying something but she avoids him n goes from there..Narain knows that she is angry n gaves a smile..Sahil comes to pooja..

Sahil – Wow..pooja u r looking damn hot in this outfit.He started to stare her from head to toe..

Pooja feels uncomfortable becoz of his gaze n tries to move but sahil stops her way..

Sahil – I guess i should get a thanks in return..

Pooja saw that behind his back narain is standing n she feels comfortable by seeing his assured smile..

Pooja – We thanks to those peoples whom we like n from their mouth only we want to listen compliments.And Am sorry but I didn’t like u nor ur compliments..I hope now u understand..Excuse me..

Pooja leaves n narain is shocked by seeing her boldness becoz first time she gave an answer to sahil..Then only sahil receives a call..

Sahil – hello..yess..yess..Everything is ready u just come.. ….Something says from other side..ok..I m waiting..

He cuts the call..

Sahil – Narain babu..How much u wanna enjoy..?? Enjoy becoz after an hour ur truth will come out..

After sometime dadadi cuts the cake n everyone starts dancing..Narain comes to pooja n offers for his hand to dance..Pooja holds his hands n started to dance..They r swinging on a soothing music..

Narain – At which extent i think u didn’t look that bad..

Pooja angrily – U again started..I am going..She starts to leaves but narain holds her hand drags her close to him..

Narain – U r looking like an angel..A sweet angel who just now comes from heaven..I didn’t think that someone can look this much beautiful in saree..U proved me wrong n seriously I am very much happy that u proved me wrong..

Pooja cheeks turns cherry red n she blushes hard..

Pooja – By the way u r also looking handsome in these clothes..

Narain – I know that…

But u didn’t know one thing sahil spoke in a loud voice.Everyone stops dancing..

Sahil – U didn’t know that ur truth had come out..

Dada ji – What u r saying sahil..??

Sahil – Dada ji..U know varun’s accident is not a natural case..But its the fault of this person who is standing in front of u..Mr.Narain vyas..
Sahil tells everyone the truth n all of them gets shocked..Dada ji comes to him..

Dada ji – Narain..Is this the truth..??

Narain is standing down his head – yess dada ji..

A tight slap plastered on his face..

Dada – Just get out from my office..

Narain – Dada ji..I know i am at fault..Becoz of me only today varun is not with u but i am saying truth mujhe iss baat ka pachtava hai..I just come here to fo prayaschit..I know i broke all of ur’s trust but behind this lie i had no wrong intentions..plzz try n understand..

Dada – I said leave..

Narain – Dada ji..

Sahil – U’ll not listen like this..

He holds his collar n drags him out..Narain tries to free n goes towards dadi ji but she also didn’t listen anything..He come to pooja n holds her hand..

Narain teary eyes – pooja plzz try to understand..

Pooja is shocked n she frees her hand from his palms..

Pooja – Just leave from our lives..

Naren gets shocked..Sahil smirks n he again held his collar..

Sahil slowly – U slap me that day na now its my turn n he started to beat him miserably n naren is not protesting becoz he is heartbroken..Sahil throws him out of the house n mayank takes him to the airport..

Here pooja is crying miserably..Chachi n dadi comes to pooja n tries to console her..She hugs them tightly..

Pooja cryingly – Dadi..chachii..Why this happened with me only..First mom n dad leave me then varun n now this big lie..She cries out..

Dadi – ssshh..stop crying beta..

Chachi – yess..pooja n i think naren is not at fault..

Pooja saw towards them confusedly…

Dadi – Read this diary..

Pooja – It’s varun diary..

Dadi – yess i got this frm naren’s room..U just read it n u’ll get that whatever naren said downstair is truth..

Pooja reads the diary from where naren started to write..She gets shocked by knowing that naren loves her n all the things he does for her happiness only..He gets teary eyed..N ran from there to go to the airport..

Naren n Mayank are checking in..There Pooja is trying fast to reach the airport at earliest..Naren n mayank sit in the cab to reach to the flight..Mayank goes inside the flight n naren steps first stair but he listen’s Pooja’s voice n stops..He turns n saw pooja running comes to him..He goes towards her..Pooja is panting heavily..

Pooja catching her breath – Do u love me..??

Naren confusedly – hmm..

Pooja – I asked u do u love me..??

Naren sadly – yess..But I…

Then only something unexpected happen..Pooja kisses him..Naren gets shocked first he didn’t understand what happened..?? Then after some sec he also receprocates the kiss..Pooja hands were brushing the hair of naren n naren’s one hand were travelling toward his waist n one hand in her hair..The kiss is a deep n passionate one in which all type of emotions are there..When they were out of breath they releases the kiss n stands there by attaching their heads..N entangled their hands..

Pooja – I LOVE U…

Naren – I LOVE U TOO..

They hugs eachother then only pooja’s family members come n they gets happy that everything gets sort out..

After a month they both get married n live a happy married life…

Hufff…Done with the Os I know its a pretty long one..Infact very long..Thank u so much to give ur precious time to me n read my Os..Bye bye guyzz..And yup tell me howzz it..

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  1. Awsm dear.lovly os it shouldn’t be cmentless.realy amazing.

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      Thanks dear..

  2. lovely story . Carry on n keep it up.

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  3. It’s too good.
    Lovely os. Amazing one.
    Keep it up.

  4. Amazing story dear.. Totally different from serial.. Waiting for your next story..

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    Hey Eku u were amazing, really I can’t think that someone could write on Narja….

    I really love them so u as ur OS showed…
    I got attached to PIYA ALBELA just for d truth which is there in his eyes ? n d way he sees the society, his perspective n each n every thing is mind blowing about him…

    His lovely cat ? n mouse ? fight with Pooja is also superb…..

    I loved d way u portrayed Maren same as d serial with his guilt, truth, love…..

    Keep writing like this, n yaaa one more thing I also wrote a OS on Narja for this competition but was not able to post it…..

    1. Eku

      Thank u so much pratha for tge comment n u are right i like the samething..I like naren’s character the most i mean how he see the world is totally different..N feels sorry for u can’t able to post ur os..

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